Study Game Designing course in the MAGES institute of Singapore

Most of us play games on various digital applications like personal computers, smartphones, iPhones, etc. Designing of games is therefore a very interesting area. There is a diploma course in game design offered by the MAGES institute in Singapore. People who have inclination towards designing interactive and innovative gaming consoles will get all the information about studying game design in this article.


Game design or gaming console design is a very interesting area to learn. This genre has a high potential to get a job in the future. All of us use different digital equipments all day. Most of such digital equipments like personal computers, smartphones, iPhones, etc. have gaming facilities. People love playing such games. In fact, since iPhones and smartphones have 3D gaming facilities people love to play them while they have free time anywhere outside their homes. So game designing has a huge market among digital equipment users. You can of joining a diploma course in gaming design in the MAGES Institute of Singapore and get the benefits of the same.


Overview about the diploma course

A diploma in game designing course will basically has two main components to learn. First one will be the design of the gaming interface and development of the gaming concept. Second one will be the coding part of the game. In MAGES institute you will get grooming sessions in these sections. Along with this, you will also come to know about the fundamentals of gaming technologies. It is not enough to know only about the current trends used in designing a detailed gaming console. You will also require the knowledge of previous gaming technologies and the gradual evolution of such processors into today's high end touch and drive gaming consoles. At the end of the day you will have to design a game that is easily handled with a touch screen or a touch pad.
The other thing that you need to keep in mind is that many games are designed in a web based format. In those games you will not be the only player. There will be other players from all over the world, who will join in to play with you. So you must learn to design a gaming console that incorporates other players too. You will get to know about all this in MAGES institute when you join their diploma course.

Break-up of the course

This course has a duration of 1 year. You will have to appear for a final course completion examination. Along with that you will also have to complete a real life gaming project. You will get all the necessary equipment and guidance to complete this project from the institute itself. You must remember that despite the aid provided by the institution, you will have to finish the project with your intelligence. You will have to give your level best to develop a nice and effective project to help you in future. Let us see the eligibility criteria to join this course in Singapore.

Basic requirements to join this course

  1. Your age must be around 16-17 years when you apply for this course.

  2. If you are a resident of Singapore, then you need to pass a certificate course under MAGES itself or under GCE. You will also have to pass any English proficiency course approved by MAGES or GCE.

  3. If you have any prior short term course in any high level programming language like JAVA, SmallTalk etc. it will help you understand this diploma course better. Also, you must have the inherent inclination towards interactive game designing. You must not come and join this course only for its glamour. You will only benefit a lot from this course if you have the penchant for developing interesting and entertaining games in 2D or 3D.

  4. If you belong to India or any other foreign country, then the basic requirement for you is a degree of completion in higher secondary or senior secondary. You also require to have cleared IELTS or TOEFL examination. These examinations assess the English speaking and writing abilities of the candidate who wish to join this course.

Course fee and other details

For international students, that is, for students outside the country of Singapore, the course fee is around 500-600 dollars. The course fee for candidates, who were students of any other course offered by MAGES institute or any other institute of Singapore is just the half of that of the international students. If you are an Indian and want to study there, then you must remember a few things.
Firstly, this is a diploma course, so you will not be getting any scholarship to study this course. So before applying in this course, you must apply for a student loan. Before you leave for Singapore you must know that your course fee is ready with you.
The next thing is that, you will have to pay for your house rent, food and other expenses too. In Singapore you will have to pay in dollars. So to afford all the extra expenses you must try for a part time job in the evening or on all those days when you don't have any classes. Since this is a diploma course, no one will object to your job.
Last but not the least; try for full time jobs in game design when there are 2-3 months left for the completion of your course. This way by the time your course is over you will have a job with you.


Finally, I would like to say that, people who are interested in designing attractive gaming consoles have a great future in Singapore and other such foreign countries. If you have the monetary backup to thrive you in such a foreign country initially, then after sometime you will not have to worry about your expenses. You will be able to benefit from what you have learnt in the course to earn money and fame both.

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