How to earn money while studying abroad

Are you going to pursue your higher studies in a foreign university and want to know how you can earn money while studying abroad? This article provides useful tips and guidance on various ways to earn while studying abroad.

A good number of Indian students are going for foreign studies every year as there are several benefits of studying abroad. Though it's an exciting and rewarding experience for Indian students to study abroad but the expenses involved worries them a lot. There are many financial aids for studying abroad. But in case, you have to bear your own expenses for study abroad, then you need to think of a source of income while your stay at abroad. Even otherwise you can earn part-time while studying abroad. However, the best option is to get an on-campus employment than working off-campus.

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Earn Money while Studying Abroad

Work opportunities while studying abroad

Let's have a look at some of the ways of generating income while studying abroad.

On-campus work options

Working on campus is one of the best and the most popular options for international students, though there are limited on campus work options. In some of the countries like the U.S, this is the only available option for foreign students. For some of these jobs, you need to get permission from International Student's office. There are certain limitations for the same like maintaining valid student visa while employed on-campus, working up to 20 hours per week (which differs from one country to the other), full-time on-campus during vacation and holidays (with slight variation from one country to the other) and other such requirements. Some of these include:
  • One of the best ways of utilizing your academic skills is to teach other students and make money.
  • Directly working for your schools / colleges which includes a grant or assistant-ship.
  • Working for the on-campus commercial firms like school / college bookstore, cafeteria etc.
  • You can even work as volunteers for promoting various marketing companies. You can help them out when they organize various events in the country.

Off-campus job opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities for international students off the campus. However, in many countries foreign students are not permitted to work in the 1st year. Off-campus work is strictly not permitted in the U.S. Some of the off-campus work options after the 1st year include:
  • Some countries do not allow part-time jobs while others do allow it. There are many seasonal part-time job opportunities for the international students to work. You can work in the restaurants, cafeterias, catering companies, summer camps. In most of the European countries there are plenty of summer job openings. Though this is for a short period, yet you can earn a decent amount. You can see many students fruitfully utilizing their summer vacation.

    You can even go for internships in reputed companies. This is one of the great ways of earning and gaining experience.
  • If permissible you can work in call centres. This is demanding and you need to have good communication skills. And at the same time it provides you a good opportunity to improve your language skills.

Likewise, there are plenty of work options for foreign students while they study abroad. It depends on the way you utilize your free time in making money to meet your expenses.

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Author: Juana28 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

Countries issuing student visa have strict work rules. The number of hours a student can work in their country and the type of jobs that they are permissible to do are clearly stipulated. In that context, I find the information provided in the article above to be partially incorrect.

Freelance work and babysitting jobs are not options available to international students, in many countries. Countries under the European Union, the United States and Canada do not allow individuals on student visa to be either self-employed or do any kind of freelance work. So, the suggestion to take on content writing or to babysit as a means of income is misguiding the student community. Such employment is unauthorized under the student visa. While it might not be a crime, but it is definitely a violation of the student visa that can prompt the authorities to cancel the visa.

Author: K Mohan15 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

There are more possibilities to earn handsome money in foreign countries while studying there. Every student may have sufficient free time either in the mornings or in the evenings which can be utilized to earn some extra income. If a student was in India, he would waste time with friends and gossips, but when he is alone in another country, he has plenty of time to use them productively. There is nothing wrong in accepting any part time job which may fetch some extra handsome income. In foreign countries many won't shy to accept any kind of job provided it won't hurt our prestige or passion. Moreover without depending on the parents for more money, if the student stands on his own feet to earn some money for his own requirement, then every parent would feel proud. But students must take the help of locals and see that his job is secured and not against the local laws.

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