Take note of eight habits which damage kidneys

Kidneys are very important organs of human bodies. Kidneys function throughout our life without any break. We must take care of the kidneys and try to avoid those practises/habits which cause harm to the kidneys. Let us learn about those eight habits which cause harm to this essential organ and try to avoid developing these habits.

The Kidneys are very important human body organs. These organs take care of the urinary process in our body by filtering body wastes and excess water. Kidneys work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, to clean the blood. Everyday fifty gallons of blood is filtered through one hundred and forty miles of kidney tubes and millions of filters. It is four times as much the amount that passes through any other human organ. Unfortunately, we do not take proper care of the kidneys. In addition, there are various habits which can harm our kidneys. In this article we are going to discuss eight common habits which can cause harm to our kidneys.

Drinking inadequate water

Not drinking enough water causes major damage to our kidneys everyday. The main job of our kidney is to drain metabolic wastes from the body and regulate erythrocyte balance. If we do not take sufficient water, the renal blood flow decreases causing accumulation of toxin in our body. Every adult human being must take at least three litres of water everyday.

Remaining full bladder for a long time

Delaying the call of nature is another habit which harms the kidneys. When we leave the bladder full of urine for a long period, different complications in urinary tract may arise. These include Hydronephrosis resulting in renal failure, sometime causing the need for dialysis. The adult human beings must give adequate attention in this regard.

Consumption of excessive caffeine

Consumption of excessive caffeine can elevate blood pressure and high blood pressure puts strain on the kidneys causing permanent damage to them. According to the research, healthy adults should consume maximum two to three cups of brewed coffee everyday, and stay away from harmful effects of caffeine.

Pain-killer abuse causes harm

This is an important aspect. Frequently taking pain-killers for low grade pain is a very bad and dangerous habit. Almost all pain-killers have severe side effect and can cause permanent damage to various organs including kidneys. Taking pain-killers for a long time reduces blood flow and deteriorates kidney functions.

Consuming alcohol/alcoholism

When we take alcohol in large quantity, it causes damage to the kidneys. Alcohol contains toxins which put stress on our kidneys, ultimately causing severe damage.

Consumption of excessive sodium

Metabolising sodium consumed by us is a major function for our kidneys. Common salt is the prime source of sodium and majority of our sodium intake need to be excreted. When we take salt, the kidneys have to work hard to excrete sodium, causing long-term stress on the kidneys. So it is essential to control consumption of common salt.

Ignoring cold and flue

Ignoring common cold and flue is a habit that can cause kidney damage. Recent studies prove that people who have kidney diseases do have the history of not taking adequate rest while sick. It is also observed that people with kidney diseases are sensitive to significant changes in weather.

Taking too much protein

Over-consumption of red meat and other protein - rich foods can deteriorate condition of already damaged kidneys. A protein-rich diet is essentially healthy unless a person suffers from kidney damage and the doctor recommends a protein - restricted diet. Consuming too much protein increases the metabolic load on the kidneys.

So, take note of the above facts, try to avoid these habits, give respite to the kidneys and lead a healthy and active life.

Article by Partha K.
“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” - George Gordon Byron

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Author: Kailash Kumar14 Jun 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

Kidney diseases are said to be silent killers. However there are few golden rules to take care of kidneys -
1. Keeping the body fit and active helps in reducing blood pressure which in turn reduces the risk of chronic kidney diseases.
2. Diabetic persons should keep their blood sugar level controlled which helps in maintaining kidney healthy.
3. The blood pressure should be regularly monitored. High blood pressure is likely to cause kidney damage particularly when associated with factors like diabetes, high cholesterol and cardio- vascular diseases.
4. Intake of processed and restaurant food should be limited to control the salt intake. The salt intake should not be more than 5 to 6 grams per day.
5. It is recommended that 1.5 to 2 liters of water should be taken daily. However the actual amount of fluid intake may vary according the gender, exercise, climate, health conditions, pregnancy and breast feeding etc. People with a history of kidney stones may drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily.

Author: Pravat Kumar Das17 Jun 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

My Brother is suffering from Kidney affect, doctor has stopped his drinking water ( his daily in take of water is restricted to only 500 ml).
Also he is not allowed to eat the regular meal what we are eating on daily basis. Although it give pain to all family but we need to be strict with him. So I request all my friends here be careful and take care of your own health which is in your hand, and follow the above mentioned things by the author. Take rest so that you wont feel tiered which force us to drink more water. Avoid any kind of gas creating food.

Author: Krishna Teja Yeluripati17 Jun 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Partha Kansabanik for posting this excellent article. I don't have six of the eight habits mentioned above. My family uses pain killers for small problems too and I am fond of food which has very high protein content. Thanks to the author, I will slowly change these two habits too. The author may have saved me from kidney problems.

Author: K Mohan08 Jan 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

I do appreciate the author for giving details of 8 habits in a person which may lead to kidney failure. I was informed by elders that even having so much use of tomatoes in our cooking daily there is every chance of stones gathering in the bladder and that would lead to eventual kidney failure. How far it is true one does not know, but when elders say something, that will surely has meaning and there need not be second opinion. Periodical check up of blood in which blood sugar and albumin level determine kidney trouble in person must be remembered. In fact entire family should go for total check up of body so that any disease in the initial stage can be determined and the treatment started.

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