How to do SMS marketing - Strategies and ideas

Mobile phones are not only used to stay connected with the people, but it is also used for business and marketing purpose. It is the best way to advertise your product by using mobile facilities. In this article we will try to get details about what SMS marketing is. You will obtain here various strategies, ideas and its advantages.

The number of mobile users in India is increasing rapidly. The survey taken in 2012 says that more than 900 million people use mobile phones. It is predicted that during the coming few years this number is going to increase very rapidly. Advertising using mobile phone is one of the best marketing strategy to improve your business.

What is SMS marketing?

Short Message Service or popularly known as SMS service is one of the easiest ways to advertise your business or endorse your products and services. The main advantage of the SMS is that you don't have to face the people directly or talk to them. Every mobile phone has a facility to send and receive the SMS and even advance hardware versions also support the text message service. You can make your messages more attractive by using multimedia features in it and send to people to promote your business. Another thing which is seen is that the 95% of recipients of the messages open it to read it. Comparatively the emails are opened at the rate of 20% only. Also there is a disadvantage of email facility, as the mail can go in bulk mail and can be marked as a spam. Thus it is proved that the SMS facility is the easiest way to reach to your customers and advertise your product repetitively.

How to do SMS marketing

While sending SMS, be clear about your product and offers. Your messages should not be confusing for your customers. Mention about your website in your message, if you have any. Never send messages early in the morning or late at nights as the customer may get disturbed because of your message. The best time to send messages is from 9 am to 8 pm. Don't send messages daily as they can lead to adverse effect. Sending message once in a week can be the best policy. Don't repeat the same message; changing the content of the message can be more attractive. If the customer is uncomfortable or not interested in your offer, keep an option of unsubscribing your message. Give customer a freedom of choice. Bulk SMS software are available in the market, with the help of this you can send messages to many people at a time. With little smartness and alertness you can start SMS marketing and be successful in it.

Effective SMS marketing ideas

Marketing your product through SMS is not very difficult if you do it with proper strategy. Here are few tips to start SMS marketing.

A proper database: The first thing you need to gather is the database of the phone numbers. For this you need to do extra efforts to gather the numbers of your existing customers. You can also get the information from business websites. Initially you need to start your SMS marketing with your existing customers and few new customers. In the initial stage you need to give some incentives or facilities to the customers to attract more and more customers. You can give them some offers, referral bonuses etc. It will take some time to build proper database and update it regularly. Always try to expand your database.

Business goal: When your database is ready, you need to think about your business goal. When you are clear about your business goals, it will be easy for you to advertise your business. Setting business goal is necessary in every business expansion.

Marketing strategy: SMS marketing is just a part of your overall marketing. After creating an attractive SMS to grab the attention of your customers, you need to be alert about the dates for sending messages, the content of the message and offers along with it. It is as good of the regular marketing strategy.

Think about your budget: The budget of SMS marketing will depend upon your business requirements. When you are planning your budget, you have to think about the marketing list and the incentives too.

Creating attractive content: In case of SMS marketing Content is the most important part of the text message. You have to make a text message which will explain details about your product perfectly and catch the attention of people easily.

Follow up your customers: Before sending your text messages, you should think about the follow up strategies too. How customers will response to your message and what will be your next step for their responses is important.

What are the different types in SMS marketing?

There is variety of types of SMS marketing and you need to select one of it, depending upon your business type and objective. The variation will be in the message content only. Time based inducement: These types of messages are sent when you want the recipients to respond within limited time duration. These types of messages focus upon the urgency to take action. With the help of your text the customers will understand that they should take immediate action to avail the benefits or offers. There is no time limit for the special offers. These types of offers are given along with stock clearing sales. Free gifts are offered along with the original product.

An offer on special occasion is one the effective way in marketing. Special occasions and festivals are best times for business strategies. You can do a special publicity of your product during festive season by with special offers. Share your developments and give credit to your customers by messaging your customers that you can let them know about your new products and services of your company. You can also thank your customers for your business progress and development.

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Author: K Mohan07 Jul 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

I do appreciate the author for taking pains in convincing the importance of SMS marketing. But having fed up with receiving unsolicited calls and messages, the users are complaining to the law enforcing authorities too for often disturbing with messages even in the wee hours. Even telecom operators are limiting their promotional messages due to the awareness from the public. In this contest how can we really rely on SMS marketing conveying our ultimate marketing intention. It is better we take the help of e mails which can be addressed in details and if the user want to contact us, we can always be available through mobile phone or message. Therefore I doubt the success of SMS marketing strategy.

Author: Kailash Kumar15 Jul 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

I personally never read any SMS advertisement. Instead I curse the sender for disturbing. However the SMS advertisers do succeed in engaging the attention of the receivers albeit in a negative way.
SMS advertisements have limitations of space. They have to covey their message within set limit of 160 characters. It is not possible to add impressive audio or animation effects in SMS advertisements. Its reach is also limited compared to other conventional platforms of advertising as people of all age groups and backgrounds don't use SMS services.

Author: Timmappa Kamat15 Jul 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

In today's world of email marketing and such, I do not think SMS marketing would find much scope. That has more to do with the negativity prevalent about the unsolicited calls and SMS. SMS messaging will not receive much usefulness as far as effective marketing is concerned.

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