How to study for exam? Preparation techniques

The pressure of studies and the fear of exams becomes a worst nightmare for most of the students. Well planned exam preparation is the only solution to overcome this problem. This article How to study for exam and some preparation techniques can help you to perform well in your examination.

When the exams are nearby it becomes a matter of tension and fear for every student. If you are well prepared and well organized then exams will not be a big issue for you. Here we will try to understand what are the tips and ways of getting prepared for the exam well in advance so that you can keep your tensions at the bay. This will also help you to build your confidence and give your best in the exams.

Planned preparation

This is the most important thing you need to do when you are talking about your exams. Being well planned and well organized is beneficial for you. It is necessary that your study material, your notes, your books and note books etc, everything should be neat and tidy. It should not be a big mess when you are trying to find some important notes or something else. Try to be well planned from the beginning. The place where you study should be well arranged and neat. Make separate notes for separate subjects and keep them carefully so that you will be able to use them easily whenever necessary. Neat and tidy atmosphere will certainly give you positive results for memorizing and remembering your subject.

Memory techniques

It is proved that when you connect some difficult information with some easy day to day things, it becomes easier to remember them quickly. This technique is termed as Method of Loci. According to this method you have to use your mental imagination power and think about a road or a building. Imaginary elaborate the things in your mental picture and while doing that connect the particular things with the information you need to remember for your exams. Now think about the both things together and learn to connect a particular thing with information permanently. In this way when you need to recollect that information, you just need to think about the associated thing and you can easily remember the information too. In this way you can store lots of information in your memory by connecting them with simple imaginary things or places. This trick is used by many and it is proved that it is successful every time.

Use short forms

Remembering things by using short forms is a simple way to remember something important. This technique is termed as Mnemonics. According to this technique convert the important and difficult to remember information into simple short words and sentences which you can memorize easily. Many times only the first letters of the words are used to make easier sentence which will help you to remember big information. For example to remember the names of four directions, 'Never Eat Shredded Wheat' this sentence is remembered which includes first letter of every direction in every word (North East South West).

Use photographs or pictorial method

Many people are blessed with photographic memory power. Connecting information with a particular photo or image makes it easy to remember it easily. Whenever you want to recollect the information, just think about the image or photo and you will be able to remember it. If you are not able to recollect the information in this way then you can use pictorial method also. You can make a diagram of a particular shape by including information in it with the help of arrows and boxes. This is the easy way to recollect any difficult information easily.

Try to do something practically

Many times it is very difficult to memorize information by reading or writing it. In such cases practical study is beneficial. Instead of just trying to remember the scientific experiments, try to do it practically to understand it well. This will help you in exam because you have already taken practical knowledge about it. In this way to understand any subject thoroughly, try to do it practically. You can also see the videos about it on internet if it is not possible to take practical experience. For example instead of reading about digestive system, if you see a video about how our food is digested step by step then you will be able to understand and remember it easily.

Remember it point to point

Sometimes the answers are very big and it is very difficult to remember them. You can remember such information by points. Remembering points is easier than recollecting whole answer. If you split the answers in points then by remembering few words you can recollect the complete answer and explain it completely. Fix a board on the wall, write the points and imagine that you are a teacher. Explain in your own way to teach your students with the help of the board. This is the most used method many students including academic achievers.

Make it musical

Instead of remembering any information in a boring way, try to recollect it in a musical way. Remembering the information in a rhyming way will be helpful to remember it quickly and easily. You can connect it with your favorite song or poetry. But this technique is not possible by everyone and sometimes you may find it difficult to remember things in this way.

Get a sound sleep

Yes! It is necessary to get sound sleep if you want to improve your memory power. When you are preparing yourself for exams, be particular about your daily schedule. Your body and mind needs proper rest. This will help you to feel relaxed and reduce tiredness. Proper sleep gives rest to brain and improves its concentration and memory power. It is necessary for you to take eight hours sleep every night.

With the help of these tricks and regular studies you will be able to learn and understand your subjects very well. Start your studies much in earlier and enjoy your studies without taking any burden.

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Author: sushma mewundi22 Jul 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

While studying, one should always try to understand the topic clearly and then move further. Only then the topic can be recalled. Also byhearting is a very bad way of studying as you forget what ever is studied. Make a note of what is studied in point wise so that it becomes easier to revise. Stress on important topics a lot and try to solve as many previous years question papers as possible.

Author: Venkiteswaran10 Oct 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Any number of tips for 'How to study for exams' will not be excess for the tensed and eager students. They will be ready to try any tips that come their way.

In this present article, I am attracted by the tip "Make it musical". I accept it as an established method. In the ancient days, most of the studies like Ayurveda, Jyotisha and many Shastras were actually by way of 'Slokas' or verses. Even now when we visit an astrologer, we can see that he recites some verses to make his point clear.

Apart from the theoretical view, I am not sure how the present day Chemistry, Economics and History can be made musical. Probably the students may elongate the words to a musical chanting and repeat with that tune for easy remembering.

However, the text makers and innovators can make a try in this and make even study of science as poetical like in ancient days.

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