Ways to effectively tackle criticisms

In this article, you will learn different ways to tackle criticisms around you in a wise manner. Sometimes, the criticisms are fair and sometimes unfair. You must handle both type of criticisms in a wise manner.

In every sphere of your life, you almost experience criticisms from some person or the other. But criticisms are fair and spot our mistake. But some criticisms are meaningless and they irritate you. Earlier wise men and saints always suggested common men that one should accept criticisms and try to rectify your mistakes. Some of them even said that your critic should always be your neighbor because you can improve your overall personality and mistakes as quick as you can. But today often experts suggest that you should first find out if that mistake is prevailing in you and then take further action. Do not become panicked when someone criticisms you but become intelligent and analyze the situation so that you can know how to handle the situation.

Tips for effectively facing and tackling criticisms

Handling criticisms when you are right

Many times, we are criticized unnecessarily when we have actually not committed any error. People criticize us unnecessarily due to several reasons. You must first find out the reason behind their criticisms so that you know how to undertake further action. Sometimes people around you are jealous of you and so they become picky upon you. They unnecessarily observe you every now and then and find faults in you. So, if people criticize you in a meticulous way or if you are surprised with somebody's criticisms, then first find out if they are jealous with you for any reason. Do not enter into a conflict with them or express them about their true behavior, but do not respond to their criticisms. Somebody may be criticizing you because they have not understood the true situation around you. Some people just get hyper over small matters. So, before rectifying your error, find out if the person is hyper by nature. Do not respond to such people's comment also.'' The person who is criticizing you should learn to your point and understand you. Otherwise, if the person is only trying to prove his or her point right, then the person is not honestly telling your mistake. Some people are prejudiced and they develop an impression on you on the basis of generalized concept. For eg. in your office, your boss is never impressed by you and is not confident on you because you hail from a small town. If your boss has developed an impression that people from small town can never become efficient like the people of larger towns, then do not pay any heed to his words. When you know that you are being criticized unnecessarily, you must convince people immediately that you are right. If they are not convinced, then you must be forceful enough to state that you are right and are not responsible for the situation. Be firm, but do not become hyper over such situations.

Handling criticisms when you commit a mistake, or when people are right

Sometimes, people may criticize you for the mistake committed by you, but you must handle it properly. Although people have criticized you for a genuine reason, you may find it difficult to rectify. Suppose, your boss criticizes you for your poor communication skills and as a matter of fact your communication skills are poor, then you must handle the situation wisely. Do not pressurize yourself to improve communication skills within a short period of time because you cannot improve in a short period. So, try convincing your boss and state that you cannot be handled with an activity that involves speaking because you are weak in this activity. If your boss agrees, you can go ahead, otherwise, you look for another option so that you are not provided with the same activity. If the criticism is really fair, then you must be bold enough and firm enough to convert this criticism into a learning process.

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Author: Jagdish Patro02 Jun 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

We have to accept all types of criticisms with grace. A positive criticism always helps us to improve and reconcile our mistakes while a negative criticism aims at letting us down and demoralize our efforts. So, we have to analyse the quality and merit in the criticism and take things in a right spirit. The example given in the article about the poor communication skills pointed out by the boss is worth analyzing. It is neither positive or negative as it is the responsibility of the boss to emphasize the need to improve the communication skills in the interest of the organisation. So, it is an immediate requirement for our survival in the organisation whereas a negative criticism comes from a corner where such people always eye to criticize each and everything, irrespective of the good or bad and it helps us to identify such people and the possible ways and means to chalk out our strategy. I appreciate the author for critically analyzing the impacts of criticism in the article.

Author: K Mohan11 Jul 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A very good article initiated by the author and it becomes imperative to everyone to take note of the tips and also be cautious in dealing with those who has the tendency to criticize us in open. By the way no one would object to constructive criticism citing scope for improvement, but there are people around us who does not want to see our progress and thus pass rave comments which cannot be digested by us and hence revert back with dual words of war. What I feel that we must be broad minded enough to ignore such people and their criticism citing that that is the boon for your progress. But at the same time if the person goes out of bound, better to cut his relation once for all.

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