How to wash white school uniforms

Schools have started now and every mother is busy with her children. Along with studies and other tensions, the biggest problem we face is maintaining white school uniform of the children. Here in this article, we will learn to wash and retain the sparkling whiteness of school uniforms.

Most of the schools provide white uniforms for the students and keeping the white uniformed unstained is a big headache for most of the mothers. School uniforms can get dirtier with daily use, mud stains, food stains, sweating, ink stains and many more. Fighting against these types of stains is really difficult. With some easy tips and remedies you can easily maintain the school uniforms by removing the dirt and tough stains.

Segregate the white clothes

White clothes start looking pale and yellow as the days pass. To preserve the whiteness of the clothes, the first thing you need to do is separate the white clothes from the color ones. Colors from other clothes can get mixed with white color and spoil them. So before putting them for wash, make separate loads of white clothes and color clothes. Hand wash is the best method to clean your white clothes. It is very important to soak the uniforms in water by adding equal quantity of safe stain removing detergent or liquate and normal cloth washing detergent powder for at least three hours.

Careful while using detergent

Choose your detergent carefully to wash white clothes. Many times it is seen that ladies use lot of detergent to wash clothes. But it is a wrong practice. Using low quality detergent or excessive detergent can stick on the clothes along with dirt and make them look pale. You should be careful to remove the excess detergent from the clothes while rinsing them. Use lot of water to remove the detergent or soap from the clothes.

Bleach and lemon juice

Using bleach is common to wash white clothes. But chlorine bleach can prove harmful for some particular fabrics. They can make the clothes even more yellow and pale. Chlorine bleach is best to use for cotton socks and under garments. You can also use them for your white towels. But using bleach of mixed fabrics like uniforms or shirts can damage them. Instead d of using chlorine bleach, prefer using lemon juice as it works as a natural bleaching agent. Mix lemon juice in hot water and soak the white clothes in it for an hour. If the stains are tough then soak it for overnight. Next day wash the clothes as usual to get extra whiteness.

Dishwasher detergent

Seems to be odd but it is true that dishwasher detergent can prove very effective for white clothes. Use any good quality dishwasher detergent and mix it with water to clean clothes like socks and undergarments. The brightening agents in the detergent can give very good shining effect on the clothes. It is advisable to soak the cloth for about an hour to get good result.

Borax and Hydrogen peroxide

Mixing Borax in hard water can turn it into soft water and improves the excellence of detergent. Using borax is safe and do not damage the clothes. If borax is not easily available then you can try White Vinegar to maintain the whiteness of your clothes. Mix white vinegar in water along with your clothes and wash them as usual. White vinegar can give the similar effect of lemon juice on your clothes. Use of hydrogen peroxide is safe and natural. It can remove even toughest stain from your white fabrics. Mix hydrogen peroxide along with dishwasher detergent in water and soak stained clothes in it. Use this mixture on dirty collars; sweat stained underarms or other hard stains on the clothes. To use the mixture easily pour it in a bottle and use it whenever needed. Another useful mixture you can use is the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda along with water. Store this mixture in bottle and use it to remove hard spots on shirts. Normally collars of the shirts get dirtier and this mixture can clean them easily.

Use whiteners available in the market

Many good quality fabric whiteners are available in the market which can not only remove the tough stains but also can make your clothes appear bright and fresh. Use these products by following the instructions given on the bottle. If you find fruit stains on the white clothes, it is easy to remove them by rubbing little amount of salt on it. After few minutes rinse it in water and soak it in detergent as usual.

Use of bluing agents

Yellow or pale clothes appear dirty. Most of the ladies trust upon bluing liquids for shining whiteness. Using bluing agent can give a bluish shade to the clothes and make them appear whiter. Best quality bluing agents are available in the market but you need to use them carefully as per instructions given on the bottle. Never dip the clothes directly in the blue liquid as it can leave stains on the clothes. Mix the blue in the water as per the directions and then put your white clothes in it to get sparking whiteness. Using excessive quantity of blue can make your white uniforms blue and spoil them.

Drying the white clothes

Never dry your white clothes or uniforms in over heat. Using heat can burn the clothes and bring yellow shade on them. Most of the white clothes carry label on the collar with its washing and drying instructions. You need to follow the instructions carefully. Using lower heat can maintain whiteness of the white clothes. Dry the clothes in sunlight to maintain its freshness. Try these methods, share your experience and valuable tips with us.

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The author has given wide aspects which goes into maintaining the white school uniforms to which every parent faces problems as invariably the children make more dirty on white uniform as they are bound to play and also attend the PT classes. What I suggest that the parents must give each children a towel so that they spread the same on their neck while eating the food. Normally children would make the white shirt dirty while having lunch and by keeping a towel covered on their shoulder, they can prevent the food making the uniform dirty.

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