How to cure baldness and get natural hair growth without hair transplant

Worried due to heavy hair fall and eager to find solution for your male / female pattern baldness? Willing to maintain natural hair styles in place of balding spot? Not able to bear hair transplant cost? Don't worry! Still there are some low cost medical treatments for natural hair growth as remedy for baldness. Here is a practical experience so as to get rid of hair fall and baldness.

Hair loss or baldness whatever it is has become the most shocking heath issue what most of us irrespective of genders are suffering from in present days. May be it's due to various causes but a real threat to our life also. Why? Let's have a look at various scenarios first to realize how it is killing us who have faced!

How baldness effects our life

  • First of all, it breaks people mentally. People start to think that they are getting the signal of aging or end of youth due to hair loss or hair thinning or balding. It happens even when it is applicable for one 25 years old.
  • Many get just frustrated due to their inability to maintain perfect mens or women hairstyles.
  • Male and female pattern premature baldness changes our appearance as well! Sufferers feel dissatisfaction with their mien – complain against their older look. This is found mostly among younger people although persist across all age groups. Especially women get upset more as they are more concern about their look than men.
  • Next issue is self confidence. As they lose physical beauty, in addition suffered people also lose their self-confidence side by side. Very unhealthy thinking is being generated in their mind. Employees lose confidence in work specifically when they need to interact other unknown personality, students become shy to attend school/college, ladies feel shame to move in society. Criticism plays a vital role in such awkwardness in behavior or lack of confidence.
  • Due to lack of confidence, depression is taking place. Such depression has a role for poor results, demotion, even suicide in some cases.
And many more! Accordingly they started to find effective ways to take balding away and gain mens / female ideal hairstyles. But alas! If there is any medication to prevent baldness or hairfall!

Class example of hair transplantation by famous doctors

Today, I am going to tell a real story of my very close friend. He had faced hair fall problem first when he was 23 and very naturally did not take any action to solve the issue then just like other people who just ignore such problem initially though know that such case must be arrested immediately. As usual, as time passed the problem also turned to complicated gradually. While he was 29 years old, his hair loss was already converted to premature baldness almost.

He thought to consult a specialist. He searched here and there, consulted with his family members, colleagues, friends etc. and finally took an appointment to meet a very reputed doctor who has already solved various hair problems of many film artists, cricketers, commentators etc.

During the first appointment against a fees of Rs. 400/-, the doctor suggested to visit again after 3 months using two medicines continuously:
  1. Hair4U 10% solution to apply on the affected areas twice daily
  2. Finax 1mg once daily after dinner
After continuous application of Hair4U and taking of Finax for 3 months, hair growth was very satisfactory except top and frontal zone of head. While he visited again, doctor directly told that he should go for hair plantation as there is no further hair treatment is available for him but plantation. Just think how frustrating information it was!

Doctor estimated 1000 branches of hairs for both sides of frontal zone and another 1000 branches for top to cover bald zones. Each branch coated Rs. 70/- at that time as such total Rs. Was of Rs. 1,40,000/-. Just imagine, is it suitable for all of us? Quite naturally getting very upset he left the clinic silently. He lost all hopes about his hair regrowth as of then. Thanks God! He had known latter that it was nothing but a marketing trick by the doctor.

After a long period of time he suddenly came to an online post which still proves that hair follicles never die! He became charmed! "That's meant, hairs may still grow on my head" - That was the first thought in his mind.
At his age of 35 years he started again to search and this time decided to keep faith on herbal products available in market. But failed again to find not only any such herbal product, but any such natural hair treatment for baldness actually!

Treatment for balding hair without plantation

This was the first time when he did not lose his hope to get back his hairs. He again started to find about budget treatments of male and female pattern baldness without hair transplant as last time he knew hair transplant would not match his pocket. Eventually, one day he got a phone call of recommendation to Dr. S. P. Ghosh from his sister regarding hair regrowth, even in spite of balding hair, based on a recent interview she had with the doctor. As recommended, the man took an immediate appointment to the doctor against Rs. 300/-.

To take a little rest, I want to ask you now, "Have you any idea about the time where we are standing now?". We are now running almost parallel to current timing. Just two and half months back from today! Hence, I will tell rest of my story in present tense. Is it fine?

Let me back to the point! In first meeting, doctor checked the affected zone carefully and confirmed that hair growth is surely possible in his case although it is too late. Wow! What a pleasant comment!

The doctor has also confirmed that the following points are required for hair regrowth:
  1. There should be some hairs on bald zone. It may be very thin, just like fur but still it is required. A plain, smooth bald zone is not suitable for natural hair regrowth.
  2. Age of the patient must be under 40 years as he is not interested to provide any such treatment them who have crossed the age limit of 40 years.
However, Dr. Ghosh will be the best judge to decide whether there is any chance of treatment for your baldness. So, it will be better to consult him to take any firm decision.

