What are Search Engines and how search engines gather relevant information from websites

Want to know what Search Engines are and how do Search Engines search relevant information from millions of websites? This article provides details of the concept of a search engine and how it words to gather relevant information from websites.

When you have a question, what do you do? You try and answer the question with information you have. If you don't know or can't find the answer, you turn to someone who can. What does that person do? He answers you if he knows the answer or he will go searching for the answer of your query.

But the question is arising where will he look for the answer? Up until 20 or 30 years ago, he would have asked other people who can answer your query, he would have accessed various books in libraries related to your query or used other resources to find you the correct answer. Today, with the use of technology and with easy access to internet, all he will do is just 'Google 'your query. Now what is Google; Google is nothing but a Search Engine.

What is a Search Engine?

Search Engine is a series of commands, a special software program or a special website that is aimed at locating relevant information. From where? This program locates information present on the internet.
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Oxford Dictionary defines a Search Engine as a

'A program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or specified by the user, used specially for finding particular site on World Wide Web.'

Let's break it up into simpler steps.
Do you know what the Internet or World Wide Web is? You might know it is a place to play games or receive emails or view photographs or download music. It is all that and it is also a vast place with plenty of information related to each and every topic. It is like a really large library, with hundred of books on many different subjects, in many rooms and with many shelves.

If you are not able to access correct book what use is such a big library? The same principle applies to the internet. The internet stores all its information on websites or virtual bookshelves . You need to be able to access these bookshelves correctly in order to get the relevant answer of your query which can be related to any topic or any subject. The internet is so vast and growing by leaps and bounds so it is not always possible to be aware of how many websites are out there. So all we can say that internet is an "Ocean of Information". That is where search engines come into the picture. With a series of special commands the search engine is able to access the information you want, from the relevant website.

How do Search Engines search?

Each website has information on it related to any particular topic. Information can be in the form of words, numbers or pictures. All this information can be converted into data that can be searched with the help of software commands the search engines, along with these commands, search for words you have entered in search box.

For instance, you want to find out when is Sachin Tendulkar's Birthday. You will go to the internet and open a window that takes you to www.google.com .Then, you will enter the information you want to search: Sachin Tendulkar's Birthday.Once you click the 'Search' button, the program will start its work.

It will send a message to all the websites that it is looking for information on these three words:Sachin Tendulkar's Birthday. Every website will respond with whether or not it has any information relevant to these search words. Once Google hears from all websites, it will list all the results for you. The very first website in your search result will have information that is nearest to the answer you want. All this happens in a matter of few seconds.

What the search engine and the software are doing is searching for the keywords you entered as search words, in websites. With the help of software and patterns identifying keywords, search engines make the process of search a much easier one. The resulting links are links to websites where you are mostly likely to find the correct information. You can access any site and get the correct information.

A Search Engine is also the site you go to when you want to search for some particular information. www.google.com is an example of search engine. There are many other search engines on the internet. Some examples are www.msn.com, www.yahoo.com, www.bing.com, www.askjeeves.com, www.lycos.com, etc.

Google is one of the most popular search engines on the Internet today. Its popularity has also led to the phrase 'Google it', as most people understand Google to mean search. The internet is a big place and has millions and millions of websites that can be searched. This number increases ever day. It is information that is available for everyone to see and use.

Each of these search engines boasts of the time it takes to conduct a search (usually a few seconds), the number of websites it can search in that quickest time and the best possible results it can provide.There are many search engines that search even private databases. Such search engines are not open to everyone. These search engines have targeted search with information that may not be always relevant, ensuring better and effective search engine results.

In order to make sure any particular site is one of the top 10 links the search engine finds, writing on the site has to be done in a certain way. It has to use the correct combination of words in order to respond software commands that search engines send out. If the search commands do not find the information on a website, it means the information needs to written in a different manner so that search engines can locate that information and direct users to its website.

That is all about how search engines work?. So next time you are looking to any information on the internet, you will know exactly how the answers are retrieved from huge database.

Below screenshot is a search result of a search query in google which is captured by me with the help of Snipping Tool.

Example of How do Search Engines Search Information


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First of all we must thank the Google for offering the searches with whole lots of results within click of time and that brings lots of information related to our searches. What I personally feel that when want to search some thing, use user friendly words and try to fill in maximum number of character words so that search engines can bring the desired results. For example if you type to get my information as K Mohan, surely it brings the actor Mohan's profile and other information about him. But if you type K Mohan, Sainikpuri or Hyderabad, surely my name will be flashed with so many contributions made to this channel. So what I mean to say that when ever you want specific information, please type in detail , surely you will get whole lots of information within a gif.

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