What causes snoring and how do you stop it?

Snoring is the one of the biggest problems many of you must be often suffering from your family members or your partner. The reasons behind this problem are many and generally common among everyone. Let's try to get information about some of the remedies to stop snoring.

Snoring is the sound which comes through the nose and the throat during the sleep. Generally improper sleep, tiredness, petulance or any particular health problem can lead to snoring. It is done unknowingly by the person but the room partner is the sufferer for the whole night. There are many effective remedies available to fight against the problem of snoring. The reason behind this sound is that the air cannot pass freely through the nose and throat and because of which the surrounding tissues get vibrate to create the sound. Generally it is seen that the snoring people of excess of throat and nasal tissues which can vibrate more. If you wish to cure your problem of snoring then first thing you need to do is find out reason behind the problem.

What are the reasons behind the problem of snoring?

When we are trying to find the remedy for snoring, it is necessary to find out the reasons behind the same. The first and the commonly seen reason behind snoring is being overweight. It is proved that the fatty tissues and the poor muscle tone can cause snoring. The extra weight around your neck or throat can lead to snoring. So if you are fat, then regular exercise can help you to shed some weight and solve the problem of snoring easily. Age can cause snoring as your throat passage becomes narrower in middle age or old age. The muscle tone in throat also gets reduce which can lead to snoring. All you can do is bring some change in your routine lifestyle, try to change your sleeping time to feel some difference. Following some particular medication can lead to snoring.

If you are taking tranquilizers like lorazepam and diazepam then you can face the problem of snoringas these medicines can relax the muscles and creates the problem. Also those who are habitual to alcohol consumption or smoking can face the problem in some cases it is seen that sleeping flat on back can cause snoring. In such cases changing sleeping position can bring positive changes. You can also try some throat exercises to reduce the problem. Air passage of men is slenderer than that of women and this is the reason men are more likely to face the problem of snoring. The physical features like narrow throat passage, distended adenoids, creviced palate etc can lead to snoring. Often the problem of snoring is seen to be hereditary. This type of snoring is difficult to cure but you can try to control it by adopting right lifestyle, bringing positive changes in your bedtime routine and following some throat exercises. Often it is seen that temporary snoring problem occurs when you have cold and suffering from stuffy nose. Blocked nose creates problem in inhalation and lead to snoring.

How to find the snoring pattern?

To find the pattern of your snoring, take help of your partner or family member. If you snore by keeping your mouth shut then there is problem connected with your tongue. If your mouth is opened while snoring then the problem is related to your throat tissues. If you snore when you sleep on back then little change in sleeping style can solve the problem. If you snore in any sleeping position then you need to take proper treatment for the problem

How to stop snoring?

Try to reduce weight if you are overweight. Reducing few kilos can reduce fatty tissues in your throat and reduce the problem of snoring. Regular exercise can prove helpful to reduce the problem of snoring. Follow some throat exercises to control the problem. Smoking can disturb the membranes in nose and throat which can create a blockage in the air passage and result into snoring. So it is better to quit smoking to solve the problem. Along with smoking, alcohol or sleeping pills can also result into snoring habit. The consumption of alcohol or sleeping pills can relax the throat muscles and disturb the breathing process. Take advice of your physician to change the medications. Make habit to clean your nasal passage before going to bed as stuffy nose can cause snoring. Using saline drops or nasal strips you can clean your blocked nose easily. Dry atmosphere can irritate membranes in nose and throat so try to keep humidity in your bedroom. Bring changes in your sleeping positions. Uplift your head by few inches to help easy breathing and avoid snoring. Special pillows are available in the market to reduce the problems. Try to sleep on side instead of sleeping on back; this will reduce the snoring effectively. You can also try anti snoring appliance to cure the problem.

Some useful throat exercises to cure snoring

Throat exercises can give strength to the muscles in the respiratory area and can be helpful to stop snoring. Throat exercises like loudly repeating vowels for couple of minutes many times a day, position your tongue behind your upper front teeth and slide the tongue backward for few times, move your upper and lower jaws by keeping the mouth open can help you to reduce the problem of snoring effectively.


Author: K Mohan14 Jun 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Yes snoring is the menace during nights and it is generally found that fat and obese people have more tendency to snore and the sound will be alarming. Normally children get frightened with such kind of sounds when the night would be silent and it becomes necessary for the mother to control the snoring habits of elders at the home including her own husband. The best way to control the snoring at once is to disturb the deep sleep of the snoring person so that he will wake up immediately and the snoring sound vanishes. You can tell him to stop snoring as the children are being frightened. Some people may change their bed or even turn to that side so that the snoring gets disturbed.

Author: Venkiteswaran01 Nov 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Snoring is (rightly or wrongly) taken as deep sleep of a person. However the fact is that it spoils others sleep.

Though many people have snoring habits or get adjusted to snoring of others at home, there are also many cases where snoring has caused issues in home life. There are cases when couples got separated due to the snoring habit of one of them.

It is quite rare that the snoring person is aware of own snoring. Though many 'tips' are available to prevent snoring, I am no sure whether they are really effective.Even nowadays there are many advertisements promising 'cure' for snoring. Modern health and behavioural research understands snoring is due to some uneasiness or obstruction in smooth breathing during sleep. Hence the modern day suggestions are to reduce or remove the obstruction reason. This can be by simple change of posture in sleep, exercises or even a suitable surgery.

All said, snoring still remains a universal irritant. The best way is to learn to ignore a snore.

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