How to deal with a hyperactive child?

Childhood is the age of innocence and naughtiness. Many times it is seen that energetic and active children are considered as hyperactive kids. In this article we will try to learn about something more about how to deal with hyperactive child in a proper way.

It is normal that children under the age of ten are full of energy and activeness but a hyper active child is slightly different from a normal active child. Do you think your child is hyperactive? Before making any such opinion about your kid, you must try to understand what hyperactivity is and what are the symptoms and reasons behind this problem. Generally the kids with less attentiveness and volatility are termed hyperactive but it is not necessary that every time it is true. It is observed that hyperactive kids are not able to sit on one place for more time in classroom or the kids will perform some undesirable activity which can disturb everyone. But if we try to find out the reason behind their behavior then we will understand that they are doing this activity just to seek the attention of teacher or to express their feelings.

How to understand whether the child is hyperactive or not

There are some similar symptoms in hyperactive kids with the help of which you can easily find out whether your child is really hyperactive or not?
Hyperactive kids find it problematic to understand and follow the directions
  • Generally they are not able to sit for more time at one place. They try to move here and there.

  • Hyperactive kids are over talkative and many times they interrupt other's conversation too.

  • These kids are full of energy, impatience and overexcited. They don't get tired easily.

  • They react too much in every emotion like worry, anger or sadness.

  • How to deal with hyperactive kids

    If you find the above mentioned symptoms in any kid, you have to deal with them with lots of affection and care. The term hyperactivity deals with brain and always remember to make them comfortable and relaxed. If the child is getting confused between many things, teach him/her to start with a single thing so that he/she can pay proper concentration for a particular task. This will help to reduce the hyper tendency easily. Here are some tips and ideas to deal with hyperactive child successfully:

    Utilize their energy: Hyperactive children are loaded with energy and it is necessary to control this energy level to control their body and mind. Encourage them to play a lot or to run or do cycling. This will help them to utilize their energy and make their mind calm. Engage them in maximum physical activities to bring their mind in control. Engaging them in physical activities will help them to improve their concentration level and memory too.

    Communicate with them: Hyperactive kids need special attention. Most of their activities are done to seek someone's consideration. Spend some time with them, talk to them, try to understand what they want or what they need. Talking to them about their problems and their interests will make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Encourage them to make a list of things you want them to do daily and give them reward for every completed task. This will help them to improve their performance.

    Try to understand their feelings: Hyperactive kids don't have control on their emotions. Very early they get angry or sad or worried. Teach them to control their feelings by understanding their problems. Try to explain them about the good and bad behavior and how they should bring some changes in their behavior.

    Make them feel comfortable: Keep hyperactive children away from television or mobile as much as possible. Take them out to ground or park where they can get different and fresh atmosphere. Let them play and enjoy the company of nature and use their energy level for positively.

    Teach them manners: Instead of scolding them for their bad behavior, explain them about good manners. Whenever you see them following your instructions, reward them. This will make them to understand the importance of good manners. Keeping hyperactive kids busy by mind and body is the easy way to control their behavior.

    Activities for hyperactive children

    Here are few games and activities for hyperactive kids which can keep them engaged and help them to control their body and mind:

    Martial art or karate can utilize their energy positively

    Learning karate is the best way to use their extra energy in a proper way. Postures in karate can improve their concentration level and relax their minds. After attending the karate classes, the hyperactive kids also build their self confidence and their focus improves. They learn to coordinate with others and this will certainly help them to improve their behavior.

    Outdoor games

    Outdoor games like football, basket ball, volleyball, badminton or tennis are considered as best activities for hyperactive kids. They can make maximum movements in these games and their extra energy gets utilized. They learn to play in a team by coordinating with others. If the outdoor games are not available easily then at least make them run for some time. Running leads to constant body movement and it is also beneficial for their healthy body and mind.

    Music can be effective

    Music can be very beneficial for hyperactive kids to calm their mind and brain. It will also help them to improve their concentration and memory level. You can put them for some music or singing classes for extra benefits.

    Try out swimming

    Doctors suggest swimming as a very good remedy to treat hyperactive kids. It is the best exercise to use their energy. Swimming leads to constant body movement along with mind concentration. It also helps them to keep their body in shape and remain healthy

    Bring them close to nature

    Natural surroundings can lead to very positive results of hyperactive children. The activities like trekking, hiking or rowing can give them maximum happiness and thrill. Their extra energy will help them to do these tasks successfully and give them the feeling of satisfaction.

    Mind games

    The games which will force them to use their concentration can control their mind easily. The games like chess, word puzzles, and scrabbles are best games for brain. These games also help them to build their confidence easily.

    With lots of efforts, patience and care you will be able to deal properly with hyperactive kids!

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    Author: Venkiteswaran30 Oct 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

    Parents should be able to understand and sense the transition stage from normal activity to restlessness in a child. If at that moment the parent can wean away that child to a new activity or interaction, situation can be saved to a positive status.

    Hyperactive child needs variety and more and more newer ventures and activities to be positively engaged. Hence it is advisable to give such children different things and engagement of short duration rather than one monotonous activity or engagement of long duration.

    Author: K Mohan07 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

    Dealing with the hyperactive child is the most challenging situation for parents and especially the mother. The child of this genre won't keep quiet and they have the tendency of breaking some thing or testing something. So one has to be after him and watching all his moves. The most challenging moment is that the child cannot be taken to any home or relatives place as he or she may break things and bring unsolicited bad relation and remarks from others. One of my relative is having a hyperactive child and he has been pampered so much that now the parents are unable to nurture him and is confining him to a room with tied rope. Now the child has become more adamant and want to bite those who come near to him. Such kind of situation should not arise to any one. Right from the childhood, the mother must play important role and inculcate the habit of soberness and being cordial to others.

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