Career options for Psychology students in India

Career in Psychology is the entirely different field than other career options. If you are really interested to know more about the human behavior, actions and reactions then psychology course is the very good option for you. Let's try to get information on career options for psychology students in India.

After completing your studies various career opportunities are available in front of you. The fields like clinical psychologist, children counselor, organizational psychologist or researcher are some of your career options. After completing the graduation in psychology you can complete various diplomas offered by the universities. The job opportunities are available in the universities and colleges, schools, government agencies, private companies, hospitals and clinics etc. you can also avail job opportunities in social welfare organizations, research centres, rehabilitation centers, remand homes, prisons etc.

Clinical psychology

This field is a very good career option in field of psychology. The counseling centers, hospitals, community health centers or clinics offer the post of clinical psychologists. The job profile deals with emotionally disturbed clients to deal with the difficult situations in the life. The job also includes the responsibility of dealing with medical and surgical patients who are facing serious illness, health problems and injuries. You can also complete your specialization in fields like health psychology, neuropsychology and behavioral neuropsychology.

Human resource manager

Industries and companies offer the post of Human Resource Manager. The job profile includes the responsibility of understanding the needs of the employers and finds a suitable candidate for the offered job. The Human research Manager arranges and performs interviews. It is duty of the Human Resource Manager to help the firm to create policies for the employees and also to improve the efficiency and performance of them. The psychology plays the important role in the profile of Human Resource manager as the job includes the responsibility of understanding the behavior of the employees and tries to solve their problems.

Social worker

The career of social worker is very exigent but you can get appreciation as well as job satisfaction for your work. The duty of social worker is to help our society by understanding their problems and helping them to come out of the difficulties. After completing graduation in psychology, you can obtain Master's degree in Social work (MSW). The study of psychology can help you to take people out of their problems and concerns.

Educational psychologist

The Career of Educational Psychologists deals with schools and colleges. The Educational Psychologist works with teachers, students and parents. They also try to deal with administrators. The main duty of Educational Psychologist is to solve the learning and behavioral problems of students. They explain about the usefulness of the academic programs and other services offered in the school.

Industrial psychologists

The work of Industrial psychologists is connected with business, industries and with government works. The knowledge of psychology is used here to improve the productivity of the workers by providing them better working conditions. Various research methods are used in this job profile. The Industrial Psychologists also counsels the companies about improving the business by knowing the needs of customers in variety of products and services.

Public relations officer

The work of Public Relations Officers is connected with politicians, film actor or other celebrities. Public Relation Officers try to create and maintain a deliberate image of their consumers in front of the society and public. The Public Relations Officer can work for a person or for a business company. The role of psychology in this field is to make a research about public preferences and their judgments.

Market research analyst

If you are more interested in Market and business then selecting the field of Market Research Analyst is the best option for you. The duty of Market Research Analyst is to help company or industry to study about customer's choices. They research about the market demands too. Another duty of marketing analyst is to develop a marketing policy for the company to gain more and more consumers. They learn about the public demand and think about the tricks to sell the product. The role of psychology in this field is about thinking about other's choices, effective communication and problem solving. This job profile is very highly paid than other options.

Developmental psychologists

As the name suggests; this field in psychology deals with development in the life. These developments can be physical, mental or social in the life of a person. As we grow, many changes take place in our life and the Developmental Psychologists deals with the same. In some cases some special behavior is marked during childhood and adolescence. It can change during maturity age or adult age. To deal with the changes in the behavior comes under the duty and field of Developmental Psychologists.

Career counselors

The work of career counselor is much in demand now. The people prefer to visit a Career Counselor while selecting the field of study or career. The duty of Career Counselor is to remove their confusion and help them to find the correct path according to their interest and capacity. They conduct aptitude tests and personality tests to help the students and the parents to understand their preferences. They also suggest various career options by selecting different courses and colleges. The Career Counselor has to be very careful about suggesting a career path to the client.

The above mentioned and many more fields like Social Psychologists, Research Psychologists, Detectives, Environmental Psychologists, International Relationship Officer, Media Psychologists etc. you can also join a NGO or Helpline organizations after obtaining a degree in psychology. The fields like Family Counselors and Industrial Psychologists are also well in demand. After achieving Master's and Doctorate degree in Psychology many career options are available in India as well as in foreign countries with high payment opportunity.

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