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I am a sandwich or girl I

Searching for poems depicting a girl's life. Are you willing to know the tough life of a girl and what she feels when she is struck between the society and her dreams ? Then you are on the right page. Read the poem and give your views.

About the poem

The poem is all about the situation of a girl and how she deals with this society. It showcases how the reality and the identity of a girl is put to a dilemma when she tries to prove herself. On one side we live in a society which encourages a girl to get out of her house and boundaries and fly in the sky to prove herself and become an ideal for other people and specially women of the world. On the other hand this society stops her by saying only choose one- either family which did every thing for you or become selfish and go out amd live for yourself. But remember that girls who stay away from their families are not only characterless but are insulted by every one on this earth.

Plot of the poem

Through this poem I tried to configure out the actual situation of a girl's mind when she is in a dilemma and could not make up her mind for what to do and how to do. The poem also provides a picture that how women are treated by this male dominating society and how this keeps on passing from one generation to the other. It also demonstrates that life of a girl worth nothing for people as they never care for a girl being hanged only they care for is their false dignity and cadre.

My poem goes on like this :-

I am a sandwich or girl I

Just tear the barrier and jump out
Fly in the sky without a doubt.
This earth is yours; you must achieve,
let your dreams; not steal thieve."
When you say this; a hope is raised,
my courage, my confidence is chased.

Then, when I spread my wings apart,
people who said so hurrily depart.
And I am left all alone,
as if 'm dead and its a clone.
My nest then comes and stops me,
out of sky and me; one choose thee......

My wings burn and so the hopes..
I remain barren.. like envelopes.
I couldn't choose that; neither this,
I am feeded- 'm a part of his.
I can't cry.... am I happy?
Is better a life of a lappy ?

A dilemma: then; in me arise,
a girl me .... or simply dice.
'M strucked between the two,
fault is mine; so what to do.....
I know now I am a sandwich,
some call leech; some call me witch. ....

You like it when chew thrice,
tomatoes hidden in breads' slice.
I am a sandwich or girl I,
say something and don't lie.
For I now know my reality. ..
don't show guilt or feel pity....!!!!

Was I blessed or cursed me,
to get a life with commands of he.
I serve him and he commands,
I go on fulfilling his demands.
But he never is satisfied,
my presence never justified.

I keep quiet as I grow old,
Dreaming to make my girl bold.
She gains courage and confidence,
but society stands; she looses balance.
I weep deep and think aloud,
Why me a girl of this crowd.?

My girl suffers and I repent,
Feeling guilty of being depend.
Then I am killed for raising voice,
My girl is hanged without noise.
I am drenched with bloody wounds,
She surrounds me with lovely sounds.

"Tell me now, my fault please
Free my spirit; let she release.
I will not come, in thou world,
I feel good in spirits' world.
For no one is a girl there,
No man commands spirits here.....

After reading the poem tell me what was the first thought that comes to your mind.


Author: SuN01 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Dear Author,
All girls are not sandwich in their life
Most of the girls become a good house wife
And prefer to leave home and stay with their hubby
To remain with her in-laws, to be hale and happy.

Life is made for both boys and girls
Not only girls become sandwich but also boys
Both boys and girls should have courage
To live and show the world at any age.
The boys and girls should learn to adjust and live
The important equipment to live is the real love
If love is not secure, they will be sandwiched to leave

Your good poem has a deep sense.
I haven't understood the sandwich girl
I thought something and posted from my mind
For you to understand me and find.

Author: Lubna Shaikh07 Aug 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

The girl is a blessing to her parents. She plays a crucial role as a daughter, sister, wife and mother with a deep sense of sacrifice just for the sake of her family members. That is why, she is to be given a fair treatment with due respect. It is a must to talk to her in a polite manner and listen to her along with a good care for the people who are there in her life. She is really a good source of inspiration in the eyes of everyone.

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