How to lose weight effectively

Weight reduction is an element of just two simple things: A sustainable and a well thought out eating routine and a steady work out . Here are some tips and tricks for keeping the cellulite in check.

Weight loss just doesn't happen in sleep. Much as we would like it to. Especially when we are tempted with wonderful smelling, looking and tasting food day in and day out. Weight loss takes time, planning and strategy. But again like in a true battle, success is assured if the strategy is kept simple!

Eating Routine

A sustainable eating routine could be a 1600 cal diet for each day. On the off chance that one is above 70 kgs and leads an active life, the body consumes close to 2000 calories daily. So taking a 1600 calories diet every day ought to guarantee that one sheds pounds.

How difficult is it to have a 400 calories diet? Not very, actually. One strategy could be to just divide the diet into four simple meals of 400 calories. Every food stuff has its caloric value printed on it or available with a quick search online. The easy way to go about it is to make a note of the things you eat daily and note down their calories.

Here is a simple diet plan:
Breakfast could have cereals and with skimmed milk and fruit as fillers. Take a bowl of soup to start your lunch and have a normal lunch of complex carbohydrates (rice, roti), protein (dal, dahi) and vitamins and minerals (the much dreaded veggies). Mind you, this is for middle aged and going to be middle aged people. Young people should eat a balanced diet proportionate to their activities.

Sprouts, cucumbers, a bowl of soup are food stuff that can be stored for later use and fillers.

Dinner should be early and could easily be hand made pizzas or barbecued items. Or it could be the quintessential Indian dinner of Dal Roti. One dinner that I like to make and is appreciated by all is grilling marinated vegetables including potatoes and serving it with toasted oatmeal bread. The meal is simple and could be done by anyone.

As long as one avoids sweets (unless its kheer with less sugar or steamed ones like rasogolla), fried dumplings and cola any home cooked meal should be okay as long as it has the suitable sprinkle of colours. By colours I mean natural colours like the yellow of dal or the orange of carrot.

Steady Workout

Another component that I have found that guarantees weight reduction is some reliable and regular activity. I have found that individuals who routinely stroll outdoors get thinner in the long run. Doing house work, taking the stairs instead of the lift, spending 5 minutes on Pranayam could also be those regular activities. Strolling for one hour day by day guarantees a healthy life and some definite weight reduction. Another thing going for these routine activities is that they can be carried well into old age comfortably.

The above is versus individuals who go on sporadic eating regimens, tackle fitness by enrolling at gyms, go to slimming clinics and pursue different fashionable wellness regimes. The result is that they put in more effort and money for temporary results.

So, in the event that you have like me attempted all weight reduction traps, your weight goes here and there like a lost Panda in the Amazon, you are into your forties – quit panicking, take your soup and take the stairs a few more times.

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Author: K Mohan15 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

There is a saying in Hindi 'Jyadha math khao magar achhe khao' which roughly translates into 'do not eat more but eat good food'. Some people have the habit of eating more times in a day not because they are hungry but because they like that particular item and does not want to miss it. If such eating habits are there, then losing of weight would be the distant dream.

Author: Swati Sarnobat17 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Useful article to show how one can lose weight in an effective way. To lose weight in a steady manner, one should follow a healthy dietary pattern and should not eat extra during the day. Do not make two-times meal a compulsory process. If you are not really hungry during meal time, eat little. Drink plenty of water and perform workouts whenever you are free. Just by standing at a corner in your free time, you can perform some simple workouts.

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