Why it is important to go abroad for studies

Are you in a dilemma about whether to go abroad for higher studies or not? Many times, others experiences and success stories may not work to convince us for taking any decision so if you are having doubts, go through this article which gives considerable reasons for going abroad and pursuing higher studies.

Why one should go overseas at least once for education

We have so many private and government schools, colleges and universities all over the India, then why we prefer studying abroad if possible? Why we do not prefer studying in our own country? These questions may create a disturbance in many minds and I have a detail response for the same. There are many good reasons to try for higher studies in abroad.

One with doubts may read the below mentioned points-

  1. Opportunity to see the World
  2. The first and very obvious reasons is, it will give you an opportunity to see the world. You will get a chance to visit a new country, its customs, various activities and its other incredible things.

    This benefit also includes the chance to witness the natural beauties of other territories which are not available in our country. One can visit museum, landmarks and famous places during his/her course.
    Apart for visiting the country from where you are pursuing your course, you can also visit the neighboring countries and your travel will not be limited. It is like, when you are France, you can visit Rome without any problem.

  3. Learn about a New Culture
  4. When we leave our home, our own country and enter into a new country with different lifestyle, custom and culture, we get fascinated. By having an opportunity to study abroad, you will find new food items to eat, new traditions to follow, new festivals and their celebration styles that too at no additional cost.
    Is it a good reason to pursue your studies abroad?
    Reading about foreign countries and visiting them in person are two different things and one must understand that.

  5. Chance to improve Your Second Language Skills
  6. An opportunity to study abroad brings an opportunity to learn a second/foreign language. To learn a foreign language as a course is completely different to live in that country using that language every time. Your selected university may have English language as a medium of teaching, but still a countries local language will be an extreme need to learn about better living there.
    Being surrounded by localities, you will get an expertise and fluency in the second language that too in a shorter time period.

  7. Education
  8. Different countries have different style and culture in education. By registering yourself for any course from abroad, you will get a chance to learn about education style of that particular country. This kind of exposure, you will not be able to experience in your home country.

  9. Enjoy activities that you cannot enjoy in your own country
  10. Studying in a foreign country gives you an opportunity to experience and even enjoy the adventurous activities which are not at all available in your home country. You can enjoy adventure sports like zip lining, mountain biking, etc.

  11. Learn to be Independent
  12. When you leave your home and enter into a new country, you leave our support network there only. Leaving your family and friends may sounds daunting, but this only can give opportunity to develop your own skills and decision making power in one or another way.
    It includes independence from all your small house holding works like washing, washing laundry and buying grocery. This improved independent attitude helps you a lot in future in searching for a job and even other matters of your personal life.
    Apart from regular things, you will also learn to manage your finance which is an important part of your life. Does not matter whether your courses is sponsored or not, you have to make payments yourself only.
    You also learn about foreign currency and their transactions.

  13. Personal Development
  14. Being independent, such opportunities make you learn more about yourself. You may discover many new skills of yours. You learn many things from the new culture and even adopt some of them in your nature. It brings an independent personality of yours with new discovered values you harbor in yourself. You also learn to adopt the diversity of nature, human beings and learn to solve your problems on your own.

  15. Employment Prospects
  16. It is known to all of us that most of the employers want candidates with international experience. They want candidates with foreign language skills and fluency in communicating across countries.
    Students studying abroad may use this opportunity in enhancing their skills and in expanding their abilities in a useful manner. This will increase the professional value for an employer. After completion of your course, you have a new perspective, enhanced language skills, excellent education and a correct approach for your job. All these things define your attitude towards your work by which an employer can be impressed easily. Many students want to get a job in their host country only and they easily get that.

  17. New Friends for life
  18. Lastly, while staying in a foreign country, you make many new contacts, some of them become your friends and even some become close friends. These are some relations which will remain with you for your lifetime. All these friends will be from different backgrounds and may be from different countries.

    After completion of course, you need to maintain the contact with your international friends that requires an email, that's it. These friends can be proven as an important international networking tool in the future for you.

Above mentioned points work as an advantages for studying abroad, but there may be challenges you will face while staying in a foreign country. These are as listed below-
  • One may feel home sick initially when he does not have friends in his host country. This is more painful when a candidate does not stay far from home earlier.

  • Learning local language may be difficult. Many times, it causes difficulty in communicating with locals.

  • You may experience a culture shock when you return home. It is more pronounced when there is a huge cultural difference.

  • One may find difficulties in getting money due to any lengthy procedures and you may become helpless without money.

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