Different way to beat fibromyalgia and fibro fog

Though fibromyalgia is not a disease the symptoms of situation is really painful. There are many research works going on to prove the fact on what causes fibromyalgia but the scientists have not yet reached any definite reason for the symptoms. Currently there are many theories available that provides details on the cause. This can be used to keep the situation under control.

There are multiple ways by which you can beat the symptoms of fibromyalgia and fibro fog. There is a theory prevailing that states that people with the symptoms of fibromyalgia will not have enough blood circulation in their body. Especially when it comes to the affected part the blood circulation will be very poor. Another theory also says that enough oxygen is not received by some parts of the brain.

Steps that you can take to beat fibromyalgia and fibro fog

If you have fibromyalgia and a feeling of fibro fog, the following steps will help you from getting alleviated from these symptoms.

  • Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine is something that makes the situation worse. People think that they get an alert feeling if they use caffeine. Some of the theories and research have also proved that caffeine affects people with fibromyalgia. The main effect is on the sleep.

  • Maintain Notes: People affected with fibromyalgia and fibro fog tend to miss out appointments easily. It is always good to maintain notes on the activities that you will have to do. A planner will help you keep track of the appointments that you have in your calendar.

  • Organize your surroundings: If you have too many junk items around you, you will be getting a distraction and you will not be able to focus on things easily. If you have things that will no longer be required for you, then throw out such things and keep the place neat. This will help you get rid of symptoms of fibro fog in your brain.

  • Avoid Multitasking: It is quite obvious that people find it very interesting to do multiple tasks at the same time something like playing a game in the mobile while having dinner. Or sometimes paying bills online when you are answering an email. If you have this as a practice this will definitely give you a brain fog. People with fibromyalgia and fibro fog should avoid multitasking and focus more on just one work at a time. This will give enough space for the brain to be free.

  • Get better sleep: Sleep is very important for healing. There are some problems by default in the human body. Some of these problems will not even be exhibited out but it will be automatically healed when the person gets good sleep. There are many cases where people with symptoms of fibromyalgia and fibro fog get better after a good sleep.

Things that will help you fight fibromyalgia

There are many ways in which you can fight the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Researches say that fibromyalgia is a condition where you will get severe chronic pain in your body parts. But there is no clear proof to say the reason why you are getting fibromyalgia. From what researches say, there are multiple ways in which you will end up suffering due to fibromyalgia. Though all these points are not proven points, it is good to know about them and be cautious about them in order to avoid the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

If you check the symptoms of fibromyalgia, it is clearly evident that it is quite common in women than men. But we cant say that it will affect all the women. But biologically women are weaker than men and that can be one of the reason why it is affecting women more than men. To have this in control there are various steps that a women can take that will help them get a better feeling from all these medical situations.

  • One should have sleep under good control to get rid of fibromyalgia. Among the various other reasons, sleeplessness is a big reason which can constitute to fibromyalgia.

  • Over exercise - This is quite common in men where they do exercises more than their actual capacity leading to damage in their body parts. This can also constitute to fibromyalgia giving them constant pain in their body parts.

  • Over stress is another point that should be taken care. If the stress level increases the symptoms of fibromyalgia will emerge creating lots of problems in men and women. When ever you are stressed out it is good to distract your mind on something else to make sure you get rid of the risk of fibromyalgia.

  • Another constituant for the symptoms of fibromyalgia is the depression. People tend to use anti-depression drugs that can help them get away from this situation but it is not good as it can possibily cause some other side effects. The natural way of getting rid of depression is always best.

During the conditions of fibromyalgia people tend to have a feeling where they are covered in a fog and all there actions and thought process will be affected. They will not be able to act smarter and faster. That is another reason why stress and depression can have a major impact on the functioning of the body. Fibro fog can be controlled with regular practice where people can focus on other things that will not cause major disturbances to their mind.

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