Ways to live beyond your confort zone

Most of the people realize that what you really want is action, passion and adventure, but they are too hesitated or scared to leave the comfort of your daily life. Here are few guidelines how to leave life a king size, outside your confort zone.

Passion and Adventure

List out some crazy and unique ideas

You might have some wild and crazy ideas that will spice your life right up. Write up all your ideas. Some sample ideas like: Go to local department store and ride around on the the bikes till you get bored. Or ask everyone you would even consider dating for their phone number, just for a day. Or follow a stranger for one or two hours and see if you can figure out their own life or not.

Show some dare, make yourself embarrassing

Find a list of dares and do some awkward thing. No matter how embarrassing they are, this will be a fun experience that will remember for a long time.

Make a list of all your fears

Are you Arachnophobic? Now find a way to face them. Next time you see a house spider , deal with it by yourself, without killing it. Similarly if you have some other fear, Don't try to bypass or avoid. Just face it. It will make yourself more strong and fearless.

Change mindset

Find synonym of your most usable words

We frequently use some words like, "Hello","Hi","Sure","Bye","Okay" or anything, try to avoid those simple words and find out a synonym for it and replace that word at least for one day. This may seem very stupid or silly, but trust me its really hard and entertaining too.

Act like a fictional character for a day

Make sure this is not a normal day at work or school. Choose your favorite fictional character or your role model, copy their personality,style for a day. The way people react will make it all worth it.

Find out true reasons to be grateful

While you may have family gatherings specifically because you hate to spending time with difficult relative, no doubt you can find something that you can look forward to or feel grateful for in meeting with your family. Maybe you are excited to see your cousins, or happy you to cook. Find things to be grateful for even before you arrive to the family function. That way you can go into the situation already feeling thankful.

Enjoy yourself

You can not spoil any celebration party just because of a family member. Keep your focus on spending time with the family you enjoy and doing activities you find fun. Even if the family member you hate in this room, try to focus on other things. Find a distraction to help you get through the interaction(like playing with pet) if you find yourself in a conversation with this relative. You may suggest making name cards and sitting far from this person if you fear sitting next to the relative during meals.

Always try to do new things

You will surely fail at some occasion but don't loose hope. Try to do different things always. Don't take these failures as a sign you should give up. In reality, it means you should keep trying. If you are good at something. If not, you can work to be the best. Just do what you like and what you enjoy and keep finding new things to do.


  • If you had a hard time living outside your comfort zone, just remember that the more effort you put into this, the easier it will be in the future
  • It may be hard and unrealistic for facing fears until you are actually doing it, remember it will help you more than it can hurt you
  • It is easy to say to face all fears, but know this is unrealistic. No one expect you to face your fear
  • It is good to learn to take risks and try new things, but don't go too far If you know that you will get hurt by doing something, make the right choice and don't do it


Author: sathish chandrasekaran07 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Interesting article by the Author. I liked the concept of doing what you fear. In fact that is the only way to deal with it. Head on approach on fear works very well. Then I also enjoyed that point about being grateful. I think there are many beautiful things we already have and it is time to express our sincere gratitude towards people, life and nature. A little effort and great courage is required to start first but if we start doing a thing for 21 days straight then it will eventually become a life long habit. Once we make the habit of going out of comfort zone, we will treasure it for life. I went on for a 4500 kms solo trip in train for 12 days! That was my greatest and most memorable experience till date. It happened in 2014!

Author: K Mohan10 Dec 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Well I am having my own reservations on this issue. Moving away from the comfort zone means we are asking for new problems and for that we must be prepared to face it. When we are doing normal things and we are habituated to the after effects if we fail. But when we are living away from comfort zone, we are not aware of the impending problems and challenges and thus may be left in lurch. So why to invite problems to the life when it can go on with peace ?

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