Some effective tips and tricks to learn other languages easily

Learning a new language is an interesting task and full of fun but, it is not very easy to learn a new language in a very short period of time. Here we will try to learn some easy tips and tricks which will help you to learn new languages quickly.

Expensive language classes, books and software are available in the market to teach you new languages. But the most important thing you need to do is hard work to learn any new language. More than classes and books, your wish to learn and proper patience will help you to learn anything new. Initially you will do lots of mistakes but that is obvious, don't lose your confidence and keep on giving your best efforts.

Regular conversation

When you want to learn any new language, start speaking it. Initially, you will make lots of mistake, but surely you will learn a lot about the language. In language coaching classes and books they try to teach you new words along with grammar, which is very difficult to remember. Speaking with the person of that particular language will prove more useful. While speaking you can understand your mistakes and the way the opposite person speaks with you. Try to make friendship with a person of that language and explain him/her that you wish to learn their language. You can also try to find a tutor, who can teach you a language with the help of regular conversation. To learn foreign language,you can take help of Skype or other applications.

Practice every day

Practice makes the man perfect! When you wish to learn something new, you need to do a lot of practice regularly. Studying and practicing a new language daily can help you to learn it quickly. Usually people spend only one or two hours per week to learn a language, which is not sufficient. Regular touch in the language is important. Speaking, listening and reading any language daily can help you to earn it very easily and quickly. When you give only few hours in a week to learn a language, there are chances of forgetting few things between that period of time. Also don't try any short cut to learn any language. You can learn it with regularity and patience.

Use dictionary and media

Using dictionary is very helpful for you in learning new language. You can also take help of dictionary application on your smart phone. With the help of dictionary you can easily find any confusing word immediately and learn it quickly. Whenever you are free, you can read and learn some new words along with their meanings from dictionary. Learning and remembering 10 to 20 words daily can surely add knowledge of the language in your brain. Try to note a word which you are not able to understand from a conversation and find its meaning from the dictionary. Use media like radio and television to improve your skill.

Effective ways to learn

Listening, speaking, reading, observing and writing are the five ways when you want to learn something new. When you adopt these five ways of learning, you can learn any language easily and quickly. The best way to learn any language is to watch television programs of that specific language. Shows along with subtitles will prove more helpful for you. Also try to read books or newspaper of that language. You can take help of dictionary to understand the unknown words. Also practice to write few small words or sentences in that language. Names of few things or few people whom you meet regularly, write in new language for practicing it. Listen to good songs from that language which you are trying to learn. Listening to new words and the way of pronunciation will certainly prove beneficial.

Spend some time in native place

Spend few days in a place from where that language belongs to. Try to communicate with the local people there, try to ask them several questions in their language and listen to their answers carefully. Listening others conversation can also be very useful for you to learn new language. When you keep on trying to speak the language, after few days certainly you will find perfection in your knowledge. Slowly you can focus upon grammar and pronunciation also. Keep on using the few words which you can use in daily routine like hello, how are you? I am fine, thank you, what is your name? Where are you going? get in etc. Also try to learn numbers in that language. Counting numbers is very important when you learn any new language. Remembering one to ten numbers initially will be very easy for you. When you are thorough with it, try learning numbers up to 100 in that language.

Pronunciation is much important than grammar

It is important to learn any language grammatically correct but initially when you are learning it, focus more upon vocabulary than grammar. Learning grammar in the beginning stage is more difficult and you may feel frustrated and stop learning language. First take mastery in speaking the language and understanding it correctly and later you can concentrate on grammar. Pronouncing a word correctly is more important. If you know few words perfectly but you cannot pronounce them correctly then there is no use of learning it. Instead of learning pronunciation from books try to learn it while speaking with someone else. Just remember that the person with whom you are talking should fluent in that language.

Making mistakes is obvious

While learning new language, making mistakes is just obvious thing. Don't get disturbed or frustrate if you are doing mistakes. Making mistakes is the first step of learning. Even if you make few mistakes while speaking, there is nothing to get afraid and your efforts to speak the new language will be appreciated. Don't be particular about speaking perfectly, just focus upon learning new thing. Just try to know it clearly what you want and go accordingly. To bring improvement in your vocabulary, talk to yourself when you are alone or in front of mirror. This will help you to build self confidence.

Along with all these things you should have a real desire to learn a new language. Don't take it as a challenge or burden but learn it with lots of fun and enjoyment!


Author: Venkiteswaran20 Feb 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Seeing movies and watching television serials in that language is a more practical way of learning a new language. This will help to understand conversations and to respond.
For learning the alphabets, the practical way is to glance through newspapers and magazines and read the advertisements of popular products and also where the name is given in that language and English or a known language.

Author: K Mohan29 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

I appreciate the author for penning the easy ways and tricks to learn other languages easily. What I observed is that we must allow the children from the young age to mingle with the children speaking other languages so that they can freely express their views and learn the other languages from the basic.

Author: Gaurav Singh22 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Watching movies along with subtitles can be of great help in better understanding of a language. Through movies one can not only learn right pronunciation of words but they can also learn different sentence formation with the help of subtitles. It's been observed that in many languages sentences are not exactly translated as they are spoken. And also movie dialogues mainly use day to day words and sentences, so watching them can be very beneficial in getting command over some other language other than your mother tongue.

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