How to crack TOEFLiBT

Students who do not have English as a mother tongue, to prove their skills in this language TOEFL writing test is one of the choice. This article explains its unique system, paper pattern, useful information and preparation strategies.

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language

The students who wants to get access into the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate courses, they need to express their efficiency in English should be performed. American English colleges and universities require a certain score before the entry from non-locals. To continue their profession, US, Canada often requires a good score in TOEFL to the certification of their craft.

English skill is required to participate in college discussions, to write assignments and for reading purpose. Oral presentation may need for few more courses. You can get a chance to recruit as a Teaching assistant in master's program. Their work is to help undergraduate students, giving suggestions, and giving grades to assignments. For the appointment as the teaching assistance, colleges and other institutions may ask TOEFL score. More than 6000 colleges, universities, agencies in 110 countries are taking into account this TOEFL score.

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ETS is a non-profit institution which views are in monitoring and the development of TOEFL. Education Testing Service (ETS) operates GRE and TOEFL exam around the world. You can find ETS in Princeton, New Jersey and USA.

Exam pattern

TOEFLiBT, this test is conducted via internet around the world with the specific test centers. This test is a completely different approach to assess the English proficiency. It assesses the English skills of the candidates and how would they coordinate different kinds of language. This kind of test helps the student to enter into the academic world and understand the concepts very well. In addition to this, students can contribute to share ideas and skills effectively with others.


TOEFL contains four segments or section and they are:
  1. Reading
  2. Listening
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing

The test time is a total of 4 hours. All tests are performed on same day. Reading segment is the first test in TOEFL. Further Listening, speaking, writing is performed in the catalogs.


For this, 3- 5 passages given for the test, it contains 700 words given from academic book. Every passage contains 12 of 14 questions. Each passage will be completed in 60 minutes. Every student should read the passage thoroughly before answering the questions. Based on the information provided, you should answer the questions. For this, they can gather information from the passages. This exam is mainly to check the student's learning capabilities.


This segment is for checking the capability of student's English conversations, lectures and ability to understand. The advantage of this test is to check the students capability based on the questions like attitude of the speaker / student intake capacity / advantage of combining the data. You can write notes. Conversations and lectures are very lengthy. Simple and natural language is used. Depends on your need, in the examination conversations and lectures for some of the questions will play back.


This section is to check the student ability to speak with ease inside and outside the classroom. In this test two different tasks will be there to express view of the related subject. Another four tasks, student will speak on the subjects that he has already listened and read. Student should use headset and microphone for all speaking tasks. He should speak to the microphone to record his answers. The duration of the test for speaking is 20 minutes.


This sections test the student's writing skills. It should be in a clear and systematic approach. Two tasks will be there for this test. One is reading and writing the integrated task; the other is to express his views strongly on the given topic. Time duration is 50 minutes.

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All about scores

For all four categories in TOEFL, 0- 30 marks for each will be allocated. So, total score for these four tests is 120. Students can see their scores online, after the 15 working days of test. Colleges, universities and agencies will be able to see students score.

Candidates must score at least 85 out of 120 to study abroad. Each organization sets specific score. If you wanted to apply for the organization, the students should know the decided score for their respective institutions.

Exam timings and centers

TOEFL is conducted every year over 50 times. Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam are the examination centers approved by ETS. In India, there is a paper-based test. The test fee is $ 170 US. The fee can be paid by credit card through online. ETS sends the official test reports directly to the schools. You can write as many times as possible. You can register online at

Tips to prepare

Students who are preparing for the test structure their skills needed to achieve academic success. It is also possible. You can improve reading skills by reading regularly. The university textbooks and other material are in academic pattern and it covers lot of things. You can find various books related to sciences, social sciences, arts, business etc. You should not write words back which are given for the reading passage. Movies, television viewing, radio listening such as the better ways to develop the skills of listening. Precise writing, summary writing and describing the passages should be practiced regularly.

Online test

Since it is a computer based exam, you should enable to practice on the computer screen for reading and writing. In order to develop your speaking skills, one should bring a small article from the newspaper/magazine and read aloud. After a summary of information about it should tell orally. Gather the most popular topics and talk about this is needed to practice. Take feedback after read aloud the article but the important thing here is to speak the key words properly.

For writing skills, watch any TV you want to see and then write summary on this. You explain how you feel about the program. That is in comparison to the previous episodes / differences apply its contents. You should picked up the information gathered from hearing, reading and writing and finally arrange this note in a correct order. QWERTY keypad is advisable to practice before the test. Para phrasing words, phrases, sentence and full paragraph should be practiced. You will get good result through the instruments embedded items in ETS.

Useful websites

Here are the list of some useful websites and will be used to set for TOEFL.
  4. Tips.pdf

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