The Secrets for Lifelong Fitness for a Diabetic

Everyone want to live a long and healthy life. There are many things that you can do to lead a long and healthy life. Even if you have diabetes, there is nothing to worry about. There are many steps that you can take to keep the diabetic condition under control and lead a normal and happy life.

It is not just people with diabetics but everyone will love to maintain good health and have lifelong fitness. In the case of Diabetic patients, it is highly mandatory that they have a regular check on the condition of their body. This will help them gain good self-confidence and it will also help them live a healthy life. The following tips can help you get more confidence with your health and make you live a life with complete fitness.

How to maintain basic fitness?

There are many factors by which you can gain good fitness to your body. There are some points as follows that will provide you good exposure to basic fitness of your body and especially for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

  • Exercise Regularly: Exercise is very important for people with diabetes. There are also some possible exercise that a diabetic patient should do every day to keep their blood sugar levels stable. Some other exercises will help them gain good confidence and strength in their body.

  • Quit smoking: Smoking is totally injurious to health. It is clearly evident that smoking will lead to cancer and also in patients with diabetics it will easily lead to heart related problems. We have seen some cases where due to the effect of smoking people will have to remove some part of their body due to the effect of smoking. It is good to quit smoking immediately after you see diabetic symptoms in your body. The blood circulation will be affected if you smoke and that will lead to complications in your heart.

  • Good nutrition and maintaining proper weight: Good nutrition is another secret for lifelong fitness in diabetic patients. As you are taking your medication regularly it is very important that you should consume your food at proper timing. You should not suddenly increase or decrease your food intake. This can lead to imbalance in your blood sugar levels and ultimately lead to complications and problems with your fitness in the body.

  • Regular health checkup: You will sometimes feel healthy but a regular health checkup is always necessary to check all the symtoms that you get. By consulting your doctor you will be able to maintain your regular fitness and avoid complications that might occur if you are careless about something. It is also good to have a device with you to check your blood sugar levels regularly after and before your exercise.

  • Regular walking: Walking is highly essential for people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic conditions. Diabetics is quite common with people who are not good in doing regular physical activity. In modern world there are not much opportunities available for people to do good physical activity. Regular walking is essential to keep your sugar levels stable.

  • Self-assessment tests: Though medication and physical exercise that you do take more care on keeping your diabetic condition stable, it is also important that you should do a self-assessment to know how you feel about your health and fitness. During the self-assessment you will also be able to provide good self-motivation which can help you with lifelong fitness.

Basic exercise tips for lifelong fitness

In order to maintain fitness throughout the file, it is highly essential for diabetic patients to do regular exercise. As part of your workout some of the exercises will help you improve your body conditions and reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. Some details on how your exercise should be are as follows:

  • Regular aerobic and physical activity helps in increasing your stamina and strength. You can do more workouts to improve the conditions of your body. People with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are the ones who lack regular aerobic and physical activity. If necessary steps are taken for improving those conditions, then lifelong fitness is definitely guaranteed.

  • Muscles are very important for fitness. Focusing more on muscle in the body will reduce the fat that you have gained and helps you maintain fitness. Muscles will help in keeping the strength for diabetes patients. Doctors advise patients to have strengthening exercise as part of the regular workouts.

  • Staying busy is another way to keep yourself occupied with any kind of physical activity. Experts say that staying busy will not only increase physical activity in you but it will also help you from getting relieved from stress.

  • Fitness tracking machines can be used regularly to check how many calories you are burning daily. If you need any improvement to the way you work out every day, the fitness tracking machines will help you get good stats on your body conditions and your day-to-day activity.

  • Apart from the physical activity that you do, it is also necessary that you should be giving a good work to your brain as well. Too much of work to your body will also give more stress to you increasing the risk from diabetes. As part of diabetes care, you can also do some stress removing activities.

  • Get associations with a friend who has similar conditions. If you get someone as a company for you, you will be able to do the activity together without self-motivation. If you are part of a gym, you will be able to easily find a partner in gym who can be good company for you.

  • Regular stretching of your body is required for good blood circulation. People usually forget this if they are busy in their work.

Mind is the master of the body, so even though you train your body very well instructing it to be healthy, it is also necessary that you should provide a good flow of noble thoughts in your mind. Involve yourself in activities that will give you good satisfaction and that will help you get good relieved from harmful effects of diabetes. Do things that will make you feel good and helps you stay healthy. If you need any assistance from your doctor, do not hesitate to contact your doctor before trying out anything by yourself.

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Author: K Mohan14 Jun 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

I do appreciate the author for taking immense care for having given useful tips in controlling diabetic disease which is now being prevalent in youth too ! What I strongly feel that this disease persists as long as we indulge in too much thinking on unwanted issues and issues about others. We are all gossip mongers and much interested about others and their affairs. Being a diabetic patient we should not have so much thinking habits and live a normal life. We should talk less and do more work. I think the best way to kill the time is to indulge in gardening or reading books at the public libraries.In Hyderabad there are many public libraries which has the good collections of daily news papers and also periodicals. Nothing can beet reading the books and articles and that will kill the time, save us from gossip and also enhance knowledge to be shared with others.

Author: Kailash Kumar14 Jun 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. Its management require overall management of the daily routine through discipline. Management of diabetes, in other words, can be said to bring discipline in life. One has to getup in time and go for morning walk after getting freshened up. The individual has to see to it that he is doing household work throughout the day which involves walking, climbing stairs, sitting and such other kind of physical activities.
Ideally the diabetic should have weighing machine and just after taking bath, should check their weight daily. They should also have blood sugar testing gadget and blood pressure measuring device at home. The blood sugar level and blood pressure should be monitored periodically after interval of few days, if not daily.
The main secret to managing diabetes is controlling the food habits. A diabetic individual can even outlive a careless non-diabetic individual if all the necessary precautions are observed and the three golden rules of managing diabetes i.e. regular physical exercise, controlled diet and appropriate medications are adhered to.

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