How Sunita lost her pride after losing her ranking

This story is about a girl Sunita, who is initially proud for gaining first rank and later on realizes her level of intelligence. Teacher conduct special test to test the real level of intelligence. Then Sunita realizes her intelligence when somebody stands first in the class.

Sunita is a girl who always stands first in the class and she is very proud of her intelligence. She is appointed as a leader in the class and she behaves like a queen of the palace. But, every time she stood first in the class merely by byhearting the lessons of each subject. She was an expert in byhearting that she did not omit a coma or a small punctuation in any lesson. But she was proud of her memory.

Incident to show her lack of understanding on the subject

Sunita felt very proud one day when the teacher told her to correct examination papers of a small class test and assign marks to every student. She proudly came and sat on the teachers chair to correct the papers. She took a large red ball point pen in her hand and began corrections. The student marked error even if a student had forgotten to mention a coma or a semi colon. Such students were told to do corrections by repeatedly writing the sentence about ten times. By ordering the students she gain a lot of pleasure.

She told some students to write the answer for ten times if they had not written in a proper way. The students were bored by the instructions and felt irritated when she insulted and made fun of them. Finally, she corrected a sentence of an answer that read ''displacing the water downward'. The question was :~

Q1. How does the process of distillation take place?

Ans. The answer inscribed by the teacher was ''It takes place by downward displacement of water'

'The student had inscribed it as It takes place by displacing the water downward'. The answer the student wrote was perfectly right. But the student wrote the answer in her own words which was not understood by Sunita. She canceled the entire sentence and corrected the way the teacher had inscribed and hence the page look red.

The student felt irritated and showed the teacher saying that she was told to rewrite a right sentence. Then the teacher looked at the paper and scornfully laughed at Sunita. She said that 'didn't you understand that both the sentences mean the same?. Sunita felt embarrassed at this moment and did not even look at anyone when others laughed at her heartily.

Teacher's method to test intelligence

The teacher thought of testing the true intelligence of the students and giving scope to children who are really intelligent and understand the concepts of the lessons.

So, she thought of conducting oral test for every subject and allot 20% of the marks for the orals. So she began conducting oral examination and called each student based on roll numbers. Then she called out Sunita. She began asking her some common questions of physics.

The first question she asked Sunita was ''What is force of attraction with reference to magnet?

Sunita was just bewildered by the question although, she had clearly studied in science. The right answer was ''unlike poles attract each other and like poles repels each other'. So the energy of attraction comes from two unlike sides i.e. negative and positive. So, she could not reply such a simple question. So, she began to lose her marks for every subject for oral exams because she had mugged up each subject word to word. In this way, she lost her first rank and dropped down even below tenth position.

She soon lost her pride for first rank. The first rank was secured by the student who scored ''displacing the water downward.


Author: Kailash Kumar07 Jun 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

The story spinned by the author in the form an articles appears to relate to school level classes. Moreover the example cited look like not a perfect one. The answer to the question as to 'what is the process of distillation', is not the cited answer i.e. 'it takes place by downward displacement of water'. The process of distillation involves boiling of water causing its evaporation and then conversion of the water vapors into liquid water again on cooling.
As a matter of fact the teachers are responsible for evaluation of students and assign them marks and rank etc. In case of Sunita it appears that her teachers were not vigilant enough to evaluate her correctly and only because of this reason, she could achieve the first rank. Also it is the teachers failure to teach her properly make the related concepts clear to her.

Author: K Mohan12 Jul 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

This article throws light on byhearting expertise of some students who hog the lime light and when they are asked to write some thing on their own, then they would miss the bus of getting high rank. In this regard I wish to take the example of my own daughter. She is different from others. She wont byheart anything. She simply listens to the teachers notes and then try to analyses the things on her own and create the answer from her own findings and thus her presentation would be note worthy as she always supports with illustrations and diagrams. That is the reason being so she got state first rank in the SSC board exam for which she was awarded and rewarded.

Author: Krishna Teja Yeluripati01 Aug 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A nice story about what happens if a student just by hearts everything. This is happening in many schools/colleges now a days. Some teachers are even encouraging students to by heart everything in order to score more marks. Such teachers and students should read this story and realize the mistake they are doing.

By the way, you wrote 'comma' as 'coma'. The story is better now but it would be much better if the name Sunita is removed and the story is written in third person. Because, learning by heart is done not only by girls but also by some boys too. Case in point, one of my classmates.

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