Tips for first time traveler to abroad

In the life time, most of us want to visit other countries for some purpose. But when it approaches the travel date we all have tension about the travel like what we should carry or what we have to take care in the country etc. Here, I am sharing some of the tips for the first time travelers.

Most of us have a wish to travel abroad of our country. Many of us will travel to outside of country for education, job or for vacation trips. But for the first travel outside country, we will have lot of question about many things.
Here I would like to cover some of the basic things needs to take care when we plan to travel abroad.

Ready with the travel documents

First document which you would require to travel abroad is a valid passport and valid Visa. You have to ensure that validity of passport and visa which is not expired. For each foreign country visit, there are different type of Visa is available like work visa, students visa, Tourist Visa/Visiting Visa etc. The duration of stay in the foreign country will be different based on type of Visa. Some countries have facility for on arrival Visa for tourism. Based on Visa which you are holding, you have to ensure that the supporting documents are with you. For example, invitation letter from the company for job or other supporting documents for Students Visa, Return ticket if you going on Visiting Visa, Details of the accommodation which you are going to stay. These kind of documents may verified by the Emigration department. Also if you are travelling with kids, many countries are required Birth Certificate of Kid even parents are accompanying or Authorization from parents if Kids are going with guardians.

Know about the Country

It is a good practice to know the basic things about the country & place which you are going to Visit & stay. We should know the culture, geographical & historical background of the country. We can speak English in most of the countries but there are some countries which are not using English for communication. In this case, it will be better to have pocket dictionary for the same and we have to be familiar words which need to be used in day to day life.

What should carry?

This is the one of the major question asked by people when they are travelling abroad on first time.

There are some items you must carry irrespective of your type of travel

a) Clothes based on climate in the country. You may have to carry jackets, thermal cloths if it's cold climate

b) Universal power adapters. Our electronic gadget power plugs may not compact able with power points in all countries. So we have to carry one universal power adapter.

c) Pocket diary with the contacts: We have noted the contact details our friends, family members or other important persons from host country and home country. Even if it is available in mobile or laptop, it is a good practice to keep in pocket diary also.

d) Medicines: If you are using any medicines regularly, you should take that to abroad. Also you can carry medicines for common deceases like fever, common cold, head ache etc. But we should carry prescription of the doctor and bill for the same.

e) Money: We have to carry the cash which require for expenses in host country. I would suggest that if you have high amount of cash, we can take it as in form of travel forex card.Also we can carry some small amount of cash in form of currencies. Once you have landed in the host country, you can convert the currency to local currency of country.

f) If we are going to stay in country for long time, people used to carry grocery items like masala powders, pickles etc. But make sure that policy of the country which you are visiting since some countries won't allow these kinds of items. Also you have to plan the weight of luggage which you to carry. Based on Airlines which you are choosing, the weight of luggages can vary. So better to buy a weighing machine and check the weight of your luggages before travelling to Airport.

What should not carry?

We should not carry any of prohibited items by the Airline and host country such as drugs, weapons, flammable liquids or objects, prohibited maps or articles etc.

Once you have landed in the host country always ensure about security since most of the cases foreigners are get robbed. So better, don't take help from strangers and should not go any places alone which are not safe. Avoid travel alone in dark.

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Author: Partha K.19 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

A very useful article for the first-time travelers going outside the country. It is very important to understand the culture of the country where the person is visiting. There may be various taboos, customs, rules, regulations in each and every country. As for example, spitting/littering in Singapore will definitely cause hefty fine, and nobody can avoid it because all the roads have cameras. Similarly, no food is available during day-time in Muslim countries in the month of Ramaadan.

Moreover, the tourist must be fully aware of the climatic condition of the country and carry clothes according to the prevailing weather. Furthermore, a tourist should not carry drugs, alcohol, fire-arms and sharp weapons with him/her. He/She should carry currency according to the limit prescribed.

Last but not the least, the tourist must know the address and telephone number of Indian Embassy/High Commission for contacting in emergency. The passport is the most valuable document in the foreign country and it should be kept safely at all cost during the foreign visit.

Author: Kailash Kumar20 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Some of the additional/supplementary points are as follows -
1. Certain countries like US require that the passport should have minimum six months remaining validity period. Therefore it is important to pre-check such requirements. Also prior to starting journey for US , passport/visa details are required to be filled in their online system prior to commencement of the journey.
2. Buying a ticket for foreign visit is a specialized function. One can save a lot of money by proper researching and exploring various available options. Buying tickets well in advance saves money. Baggage entitlement should also be looked into as it varies from airline to airline.
3. Calling cards are available for communication with the family members back home during travel period.
4. Firm arrangements for stay should be made prior to starting journey. In case accommodation is booked in a hotel, the same should be reconfirmed through email etc.

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