How to select a good steam ironing board

Confused about selecting a good ironing board? Read On. The article helps you in having an understanding about the steam ironing board. The points to be considered before and while purchasing the steam ironing board are discussed here.

Ironing is often considered a good time pass by many of the housewives in India. We do that in the evenings, while watching the TV, while waiting for our children to come back from school and in any other time provided we have the proper accessories. A good ironing experience is supplemented by a good ironing board along with the good steam iron. We human often get blind while deciding on things. We spend lots on the best of the steam irons, but seldom do we think of getting an iron board. We often complain of not getting good results from our steam irons. Even I had similar complaints. My new and expensive steam iron was leaving the shirt a little crumpled. It was only that I saw an ad in the TV that I realized that an ironing board is also needed. I realized that the steam iron should not always be blamed.

Indeed the steam ironing board and the steam iron go together. In case you want to compromise and buy an ordinary ironing board for a steam iron, then you will again be sorry as the ordinary board with not be proper for the expensive steam iron that you bought. The steam irons are bigger and heavier and your ordinary board may not be steady for it. You will regret buying the ordinary board. So make some more investment and buy a good steam ironing board that would be comfortable and go a long way. The steam iron board may cost you between 3000 -4000 rupees.

Considerations before buying

You need to consider many things before you actually invest a fortune in a good steam ironing board. Consider your ironing habits and the available space in your house. If you iron at a single place and there is a shortage of space in the house, you need to consider wall mounted or the built in ironing board. These can be safely folded and put back in the drawer or the special panel meant for it.

A portable steam ironing board can be taken anywhere in the house and you can iron your clothes while watching the TV serials or watching your kids play or while listening to the music.

Considerations while buying a steam ironing board

  1. Size: Size does matter. Do not compromise and go for a small table top for ironing. These are for other purposes. Look out for the widest board available for effective ironing of clothes. A steam ironing board would normally be 4ft long and about 15 inches wide. The wider board table would be steadier than a compromised narrower one. You will feel the difference when you use it.
  2. Adjustable height: The height should be adjustable to suit the comfort and the convenience of the user. Ideally, the height should be adjusted to the hip level of the user. The user should not be leaning too much for ironing the clothes; else the person would be sure to have back pains making the task a difficult one.
  3. Material used: The material used for making the board should also be taken into account. It should not be of too heavy material like the solid wood. Rather go for the light weighted metal board with a mesh top to allow steam to pass through and evaporate.
  4. Use of good iron: The lower frame of the steam ironing boards are generally made up of iron. You need to ensure that it is made up with good material which is sturdy. It should balance the board which we are keeping light. It should also be checked here that the frame is made up of material that does not easily get rusted with usage due to the large steam produced.
  5. Iron holder: The board should ideally have a proper steam iron holder. The iron holder should be spacious enough so that the user just skids the iron to this place between uses.
  6. Sleeve attachment: Look for the sleeve attachments in the board as well. These are small attachments on both sides of the board so that small articles or sleeves of the shirt are easily ironed with adjusting the clothes.
  7. Drawer for storage: In case you find one with a drawer facility to keep the steam iron and the attachment all with the board itself, then go for this one. The sleeve attachments and such small parts may get misplaced if kept elsewhere and may not be readily available when needed while ironing. Such a drawer may make the board a little heavy to carry around but it is worth the usage.
  8. Cover: The ironing boards come with covers. Ensure that the padded cover is non-sticky and reflective. This would enhance your comfort levels reducing the extra ironing you used to do while turning on the sides of the shirts.
  9. Guarantee: The most important part of the purchase. You are investing big money in this. So asking for a guarantee period of 7 years would not be too much for a high quality board.

  10. Look around and explore before buying the steam ironing board. Some amount of research with respect to the above will make your purchase economical and advantageous.

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha27 Aug 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

While ironing the clothes, a lot of care is required to be taken such as the nature of clothes to be ironed, the pressing time and most importantly the steam iron board which will allow the clothes for the uniform press since at every point between the iron and the cloth, uniform contact is to be maintained and as such the role of the board is important allowing the iron to function smoothly in presence of the steam iron board.
The material especially the wood must be sturdy to withstand the force needed while doing ironing and also one should ensure that the iron attached along with board should be painted electrostatic-ally so as to have the uniform painting.
The durability of the board depends upon right choice of the materials in respect of wood and the iron. Wood selected for the ironing board should not be heavy in the structure but should be such that the steam should escape freely after pressing the clothes.
So, a proper survey of the product is required to secure a right steaming board from the market. The points enlisted by the authoress are helpful in the selection of a proper ironing board.

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