Painless normal delivery with the help of Epidural anaesthesia

Every woman will always be worried about giving birth to a child. The only reason for this is severe contractions during the labor. Most of them would like to have normal delivery without having to bear the pain. And there is a solution for this, which is Epidural.

Many women who are planning for a baby or a mom to be will be scared of only one thing. That is the labour pain they get during delivery. We always hear bad experiences from moms who had a painful normal delivery. Most of them would have informed that they tried to avoid pain by breathing exercise but still did not work as expected. One of my friend opted for C-Section just to avoid the contractions during normal delivery. But there is a way to avoid labour pain during normal delivery without even having to opt for C section. Labour pain can be avoided even during normal delivery by injecting a drug called Epidural.Not many people are educated about Epidural and end up opting for C-Section or having to bear the severe contractions. With this article, I hope you get some idea about pain free delivery.

What is Epidural and how is Epidural given?

Epidural is an anaesthesia which when injected, numbs the lower part of the body and hence patient cannot feel the labour pain. The Epidural blocks the nerve impulses from Uterus and birth canal and then numbs the lower body. There is an Epidural space in the spinal cord and Epidural is injected in this Epidural space through a catheter. Before the Epidural is injected to the patient, the anaesthetist cleans the back and gives a local anaesthesia so that the area gets numbed. Once the area is numbed, Catheter is injected through a needle, once the catheter is placed in the epidural space; the needle is removed leaving the catheter. As and when required, medicine is given to patient through this catheter. Once you are given the medicine, your lower part of the body will numb in 15 minutes while you stay awake though out the delivery process.
Like every other thing in the world, even Epidurals have their own advantages and disadvantages which mentioned below.

Advantages of Epidurals

  1. With Epidural, you will have a pain free delivery.
  2. You can stay awake and watch the delivery process throughout the labour.
  3. If in case a patient has to go for a C-Section, giving local anaesthesia becomes easy.
  4. Your Anaesthetist can control the dosage of medicine given.
  5. Only tiny amount of medicine reaches the baby and it has no side effects on the baby.

Disadvantages of Epidurals

  1. As the Epidural is given, Blood Pressure and pulse rate has to be monitored at regular intervals.
  2. In some cases, Epidurals leads to Vacuum or Forceps delivery.
  3. Rarely people complain of Back pain or Headache with Epidural delivery.

The effects of Epidurals depends on every individual and how individual's respond. Not everyone who goes for Epidural delivery has the side effects. I have two of my sisters who had an Epidural delivery with no mentioned side effects till now.
Before going for Epidural, you can consult your gynaecologists to get more details on it. In most of the hospitals today, painless delivery option is available. So if you want to enjoy delivery without much labour pain, you can always opt for epidural injections.


Author: K Mohan31 May 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

From the reading of this article it is quite clear that given the modern medical advancement, the painless giving of birth is something every new mother would be looking into. But what I fear that there is no proper awareness among the pregnant women. The author could further mention whether special charges will be charged for undertaking such painless delivery.

Author: sushma mewundi31 May 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Every gynecologist will be aware of this Epidural and almost every hospital has this painless delivery option using epidural. Yes, the charges for this painless delivery will be separate but affordable.

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