An unforgettable event in my life

During all walks of Life, we come across many moments that change our lives for good or bad. As I want my articles to carry a positive tone, here is an account of one such moment that I still treasure close to my heart and that was when I found out,I was pregnant. Eager to know why? Here's my story.

Motherhood, to me is a phase of life that shape us socially and psychologically for the better. It is the birth of Wisdom and Character Formation. It help us to find purpose in our life and teaches to move on, even while experiencing the hardest trials of life. It is my greatest achievement because this journey of a "mother-to be" refined me to a better and responsible person.

Health issues not a problem

It was only during pregnancy that I had no complaints about my health problems, be it the nausea, morning sickness, cramps or the cravings. Rather, all those gave me a special feeling which I shared with my friends. The little one inside me kept yelling that, it is all a blessing and there are many who are longing but not gifted with this experience, and that made me even more happier.

Healthy Diet

I am an underweight person and a picky eater. During childhood and even after getting married, my mother struggled a lot to feed me egg and milk , but all her efforts went in vain. I would sleep on an empty stomach but wouldn't try dishes that didn't appeal my taste buds. But pregnancy was a miracle. When the doctor told me how important it was to gain weight, my menu completely changed. I started eating for my baby, keeping aside my likes and dislikes.

Loved my baby fat

I always admired slim toned figure and is a big fan of Kareena Kapoor. I used to avoid oily and junk food, rice , just to maintain a body figure like her. But I had no problem with my "plump" look during pregnancy. I ate whatever I liked and didn't bother to restrict my diet just for my appearance. This is an example of the unconditional love the mother has for her baby. It makes her selfless and the baby's happiness and health becomes her only priority. All these are neither taught nor instilled, its' purely natural. Hence the state of raising a child is pure and natural.

Happy hospital visits

Hospitals and clinics isn't a place where one would like to visit regularly. But surprisingly , during pregnancy I eagerly waited for my regular check ups just to ensure that my tiny tot was doing well. I had no problem with the routine blood tests, scans and the long wait in the hospital. I observed and monitored others and understood that every pregnancy is unique and to expect what others endure is not a healthy practice. Infact, pregnancy is a natural feeling and it's hard to explain or pen it in words.

Satisfied and no Regrets

I flew to Dubai with a desire to start my career. But the circumstances compelled me to choose either career or family. Teaching is my passion and family my Life. I chose latter because without life there is no passion and moreover I wanted to spend quality time with my kids and didn't want to spoil their childhood in the hands of a babysitter or a maid. I am extremely happy with my choice and has no regrets. My teachers and friends still can't digest that I am a stay -at-home parent, but I feel proud every time I share them my experiences.


Motherhood taught me to be organized and systematic. I could now focus on more things simultaneously, thus saving time and energy. I do all the cooking and washing, cleaning, teaching work myself and is so busy that there is is no room for any unwanted tensions and confusions. I get a peaceful sleep after a tiring day and wakes up rejuvenated for the next day. In brief, this role makes you a lively person.

Happy memories

Every time I visit Zulekha hospital and pass by the labor room, all the past memories flash in my mind.The first shrill cry of my baby, my husband's blooming face, my parents' emotional happiness of being a grandparent, after long nine months and also the heartfelt greetings and blessings still linger in my ears. Those experiences hasn't lost it's shine. I love it and still cherish it.

Explored my talent

Pregnancy gave me the opportunity to explore my God given passion and talents. I didn't want to sit idle and decided to do something resourceful being at home. Thus, started taking tuition and earned a decent income. Reading became my favorite hobby again and gradually it motivated me into writing genre. In a search to pen my thoughts and ideas, I landed to an educational website called India study, which provides you a platform to learn while earning. Thus I learnt the first lessons of online writing with the guidance of efficient Editors. I love to utilize my leisure time by writing articles on my different experiences especially on parenting.


Moments and memories change the momentum of our lives.Some moments are painful and hard to erase. Rewinding and thinking about it again and again would do no good to our present and future. Positive treatment of life lessons and relations is the best solution to clear away the clouds and to find the ray of hope.


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