My Ramadan Days in Dubai

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar,a blessed month in which the Quran was revealed. It is a training period to develop good habits, strengthen our Ibadah and to spiritually experience the difference. This article features my Ramadan days in Dubai.

Ramadan is the most sacred month for Muslims, during which they fast from dawn to sunset, abstaining oneself from all the materialistic pleasures and devoting more time to please the Almighty and to seek forgiveness from the sins. Muslims wholeheartedly welcome Ramadan aiming to purify their hearts, remembering the poor and ultimately to revive as a better person. In short, it helps to tune our mind and body. The big challenge they face is the continuation of those acts of worship beyond Ramadan.This year June 6 was marked as the beginning of Ramadan. No doubt, in Dubai, Ramadan changes the life of all residents,irrespective of their religion. This is my ninth year in Dubai and I have always experienced remarkable efforts from the Dubai Government to facilitate easy and enjoyable Ramadan. It is a month of feast, spreading the lessons of sacrifice and charity.

In Dubai, Ramadan is welcomed by a series of Ramadan-related activities. An annual Holy Quran recital is conducted for students and adults, and the winners are awarded cash prizes. The Government offices are decorated prior to the onset of Ramadan, a lot of charity campaigns are initiated and so on. All residents, Muslims and non-Muslims are expected to respect this Holy Month by abiding to the rules and regulations imposed during this month.

Reduced working hours

This is the first noticeable change made in favor of the fasting people. The working hours in Dubai was reduced by 2hrs daily. It was applicable for all workers irrespective of their religion. The school timing was also changed, the students were subjected to early dispersal. Hence, my husband arrived as early as 4 in the evening and my kids returned by 12 in the noon. Less work load means more energy and also more time for devotion. Moreover, considering the health of the fasting kids, the assessments for my daughter got over prior to Ramadan and hardly any home works were assigned to them.

Family Bonding

Spending quality time with ones family is Sunnah. As we temporarily shun ourselves from all other worldly entertainment, we had more time and tried to utilize it in a resourceful manner. We sat together with our kids and discussed what Ramadan and Eid is all about. My daughter helped me in preparing her favorite desserts, shopping Eid gifts, while my son accompanied his father to masjid. We went together for Taraweeh prayers and also tried to take them with us, be it any charity work or Eid shopping. All these gave them a practical experience and strengthened our bonds. A good family bonding guides them in the right path which is an important preaching of Islam.

Learning Process

Recitation of Quran, that too with correct pronunciation and understanding its context is a significant act of worship. Therefore, this Ramadan I took an initiation to learn more and be productive. I fulfilled the latter requirement with the help of a translation book and my husband helped me in pronouncing correctly as he is a regular student of Friday Arabic classes. Initially it was a tough task, but as told, all devils are locked up during Ramadan and hence our mind and body supports us for all the good deeds.


Iftar is the meal taken by Muslims during Ramadan after they break their fast at the call of the Magrib prayer. In my community a variety of iftar snacks are served and they form an integral part of ones diet. Heavy and deep fried are the most popular and hence we get to see a lot of bloated stomachs by the end of this month. To bring a change to this popular trend I went through a lot of food blogs prior to Ramadan and prepared a list of snacks that satisfied my conditions. Of all the blogs, Sanaa's Recipe Notebook appealed to me the most. The blogger posted an iftar recipe each day and surprisingly majority were easy to prepare, tasty, healthy and refreshing too. I tried many of her recipes and among them, Watermelon Salad,Undaputtu (a steamed snack with prawns) Egg Stir Fry and Breadsticks became huge hit. All these consumed less preparation time, tasted different and healthy too.

Eid Shopping

To adorn oneself in his best clothes for Eid is also Sunnah. Hence heavy crowded malls and shopping centers is a common sight during the last days of Ramadan. For this reason the mall timings were extended to 2am.Many outlets provided good shopping offers and promotions for their products. As Ramadan coincided with summer holidays the sale volume rose high and people rushed to buy gifts and clothing. For a change I purchased my salwar suit through online and luckily it was very much appreciated by all. They had very good collections and delivered on time. Saloons were also swarmed with customers who wanted a haircut, facial or applying henna on hands.

Ramadan is all about purification and connecting oneself with the inner God. It is an opportunity to seek guidance, acceptance and forgiveness. It brings us close to our Creator thereby motivating us to lead lives as taught by our Prophet(PBUH).I hope my Ramadan was accepted and seek guidance to lead a selfless life feeling the pain and cry of the needy.

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