Donald Trump as President and India-US Relations

The article shares an opinion on possibility of Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States of America and its impact on India-US relations ranging from Military ties to Economic Cooperation.

Donald Trump, the firebrand image of US politics who came from nowhere and took the center stage in the most important elections of the world. Creating a huge uproar after he proposed temporary ban on entry of Muslims to enter United State till a solution to radical terrorism is worked out, he is known for creating controversies.

His radical views on immigration have raised alarm bells in India as Indian expatriate community is a large social group in US and a great chunk of remittance is received from NRIs living there. His views on building walls on Mexican border and letting Mexicans pay for it received condemnation from all corners. He even received flak from revered Pope Francis for his stance on building walls as Pope said,"Christians never build walls, they only build bridges".

Another country that featured on his attack list is China. He is too critical of trade and dumping policies of China in US and made it a major campaign issue. He promised to curb the "huge" trade imbalance with China when he becomes president.

When it comes to India, he has not made public his policy for this Asian giant but from his recent speeches it can be taken that he is critical of Asian countries and accuses them of stealing American jobs. Since, India is the only major Asian country where US companies outsource their work, it can be taken as a veiled attack on India. However, he is maintaining his restraint to attack India directly as major Republicans, to which party he belongs, share the view that India can be a check to China, who is aggressively patrolling South China sea and has expansionist policy against neighbors.

Growing Russia-China relations are also cause of concern for US policymakers and that may be seen as a reason of Donald Trump's restraint on criticizing India directly. We can expect him to improve on the current cycle of boomed up India US relations as Republicans were the first to consider India as an important ally during Bush era and it were the Republicans only under whom the Nuclear deal was finalized. What Indians may lose after Trump as President could be liberal working visas for Indian IT workers in US and outsourced worked from US companies. However, India is posed to gain heavily in terms of military assistance and advanced technology sharing which is vital to shed its dependence on Russia which in recent times is cosying up to China. China is having disputes with almost all of its neighbors ranging from territorial to maritime disputes and US is believed top contain it in this quagmire with Indian assistance.

Summing up with a positive note. India may expect to gain heavily from military assistance from the most advanced and powerful military in the world but at the same time may have to face an economic fallout with US. However, all this things are are based on an "assumption" that Donald Trump becomes President of US, which still seems uncertain.

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Author: Partha K.02 Jul 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

First I would like to congratulate the author for coming up with an article on the impact of Donald Trump on Indo-US relationship. This is indeed relevant in the present context. My own views in this regard are mentioned below in brief:-
(a) Donald Trump, if he becomes the POTUS, can't ignore the fact that China is the largest growing economy of the world, while India is the second-largest.
(b) He also can't ignore the fact that India is the largest importer of arms and ammunitions.
(c) The advancement of IT sector in India spells tremendous opportunity for the US also.
(d) After 'BREXIT', the USA will be forced to depend more on India.
(e) India's strategic importance in the US policy in the middle-east and combating terrorism can't be ignored by any pragmatic US President for long.

So, I think that Indo-US relationship will move in the expected trajectory even if Trump becomes the President of the US. In addition, it can be expected that Trump will deal with Islamic terrorism and fundamentalism with iron hands and he would co-operate with other nation-states who are also fighting this menace.

I again congratulate the author for this necessary and relevant article on foreign affairs.

Author: K Mohan04 Jul 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

What I have been watching with interest over the years that those who have hated India and Indians during run unto their elections, do mend their ways after being elected and that whooping difference can be seen with their saying and in action. India cannot be discarded by Trump just like that as we are the global players in every field and India is missed in the US partnership for future development , then India is also free to chose other countries who are already teaming up against US. So I strongly believe and feel that a sea of change would emerge in Donald Trump thinking level and India will be poised for greater growth if a New President is installed in the US. This is going to happen.

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