Methods of arguing effectively

In this article, you will learn the effective methods of argument. When you argue with someone, you should prove that you are right but not fall into trouble again. So, you must use effective methods of arguing with someone.

You encounter different types of people in life. Some people argue for every frivolous matter of life, while some of them do not argue at any cost. Most of our value-oriented parents taught us not to argue with anyone because you spoil your relationship easily. Some people cannot just tolerate if people do not act or behave as per their norms and they recklessly began arguing to prove that they are only right. Usually, we too cannot control our emotions if somebody pin points at us when we are right and hence we try to prove that we are right and began arguing. The people around us feel that we are being aggressive and may lose our impression. We sometimes seem to be a fool when we argue intensely because we become emotional and people around us cannot understand the reasons for our emotions. So, we must become clever and try to win an argument and yet maintain relationship with people.

Techniques for effective argument

Do not use derogatory or hurtful words

To prove that your point is right, do not become so intensive that you forget to use a good language. Sometimes, you only want the person to stop you from troubling you, pressurize you or speak ill about you. At such circumstances, you should only mention in a firm tone that you cannot handle a situation due to your problems. Some people speak ill about the person or sometimes the family members and intensify the argument. For eg. I do not want to do that ritual because it seems to be old fashioned and everybody in the family has been so Conservative till today and I do not want to be the same! Such arguments will lead to breaking relationship.

Ask questions at the right time

If you want to question a person then do not question him or her during the most needful hours. Suppose, your boss assigns you some work that is unreasonable to you, then do not argue with him or her before beginning or completing the task. After the task is over, you can ask your boss the reason for assigning such work and state the reason why the task seems to be unreasonable to you. If your parents or in-laws instruct you to perform a ritual, first perform the ritual and then ask them the reason for such rituals during the free hours. If you are experiencing any problem due to the ritual, then you can state them. At this point of time, when a person is free, he or she can calmly answer your questions and hence the situation does not intensify.

Do not have an overly inquisitive mind

People with over-inquisitive mind usually argue for every frivolous issue. They should not waste their time and energy by arguing over every matter because every question does not have an answer. You cannot expect people to answer your question everytime and some tasks should be performed without questioning because the reason cannot be explained.

Know the outcome of the argument

If someone is criticizing you even if you are right, then you should wisely prove that you are right and so do not become intense. Instead, speak something constructive or prove with documents and tools to show that you are right. If the person is too critical and does not want to listen to your point, then do not intensify the argument, but ignore him. The person will understand the real situation only if you are silent and ignore the behavior at this point of time.

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Author: Krishna Teja Yeluripati18 Jun 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Generally, arguments happen between me and my mother based on religion. I start talking logically. She doesn't like it as she believes religion to the core. I too believe in my religion but not as she does. After some time, she tries to stop the argument by staying silent. That irritates me to the core. I shout(loud) till she breaks her silence.
The second tip of this article can help both of us to not have arguments or at least reduce the argument duration (happens once in 2-3 months but lasts for 2-3 days). Thanks to the author for posting a helpful article.

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