How to take control over your jealousy?

In this article, you will know about the various ways to take control over your jealousy. To follow the tips to take control over your jealousy, you should be frank to yourself first. So, you can explore a beautiful world without jealousy before you.

Every human being feels jealous of another person at some point of time. Some people feel jealous earlier and some people are not intensely jealous. They should take control over their jealousy so that they can live a happy life. Most of the miseries and negative thoughts in life are due to jealousy. Jealousy simply means feeling uneasy or rebellious when somebody else is better than you in some aspects. It arises due to comparison with someone. You have read some stories narrated by the traditional folks that jealousy brings ruin. Feeling jealous, you can only waste your precious time in life.

Tips to get rid of jealousy in life

Develop a healthy feeling towards someone

I had attended a religious camp and I still remember a discourse delivered by the Guru. He said that the term jealousy is very narrow and confined. He said that a person cannot become jealous with someone far away from us. We do not feel jealous about great successful people who have attained fame or money within a short time such as Queen Elizabeth, Bill Gates, Elvis Priestly, etc. We are neither jealous of people who live in our locality but are still not in touch with us. But, we obviously feel jealous of people who attain success better than us and are known to us since many years. Most of them are jealous of their own relatives, neighbors, classmates etc who can help them anytime they require. So, why do you want to develop such an ill feeling with someone who is always available to us? So develop a positive emotion about them and feel happy whenever they attain success. In this way, you can feel happy in your life.

Convert jealousy into ambition

You must eradicate the word ''jealousy' from your mind and replace it with 'competition'. You remember the thrill within you in your school days when you entered any contest. So, fill your mind with the same type of thrill so that you can play the game of life joyfully. Feel ambitious and utilize your inner energy to perform something constructive.

Do not pressurize yourself if you cannot attain like the other person

If you are jealous with a person who has attained something that cannot be attained by you, then accept the true fact of life. You cannot achieve everything you want and you must remember that you are only a part of the world. Many aspects in life are uncontrollable and hence you must accept the fact that you are not almighty. You can try your best to achieve as much as possible and convert your own life into paradise by applying your efforts and changing your attitude. Suppose, if your classmate who once played with you on the street has become a millionaire within a shorter period and you know you cannot achieve the same, then you do not pressurize yourself to become like the person. You cannot attain such success so lately. So, you can try to earn sufficient money so that you and your family is happy. You should only fulfill your duty and solve every problem of life in a strategic manner. Yet, you can make your life colorful, by engaging in different activities and enjoying yourself best. If you are happy in life, then you are equivalent to a millionaire. You can also assume that the person who has attained is a stranger to you and hence his or her success or failure does not mean anything special to you. In this way, you can calm your mind. As you may encounter many millionaires on the streets who are not even known to you. So, you can assume your own classmate as a stranger. Many young kids attain success at a young age and are known as child prodigies, but yet are we jealous of them?

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Author: Kailash Kumar15 Jun 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

I sometimes feel that the jealous people don't rebel against the successful individuals. Instead they feel rebellious against their own self. They regret and repent as to why they didn't made adequate efforts at the right time to achieve something worthwhile. One has to work silently for getting some result without publicizing the same. It is well said that 'work hard in silence, let your success be your noise'.
Often the known fellow works hard and achieves something without letting the jealous individual guess the same before hand. However, perhaps it is very difficult for jealous individual to transform himself/herself totally. Such people make their own life miserable by continuously consuming themselves in negative thoughts.

Author: K Mohan19 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Jealousy is the common reaction from us when we see others are moving forward one step ahead of us and thus the inner instinct in us keep on cursing our inability to overtake their performance. But Jealousy can be negated, forgotten and even put to back burner if we develop the attitude of agreeing and welcoming other's progress taking it as their hard work and deserved process. Some people plan their life and happenings in such a way that they come across the winning situation often and for that we cannot find fault or disagree with their progress. If a child is the habitual ranker in the class parents of other children cannot get jealous over the child. In fact they should find out as to why the child is maintaining rank every time and what are the secrets of the success.

Author: Venkiteswaran26 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 10

Indian philosophy is the best to control and avoid jealousy.

The Bhagavat Gita says" Karmanyevaadhikaaraste, ma phaleshu kadachina'- Perform your duty well without concern for the remuneration or reward.

Indian philosophy also makes us aware that everything is a 'maya' or illusion and can disappear at any time. There is no meaning in accumulating wealth and possession and acquiring positions with greed. Greed has no end. Today's one will prompt us to have ten. That ten will prompt us to posses hundred, and it moves on unsatisfied to thousand, million etc. etc. causing more confusion and pain. Greed does not bring peace. Emperor Ashoka is a perfect example for this. Buddhism came from the realisation that greed cannot be a solution to human problems.

Greed and jealousy are almost co-existing. While greed is the urge to possess more and more, jealousy is the irritation that the other person has got ore than me. Jealousy causes an internal fire that ultimately burns the person from inside. So it has to be controlled. One has to be brought up from beginning to control jealousy. Indian tradition and criptures teach us that. "Idam na mama"- it is not mine' is a fixed phrase in many yagna mantras.

Then the Indian traditional motto is 'Loka Samatha sukhino bhavantu'- Let the whole world be happy. It does not pray for individual's happiness, but for whole world. If this is cultivated, then jealousy automatically vanishes. There will not be any revenge or killing or hurting. There will be just peace, progress and happiness.

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