How I earned from online website

Read this article to know my wonderful online journey for earning from You will get to know how to begin with this site and other different successful routes, how to earn money online, how to grow with this site etc.

I have to write a big article on this subject but I am just briefing over here about my lucky landing at this site. It is also as I mentioned in my recent announcement made at Forum on seven fruitful years journey experience. It was on 13th May 2009 that I was searching for an exam paper online for my neighborhood who requested it to assist him. So I had to search his requirement online when I got free time from office work. I was searching and landing in few different websites which didn't give me required sources and satisfaction; it was my fortune that I landed in website (this site) where I got previous year exam question paper and related pdf docs, etc.


The past work association with ISC networks

Since I got the required source from this site, I was interested to know more details about this portal and what's going on etc. so, I was searching in depth for some more info over here. I entered Forum section as well where trending topics were going on. Other than this, I came to know interesting points are: this site seems genuine compared to other sites at that time (2009) where many fake sites abound to make members join by paying amount whereas here – no joining fee nor annual one; the second one was that it is an educational portal allotting cash credits to its members and some of them paid at that time and found replied in Forum too, and that one still going on; the third one was this site is completely opposite to 'online earning money' promising websites at that time; the fourth one was, some of them were earning from ISC, AdSense and Kontera and reading their threads in Forum, satisfied me further.

The fifth one was, there were / are high professionals and students over here as members and contributing nicely & earning as well. The sixth one was quality and unique information over here pertaining to education and employment besides Expert answers and many different resources. The best one among many was 'interview experience' of some candidates that encouraged many. The seventh one was very fun and active Forum members compared to date. No offence over here. The GD (Group Discussion) was very healthy and many students and professions participated in it that was more challenging one plus new info added at online source at that time. The eighth one was cash announcement on-time for weekly and monthly awards. Some of the sections were removed (like Business Directory) where we used to once contribute and got traffic / revenue - it was unfortunate though.

I joined over here and few days passed by with little contribution and very little copied contribution as well. A senior person generally informed in the Forum that the one who is copying is not going to last long anywhere as a good author and that habit itself can kill the writer. So, I tried to contribute in my own way whether it was / is in Basic English or an advanced one, it doesn't matter for me as long as my contribution was / is not copied one, unique and abides by site terms. I told earlier about some sort of working experience over here. Yeah, I earned money from this site (cash credits which show in my profile), one cheque from Kontera and a couple of cheques / EFT from AdSense. Other than this, couple of Awards and Rewards over here. The product event participation was also there and its award / reward as well.

I have to mention here a very important thing, that the ISC Admin created many Spider Networks for regional websites (like Maharashtraspider, Tamilspider and on) to hand over its responsibility and benefits to earlier / old ISC members. They did their best to obtain traffic, revenue and success, some contest from ISC for sister sites webmasters besides. Due to concerned members' (spider webmasters) profession / designation and responsibilities, other people unable to taken care on the same level as earlier. Hence, some of the sites had to discontinue. I took one of the spider site's responsibility a little later than supposed to be and realized that I stand alone as I missed some old friends / members to cooperate and help out with it. Anyhow, it is going well without even a member's contribution.

My five years completion has gone within ISC and sister sites, though it was somewhat part time and a year of full-time work association over here. Other than this, Tony has helped me with a full salary paid when I was unwell for around two months. Apart from ISC Admin story in short, find herein below, others.

In addition to many old members and friends cooperation during (2009-2012) to move ahead, some of them (students) unfortunately left due to further study and personal career growth, and remain only some by managing their existing career that really helps ISC. I didn't forget all of them (and their names) but it is really hard to mention a big list over here. Anyhow, one of the key persons was Dr. Sandy who has guided many and his contributions at the toughest time was an excellent one. Other than this, I would like to recall and share with you few outstanding ISC guys in the past including most influential person Rohit Mian, and each person on this thread. Yes, Gyandeep is one of the best and young writers from ISC. Ravi Ji is no doubt great about his discipline and guiding mentor to all. Sorry for not mentioning with detail about few other old members names including Satish, Lata ji and Rajmi etc. etc.

