Do preachers really intend to create peace in the society?

In this article, you will read about the preachers who preach for peace, but may be intended to do something evil. The devotees or visitors should be wise enough to identify the genuine spiritual leaders and false leaders.

In your locality, you come across people who preach about peace. Most of them run an ashram or some of them just distribute templates and call the people to their place. They preach about bringing peace in the society and community by eliminating the negative factors that lead to social evils. But they finally captivate the minds of the followers and completing change their way of thinking. Some of such ashrams in the society are really sacred and they provide fruitful knowledge to the followers, while teach them the techniques of mediation and leading a fruitful life. But some people intend to mint money and also influence people their own way. Some of the followers are really trapped and perform something that is really dreadful to their lives.

Some illustrations to show how people fall into trouble by entering such ashrams

In a recent case, a medical student left her home and lived in ashram for many days. Finally, she is not willing to come back to her home and the parents are intensely worried about her life. Although, the reason for not coming back home is not acknowledged, but how can the authorities of ashram keep someone along with them for such a long time. An ashram cannot become a residential place for anyone, but it is just a sacred place to be visited once in a way. We hear about several cases, where the people are not willing to return home after visiting an ashram. In this case, the preachers should suggest the visitors that one must not withdraw from their duties and hence should not sacrifice their family lives. Later on, these people who have entered the ashram complain that they are exploited.

So, an ashram should not allow anybody to live in ashram but can regularly visit the place if they are hard-core devotees. Those who have already accomplished the duties of their life can aim to seek peace. But, young students or young professionals who are planning to marry and settle down in life, one fine day plan to renounce the world. This thought can disrupt their family lives and one fine day they feel remorse for undertaking such foolish decision in life.

We hear one of the worst cases today about adverse effects of blind belief. One wealthy man who was recommended that if he gives up his family, will seek heaven after his death, poisoned the food in his home and served it to all the members in the family to kill them. He too gave up his life by consuming poison. That association create false ideas in his mind to captivate their family property.

Being aware of such false preachers

You can attend only one session of any guru or spiritual leader and then analyze if they are preaching with true intention. Usually genuine gurus do not narrate any extreme views about any topic or aspects. They never speak ill about any person or religion. Such gurus only focus upon deriving peace of mind by learning the wisdom of life. They teach about different ways to become happy in life despite the odds in life. Genuine gurus do not force their ideas or beliefs upon anyone.

They should not demand any dakshina or fees. The devotee has the right to decide how much dakshina should be given to the gurus. Ashram is a place where only the devotees can spend some time listening to fruitful lectures, performing mantras, worship, meditation etc and happily returning home for the day.


Author: K Mohan21 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

This topic really angered me as it is interfering in the private lives and spoiling their right to live in peace. I am also feeling that preachers cannot bring peace or guarantee stress less life to any one. Those who are being lured by them with false promise would repent later for having committed a great mistake. All those Ashrams are nothing but money earning places by garnering the innocent people to their side and boast as if they are nurturing those who are not in main stream of life. I am not against the preachers conducting classes and giving sermons for one or two hours and telling about their activities, but they cannot with hold any body for many days and that is nothing but kidnapping. The government and police must act on this.

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