Symptoms and treatment for fibromyalgia and inflamed Rib cartilage

Many people across the world suffer with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. There is no proper evidence to prove the reason for fibromyalgia. There are many symptoms associated with this disease where people get high chronic pain. Though there is no cure yet for fibromyalgia, there are some treatments available to keep the situation under control. This article provide you information on fibromyalgia and inflamed Rib cartilage.

Before you understand the different treatments available for fibromyalgia and inflamed Rib cartilage, it is good to know what costochondritis is. Comparing to fibromyalgia, costochondritis is a painful situation in the chest wall which can happen due to inflammation of the Rib cartilage. Usually we will not be able to diagnose any cause of costochondritis but it will automatically be settled when it comes usually. Some doctors will suggest pain killers to keep the situation under control. There can be various reasons for which fibromyalgia and inflamed rib cartilage symptoms can be seen. Anti-inflammatory medicines are also really helpful to treat this situation.

Basic details to understand costochondritis

Costochondritis which can be otherwise known as inflamed Rib cartilage condition is a painful situation in chest wall. This will usually cause chest pain and an uncomfortable feeling. But as we see the complication it is nothing serious for us to worry about. Knowing how rib cage is located in the body can help you understand better about costochondritis. Lungs are situated in a bony protection called the Rib cage. Inside this cage there are some space available for the lungs to move a little providing us an option to breathe. When the lungs move or expand when we intake more air, it is quite obvious that lungs will need extra space to expand. This accommodation is provided by the rib cage where it expands as well. For the rib cage to move freely there is another component that helps in the rib cage movement which is the cartilage. If you have a good look cartilage are very strong but soft and flexible material found all over the body in the joints.

Cartilages attaches the rib cage to the breast bone which is otherwise called as sternum. The same cartilage also helps in attaching sternum to collarbones. Costochondral joins are the joints that is between the cartilages and the ribs. Similarly the joints between breastbone and cartilages are called costosternal joints. So if we check the terminology, the term 'costo' refers to ribs and the term 'chondr' refers to cartilage. And as a medical term 'itis' is the suffix that is given to the inflammation. If there is a pain in the costochondral or costosternal joints then it can be due to inflammation of either of this. This will care severe pain and tenderness. This is a called as costochondritis.

Important to be cautious about chest pain

Chest pain can happen because of various reasons. People with fibromyalgia and inflamed Rib cartilage symptom can see chest pain quite often. There are various reasons for the same. Some of the reasons can be due to a lung or heart disease but in most of the cases it is not serious. But if you have regular chest pain and if it is disturbing you a lot then you should immediately consult a doctor to check and identify the cause for it. Some of these symptoms can also be a heart attack.

What are the causes of costochondritis?

Some of the pain that is experienced in the body and especially fibromyalgia and inflamed Rib cartilage are difficult to diagnose the cause. This can be because of various reason. In some cases a wrong stretching can also cause the problem. But as per the medical terms the costochondritis is said to be idiopathic which means the cause is unknown. Due to costochondritis there can also be severe chest injuries happening.

Is costochondritis a common problem?

It is often very difficult to find and identify how many people are affected with costochondritis. The symptoms can also be related to fibromyalgia and inflamed Rib cartilage. It is quite difficult to identify whether people commonly have this or not. Based on a study it is said that people commonly have this problem but they will not report this problem to a doctor. There is no such treatment can be taken for this condition. This happens for a short period of time and it will often get settled automatically by itself. In a medical study it is identified that people with major chest pain is related to the muscles in the rib cage.

What are the effects of inflamed Rib Cartilage?

Inflamed Rib cartilage or otherwise costochondritis is a painful situation that is related to fibromyalgia. There are many effects with this pain. This pain in experienced in the font of the chest. In some patients the condition can be severe giving a sharp and stabbing experience. When you tend to move or do a deep breath you will be able to feel a worst pain the chest. Though it is not constant in some of the people, it automatically fixes itself in some of the patients. The pain usually starts with a confined area and later it can spread to wider area. The pain is experienced closed to sternum which is the 4th, 5th and 6th ribs.

If you are not sure about the pain and you need further assistance before concluding the type of pain, it is right thing to consult a doctor. A doctor will be able to provide you proper medication for this condition.

Non-medical method to control inflamed Rib cartilage or costochondritis

There are many methods by which you can do home based remedies for costochondritis. But you should be very clear with what you are doing. You should not go for home based remedies for complicated problems. Some of the home based non-medical measures for fibromyalgia and inflamed Rib cartilage are as follows:

  • Heat pads can help you get a better feeling from the pain.

  • You can apply ice on the affected part which will give a cool effect and a relief from the chest pain.

  • TENS is another treatment that you can do to have this situation under control.

  • Some gentle exercises for stretching your body parts can help you from getting a great relief from the symptoms of inflamed Rib Cartilage.

  • Complicated sports activities can worsen the situation so it is good to follow only soft exercises.

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