And fortunately the main character of my story fulfills both the criteria. He also said that it is a lengthy treatment process, takes around 3 – 4 years for satisfactory result. It's also a costly treatment. What's wrong for lengthy treatment if we can get back our hair again? Also, though it is costly but still economic than hair transplant. Moreover, you need not to invest total money at once. It is month wise treatment and there will only be medicine cost but doctor fees.

Dr. Ghosh has also told that he don't believe genetic is the main reason of hair fall. Why? Because, he is not bald even at the age of 64 years but all of his uncles, brothers and father have the problem. He thinks that the fungi play the key role here. He also shared his own story. He was suffering from hair fall at his age of 24 years which was cured completely by medicine and he got the treatment from his senior which helped me to know this treatment more deeply. Also, practise in Vellore assists him more as he had opportunity to make medicines by hand which will be revealed later.

Well, I will now tell about the treatment month wise below!

First visit

For better understanding let's have a look at the below picture shot before starting of the treatment.

At the very first visit, following treatments have been prescribed:
  1. Ken Z Sal Lotion to apply twice in a week as shampoo.
  2. Topisal 6% Lotion to apply twice daily on scalp (effected area).
  3. 1 ml MX 10 Lotion to apply on effected area once daily after 30 minutes from application of Topisal at bed time.
  4. One Extend Forte tablet has to be taken once daily after dinner.
  5. One Finax 1 mg tablet everyday after lunch.
In addition to the above, blood test for Allergy Profile ELISA, Fungus has been advised. Review date has been fixed after 30 days.

Second visit

During second visit there is very good remark from the doctor. He says there is very quick and good response as all ports are visible now. All blockages are removed! It's a good sign for hair regrowth. Well, only Topisal has been removed from the above list and the followings has been introduced:
  1. Tablet Livo Z twice daily after meal.
  2. Evalax Powder at bedtime with water.
  3. 1 ml Hair Serum (Stop) to apply in morning after taking bath on effected zone. This medicine is prepared by the doctor personally and this is his mazic!
Well, look at the following progress snapped after 45 days from starting of the treatment.

Third visit

After two months there are very clear black spots are visible on bald area. Very thin, small, white colour new hairs which are just like furs are seen there. Moreover, back side is comparatively more improved than frontal side. Doctor is also pleased examining the head. However, following medicines are prescribed:
  1. Ken Z Sal Lotion to apply twice in a week as shampoo.
  2. 1 ml Hair Serum (Stop) to apply in morning after taking bath on effected zone.
  3. 1 ml MX 10 Lotion to apply on effected area once daily at bed time.
  4. One Keraglo men tablet has prescribed to be taken once daily after dinner.
  5. One Prohair 1 mg tablet everyday after lunch.
  6. Zocon 200 mg – 1 tab weekly for 4 weeks.
  7. Tablet Livo Z twice daily after meal.
Well, This article will be updated each month until the treatment continues. Hence, you may bookmark this page and come here to check further for updates. If viewers are interested to consult Dr. S. P. Ghosh for baldness or other hair problems and its solution, may take help from the information as mentioned below.

Chamber details where baldness treatment is available

Dr. S. P. Ghosh
DVD (Skin), DTM&H (B'Lore)
Skin Specialist & General Physician
Medical Officer: Nekursini Christian Hospital

Candidates who are looking for treatment are suggested to take an appointment to the clinics as provided below:
  • Spandan Medical, Boral, Garia, Kolkata
    Thursday / Friday / Sunday: 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
    Contact no. – 097325 24048
  • B&K Clinic, Garia Station, Sree Nagar Main Road, Kolkata – 700 094
    Thursday / Friday / Saturday: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    Contact no. – 085829 33740
  • Sonarpur Polyclinik, Sonarpur, Kolkata
    Contact no. – 084448 77615
  • Mediways, 1A, Southern Avenue, Kolkata – 700 026
    Thursday: 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. / Saturday: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
    Contact no. – 094336 62408
  • Pubali, Opp. of Bag Medical Store, Subuddhipur, Near Pragati Sangha Club, Baruipur, Kolkata
    Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
    Contact no. 092317 07537

Special disclaimer: Point to be noted that this article is been written based on a particular case. Accordingly, any medicine as mentioned in this article is strictly prohibited to be taken or applied without medical consultation with a doctor.

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Author: Venkiteswaran17 May 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

This article invited my interest and curiosity.
The author promised that:
"Well, This article will be updated each month until the treatment continues. Hence, you may bookmark this page and come here to check further for updates".

Nearing to a year there is no update to this article. That quells the interest and brings a doubt that the treatment was a failure.
So to remove the doubts and bring more authenticity to this article the author may bring the update and probably the final verdict with pictorial proof.

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