Present work association with ISC networks

No doubt, Tony is modest, very kind and from a highly educated family; I also hope you guys know him very well. I have seen that he got several awards besides much recognition including Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. His career / achievement in the USA are a different one and you have to check his other sites for various contributions and success. He is very popular among many technology industries, including for niche blogging and events. If I can remember well, he had been to USA recently just for Gorilla (Smartphone glass) company invite for a product / event. There were / are many events in India as such. We once went together for Xiaomi Redmi event launch in Bangalore, in 2015. Hugo Barra of Xiaomi (MI) knows Tony very well, likewise many industries heads / CEOs know him well. It was / is my luck to work with Tony, of course. That's why sharing some of the memorable journey.

By the way, I am attending events / meets in Bangalore on behalf of Techulator which is formerly known as (check the last link at MyWindowsClub site for more detail on domain dispute). Likewise, there were / are different scenarios / disputes which finally Tony had to face. For example, if a member of ISC violates against Google or AdSense or Cyber laws then he has to face a lot of issues and convincing them about the member's contributions and all. He is very caring about ISC's each member and it doesn't mean members have to carelessly misuse this platform, as often some dispute arises which really tough to face the challenges or DMCA etc. I remember when I was in his office, he received a call from Google India saying some spider sites (those sites' few members) violated the Google policy; he then had to clear entire posts and issues one by one to avoid further Ban or AdSense a/c being disabled, etc.

ISC is one of the best educational portals online to date; the Admin is trying to improve further with the support from each and everyone. You would have seen so many changes and development so far - wait for some more changes and development! ISC admin will accept your feedback for its improvement, you can suggest it. In general, IndiaStudyChannel is a popular educational portal online and Techulator one is well known one among Technology industries, media and offline.

I am trying to visit ISC Forum and be more active but unable to do so due to different responsibilities taken here and my offline job too, but I still try my best to come over here once in a while. This is like my family and friends area, so, it is nothing like that I will forget it completely. The more you grow, the more responsibility increases thus no time to catch all at one go!

Future work association with ISC networks

ISC's aim is to serve Indian students who are pursuing studies in India and abroad by providing various institutions' names, admissions news, question papers & solutions, exams and results notifications, latest employment news through job section and on. Yes, no doubt about the opportunity for a great writer who can contribute in Resource section and Ask Expert section to show their expertise.

ISC can't accommodate entire info at just one site thus they have created different niche websites. For example, vast tech info can be found at Techulator and vast software program / code info can be found at Dotnetspider so do visit and take the benefit if they suit your qualification and knowledge.

ISC's actual aim is 'educational assistance to its visitors'. This means data available in ISC must be accurate and useful for those who visit this site. Any member who would like to post educational information related to India or studies abroad is most welcome. Regarding any doubt or clarification, anybody can raise the query in the Forum where our editors or senior members of this site would help you. Any inaccurate educational info also can be reported over in the Forum.

ISC Admin also may help its members in the future if they are really fit with consistency to handle new sites. Like some old members already did in the past.

That's it folks - my journey in short! You may read my articles at ISC to know more details about related work experience or related knowledge.

I recently got Rs 500 Amazon voucher from ISC Admin for completing seven years. Thanks to ISC again.

Learn to earn and earn to learn.

Article by Hafeezur Rahman
Hafeezur Rahman has joined ISC in 2009 and he is a Job Editor at ISC since 2010, he also a Blogger. Hafeez continue to contribute in various sections of ISC and its sister sites like Techulator, NewRecruitments & Goaspider etc. He is a renowned feature writer & social enthusiast. He loves to write in a simple manner and share his visionary write-ups with the readers on the topics related to his field of interests and different niche. All his write-ups have been popularly read & shared by global readers.

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I have noticed qualitative improvement in the forum section also since last few months. Earlier there used to be more threads related to fun, puzzles, quotations and jokes. However to maintain the overall standard of the ISC as an authentic education website, more professionalism in the firum section is also required which has luckily been achieved and the popular forum section has also been steered on right track. I read and find all posts of the author in the forum section very informative and useful with certain purpose. In my opinion all the ISCians should post resources also in the repository of ISC instead of being active only in the forum section.

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