How can early rising help in professional field

The habit of rising early is not only beneficial for health, but also helps our professional life immensely. Do you know how does leaving the bed early help us professionally? Read this article, and yes, leave the bed early!

All of us have been hearing this advice: "Early to bed, and early to rise; Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" since time immemorial. Even then, most of us ignore this advice at the cost of our health and professional life. The health benefits of early rise are well-known. So, let us discuss the benefits of early rise in our professional life.

Avoiding traffic during rush hour

It is quite logical. An early-riser is able to get ready for office earlier. If he/she starts early, needless to say that he/she reaches office earlier with fresh mind and body. The early-riser can reach office punctually taking less time, remaining mentally fresh, avoiding all tensions on the road and consuming less fuel. This mental freshness definitely gives additional energy to the early office-goers, which, in turn, improves the performance.

Limited distractions

Any employee who reaches office early can vouchsafe that a punctual employee can attend to much more work than a habitual late-comer. This is simply because of limited distractions during the early hours in office. There are very few phone calls or e-mails during early morning. No socializing or coffee breaks are possible during early working hours. This causes increased productivity with much better quality.

Strategic planning-another advantage

A person who reaches office early can plan his/her tasks properly. Getting regular responsibilities sorted out during normal working hours is a tough task for a late-comer. So, such employee doesn't get opportunity to plan his/her tasks strategically. Without planning, the question of success doesn't arise. The quietness during the morning hours helps to plan better causing better success rate.

Better concentration improves performance

Waking up at 6 in the morning instead of 8 a.m. gives a person two extra hours before the telephone calls and e-mails start pouring. This gives a clear two-hour window to concentrate and deliver. This means, such employees can be able to finish the work early. The early-rising and punctual employees always adhere to the time-line and stand best chance for promotion.

Early-risers inspire others

An early riser reaches office before others. He/She finishes the work before others. His/her quality of work is better than others. He/She is trusted by the superior officers and is the first choice for the next promotion. It is quite natural that such person always inspires others. He/she attains leadership qualities.

Other advantages

The employees who rise early and reach office on or before time enjoy many other tangible and intangible benefits. They enjoy prestigious positions in their working places. Such employees enjoy the trust of their bosses. As they reach office early, they can leave office on time. As a result, they can spend more time with their families. They enjoy mental peace in their working places because of lesser number of conflict situations with their superior officers. Their leaves are sanctioned without much hitch. They can avail other benefits being offered by their offices in a selective manner. In case of emergency in family, they are treated very sympathetically, which the habitual late-comers can't and don't expect.

Final words

An early-riser reaches office early without being bothered by traffic hassles. He/She can deliver more effectively and as a result is always the front-runner in the race of next promotion. Such employees enjoy good rapport with their bosses and are considered natural leaders for their colleagues and subordinates. The punctual employees return home early, spend quality time with family and enjoy many other benefits. So, start from tomorrow! Put an alarm in your clock, leave the comfort of your bed early and start the day with fresh air, abundant energy and better prospect.

Article by Partha K.
"If you don't like someone's story, write your own." - Chinua Achebe

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Author: Kailash Kumar10 Jun 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

In US, there is a concept of daylight saving time and there are total 9 separate time zones our of which four i.e. eastern time zone, central time zone, mountain time zone and pacific time zone lie on the main land i. e. contagious US. Also every year the clocks are reset twice. On ISC also we see such change when the date change at 12.30 hours and during the other period, the date changes at 13.30 hours. There people switch over to the rescheduled timings overnight. The underlying concept is maximum use the daylight.
Rising early ensures maximum utilization of daylight. Literally it extends the life's working hours. Generally most of the people start for their office at certain predetermined time simultaneouly causing congestion on road. Starting early even by five or ten minutes makes the difference as the roads will be very less crowded enabling easier as well as safer navigatio on road.

Author: Swati Sarnobat23 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Unique article with unique ideas! People who rise up in the morning always feel fresh and can breathe the fresh oxygen from the atmosphere. So, they can improve their concentration and maintain hormonal balance. When they begin their task early in the morning, they can complete it before late evening and hence enjoy working in the daylight. During the daytime, a person always feels energetic due to powerful sun ray, but after late evening, he or she feel dull.

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