Stress management techniques for college students

College days are most memorable days in everyone's life. We enjoy our college days and move ahead with the lots of memories. It is true that the college days are most exciting days but it is also true that college students face maximum stress during those lovely days. Here are some tips and ways to prevent stress for college students which will be helpful for the students to handle their schedule easily and happily.

After passing the school when a student goes to college, the first feeling comes to mind is the feeling of independence and freedom. New friends, new atmosphere and freedom is enough for lots of excitement. But slowly when the pressure of studies and other activities increase the student leads towards stressful condition. The studies say that when out tension level is more than our energy level, we feel stress. The stressful condition occurs when we are not able to manage our stress level. The extreme stress can result into depression and anxiety. During college days the feeling of burden can lead to negative results in your studies as well as in your personal life. As the pressure of studies increase it becomes difficult for students to manage the situation. Follow few easy things to handle the situation.

Get a sound sleep

You need to remember that you getting enough sleep is extremely necessary to handle your stress level. Many times it is seen that students start their day at 4 o'clock in the morning to start their studies but it can be harmful as you do not get enough sleep. Insufficient sleep can lead to high level of stress along with other problems like depression and obesity. The studies say that an adult should get at least seven hours of sound sleep to feel fresh and energetic. So if you have classes in the morning then reschedule your sleeping time and try to get sufficient sleep. It is better to go to bed early in the night so that you can wake up early in the morning by completing enough sleep and stay away from stress.

Pay attention towards diet

Generally college students prefer to eat junk food which is not at all sufficient for their energy level. Don't eat just to fulfill your hunger but take proper and nutritious diet which is necessary for your body as well as your mental energy. Having balanced diet with lots of vegetables and whole grains can certainly make you feel energetic and strong. You have a lot of physical and mental work during college days and proper food can provide you what your body needs. During the study hours, eat healthy snack and fresh fruit juice to keep your mind fresh and active and improve the concentration level.

Mental and physical exercise is must

Being fit and healthy is very important during college life. Daily physical exercise can reduce your stress level effectively. Even though you have a very hectic schedule with your studies and other activities, take our at least 30 minutes for your regular exercise. Light exercises like walking; cycling or swimming can be entertaining as well as stress reducing activities. You can also try for yoga and meditation to keep your mind in control, improve concentration and reduce stress level effectively. Select the activity which you like to do with your own interest and not forcefully.

Breathing exercises are always helpful for reducing stress. Take a deep breath and you will find that your tensions will vanish quickly. Inhale fresh air through your nose and exhale it through your mouth after few seconds to get relief from stress.

Stay away from artificial stimulants

Say big no to energy boosting pills or tonics to get extra energy for more studies. You can see the advertisement of memory booster, concentration booster etc, but taking this type of artificial stimulants in the food supplement or medication can cause serious health issues. It is advices to stay away from this type of products. Your body needs proper sleep and food to stay energetic and fresh. Using outer supplies can prove harmful for your body and memory power.

Be emotionally strong

Atmosphere of college is entirely different than school. Initially it becomes difficult to adjust with college environment. Get close to friends for emotional bonding. If you are facing any problem then take help of your parents or any other relatives to come out of the situation. If necessary you can also visit a psychologist or a counselor for a perfect advice. Don't take too much tension and stress for small matters.

Don't be over pressurized

Many students keep themselves busy for all the day. Some of them even try to do job along with studies and extra activities. This makes their schedule extremely hectic and can lead to stressful condition. Joining too many classes or studying day and night can affect your performance negatively. Try to organize your work according to your energy level and pay attention towards your health also. Putting yourself under great pressure can be a big problem for your health. Openly discuss about your problem with your mother, or father or loved ones, this will reduce your pain into half.

Say no to alcohol

Turning towards alcohol to get relaxation after long study routine is common now but it can just increase your stress level, instead of relaxing you. It can also lead to lot many unwanted side effects. So if you feel you are over stressed, go out in a fresh air and take a walk to relax your body muscles and mind.

A perfect massage can be helpful

If you are feeling tired and exhausted then getting body and head massage is a perfect solution for you. Take help of professionals for a stress reducing massage. A complete body massage can provide relaxation for bones and muscles and decrease the stress level effectively. These simple remedies will help you to manage your stress and enjoy your college days cheerfully!

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Author: Krishna Teja Yeluripati17 Jun 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

This article focuses on a common problem for many students, which is stress. During my 10+2, I suffered severe health problems because I didn't follow the first two tips the author mentioned in this article. Every student must read this article and manage their stress. I thank the author for posting this excellent article.

Author: Swati Sarnobat20 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Keep a candle in front of your eye daily and focus towards the light. After sometime, you can blow the candle and light it again. Repeat the exercise for 15 minutes. It builds stability, calms your mind and increases concentration that is needed among college students.

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