How to cure insomnia during pregnancy?

It is commonly seen that many of the pregnant mothers get problem to get sleep or stay asleep, even if they are really tired. This problem is exactly known as Insomnia during pregnancy. Here is the complete information and remedy for insomnia during pregnancy.

What is insomnia?
Insomnia is the condition where a person gets insufficient or poor quality sleep. The normal symptoms of insomnia during pregnancy are problem to get sleep, breaking of sleep many times during night, problem to return to the sleep or not feeling fresh after waking up.

The reasons behind Insomnia

The main reason of sleeplessness is the increased size or abdomen during pregnancy period. The size of abdomen can make the woman feel uncomfortable and alert. The feeling of anxiety and fear is common between pregnant women. Another reason for sleepless night can be physical discomfort that includes back pain or tenderness in breast. Many times it is marked that few babies are active particularly during night, troubling their mothers to sleep properly. One more and most important reason behind unsound sleep is that the pregnant woman needs to go for urination many times during night. Hormonal changes can also cause insomnia in pregnancy. It creates the physical as well as mental changes in woman which can cause disturbed sleep. Pregnant woman often get dramatic dreams that can cause insomnia.

How to cure Insomnia and get peaceful sleep?

The first and the most important thing is not to get worried about sleep. Your sleeplessness is not at all harmful for your baby. If you are not able to sleep during night, you can try taking a nap during the day. This will help you to reduce tiredness and make you feel fresh. If you are a working woman then try to take out some time for your mental and physical relaxation. Take proper food and go in fresh air to get relaxation. If possible try to reduce your working hours to prevent exhaustion and tension. Whenever possible try to work from home, at least once in a week. If you are suffering from any physical difficulties then immediately contact your physician and discuss about the problem.

Diet and exercise to overcome Insomnia

It is very important to do some light physical exercise during pregnancy period. Even if you are tired, try some simple exercises like walking or swimming with the proper guidance of your physician. You can also take help of pregnancy exercise classes that are very famous now. Along with the exercise it is necessary to take healthy diet in the period of pregnancy. The food like Grains, fish, green leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin B. These food items are necessary in pregnancy period as they can cure Insomnia effectively. Avoid taking dinner too late at night as you may face some digestion problem because of that.

Some easy bed time tips

To cure insomnia and to get a peaceful sleep, keep yourself away from tv, computer or mobile screen. Try some different and new sleeping positions that are comfortable for you. Make a fixed bedtime routine and follow it strictly. Read some interesting and good quality books or listen to the relaxing music when you are on bed. You can also try some light Yoga or muscle relaxation exercises on bed to get sound sleep. Let your bedroom be cool and airy. Don't keep anything in your bedroom which can distract your mind and disturb your sleep. It is better to take warm milk late in the evening instead of caffeine to cure insomnia. Using ear plugs or eye mask will help you to avoid sleep disturbance due to sound or light. Use mattresses which are comfortable for your body, do the same with pillows. Breathing exercises would make your body relaxed and make you feel sleepy. If you are not feeling sleepy then instead of wasting time on the bed, roam in your home or read some books or do any repetitive work, very soon you will start feeling sleepy. Don't think about the tensions, worries or frustrating things before going to bed. Avoid arguments before going to bed.

Natural remedies to cure insomnia

Aromatherapy is very beneficial to cure insomnia during this stage. Use two three drops of lavender oil or ylang ylang essential oil on your handkerchief or tissue paper to get sound sleep. Use essential oils in warm bath water and take a relaxing bath before going to bed. Get neck, shoulder or foot massage done with essential oils mixed with base oil. Gentle massage will definitely help you to get rid of insomnia.

Herbal remedies to cure insomnia

Earlier it was not advised to take any herbal treatment during pregnancy period but studies have proved that bryophllum Pinnatum is the herbal medicine which is very safe and beneficial in pregnancy period. It is better to take advice of your physician and qualified herbalist before using bryophllum Pinnatum. Insomnia is very common during pregnancy period. Don't take any stress about the problem and keep your mind calm. Worrying about the problem can worsen it make you feel tired next day also. If your feel that your problem is serious and you are not able to respond to any natural remedy, it is better to contact your physician.
Just you need to remember one thing that insomnia problem during pregnancy is just temporary for few days and you can get cured easily!

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In olden days the elders used to advise the pregnant woman to work, walk and do all the routine chores at the home so that she gets tired and gets sleep at the right time which is required for her hale and healthy life. Even the food taken during pregnancy matters. Whatever the woman eats, part of it goes to the child and hence spicy food, hot food with lots of pepper and mirchi should not be taken. The room where the pregnant women is going to rest should not have any distraction and the mind should be fresh. It is suggested to have in the room some photos of good looking children etc.

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