Odd - Even in Delhi - An analysis

The AAP government has launched the ODD EVEN scheme in Delhi. But has it been a success? Well, the government has been claiming that it has been a great success. However, there are many technology-based solutions which work better than the Odd-Even scheme. Let us go through the details here.

The OddEven scheme launched by the government of Delhi has been claimed to be a huge success. But in reality, I am of the strongest opinion that the traffic problem has the better solution than opting for the so called Odd Even scheme. The technology based solutions would - actually - present you the real kind solutions and would be long term. Let me explain the observations here.

Was Odd Even a success really?

The second Odd Even in May was not actually a success. The observations by the media showed that. The records show that.
The polution levels did not show any improvement. The traffic was as bad as before. The reports suggested the presence of more cars on the road. There were not many challans. So, how could the government claim that it was a success?
Well, the move to claim the success was just political. The AAP government even went to the extent of claiming that the scheme was sabotaged and blamed it on the opponents. The reasons for the failure are manifold. Which ones? Let us analyse them,
The Government expected the people to sacrifice their options, And that too without offering them any benefits. Has it been observed anywhere whether such arrangement works? Moreover, the emphasis was on using the public transport. But, was the public transport capacity increased by the same proportions? No, not at all! The buses were packed beyond capacity. The government suggested using a taxi. And as has been usual with the Indian taxi operators, the prices were hiked beyond imagination. Then there was the car pooling app which saw the worst in class implementation.
All these instances of mismanagement compounded the issues and the Odd Even scheme happened to be a complete failure. And thus, people devised means to work through the scheme. They appeared to obey - it but in practice, they were completely not following the scheme. Here is what they did.

People brought the fake CNG stickers. These stickers came at just around two hundred bucks. There were fake number plates that were available at just Rs. 300 to 400. Since the women drivers were excused, people hired women drivers. These were just a few examples of how people used the loopholes in the system to exploit it for their own benefit. So, the traffic levels and the pollution levels were bound to go up.
Implementing the same scheme once again will definitely be the worst thing to happen. The people will definitely suffer.

The tech based solutions

Well, there are many technology based solutions you may use, A few of them could be -
  • Rationing of transport - The method uses economics rather than technology. You can do it by using smarter toll booths. What I mean to say is that if the cost of driving a car is more at a particular hour is more, people will definitely opt for public transport, or use car pooling.
  • Good parking - Not getting proper parking space is the major reason for the traffic jam. It has been found by research that people spend almost 20 to 25 minutes on the road unable to find a proper parking location. Using Smart Parking measures can solve the issues related to parking. The parking lots can have sensors that let you identify whether a parking lot is empty or filled. A mobile app can interact with the sensors and let the riders know the lot which is empty.

There could be many better approaches that could work better than the Odd Even scheme implemented by the Delhi government. CSIR has come up with a new option that would work better than much hyped scheme of the Delhi administration.
A mid week break is such a good approach that can be much helpful in bringing down the pollution level. One day, presumably a Wednesday can be made a "Work from Home" or "Study From Home" day. Apart from controlling the traffic, it will also aid in lowering the energy consumption in offices and schools.

Final thoughts

Well, those were just a few tech based ideas that can let us have better traffic management than opting for a lesser scientific approach used in the Odd even scheme. Experts have always been sceptical about the scheme. Their doubts have been confirmed by the failure of the Odd Even scheme. Do you have any further ideas that can replace the Odd Even scheme? We would love to hear from the readers.

Article by Timmappa Kamat
Timmappa Kamat is a technology enthusiast. He has an active interest in newer technological developments He is fond of the new gizmos & gadgets. He loves to share his knowledge through tech-savvy websites as a freelancer. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, he is equally interested in blogging, with his own blog. He wants to carve a name for himself in blogging arena one day! If you need any clarifications about his articles,please respond here below or get in touch with him through his profile.

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Author: Partha K.28 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A good analytical thread on the second odd-even scheme in Delhi. We, the Delhiites, know that it has not been a success and the Govt. of Delhi has not made the scheme for success, it was only done to satisfy the Court's directive. The various types of exemptions given to the scheme makes this fact abundantly clear. In my opinion, maintaining and travelling by cars have become status symbol for neo-rich Delhiites. They don't bother about pollution and they try to find some ways(like fake CNG stickers as mentioned by the author). Till the mentality is changed, no scheme would be successful.

However, I appreciate the author's genuine effort to find a viable solution to Delhi's pollution problem by minimizing the vehicles.

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