How to do simple makeup for a party

Makeup is loved by every woman and sometimes they use it more than necessity. Before applying the makeup, it is also important to know about the correct method of using any makeup tool. Here are some tips and tricks about how to apply simple makeup for a party or celebrations.

Pretty makeup is very important for ladies before attending a family function or an office party. Very few ladies know about how to use makeup step by step to look astonishingly beautiful. Makeup cannot only make you look beautiful but also hides the marks and scars on your face. It helps to build your confidence too. The most important thing you should do is to select makeup kit from a reputed company. The products which you are going to use on your face should be genuine and of best quality.

Cleanse your face

Wash and clean your face before starting to apply makeup. Use a mild soap, cleanser or preferably face wash gel to wash face. If you prefer natural type then use green gram powder and sandal powder. It will remove dirt and oil from the face.


Skin becomes dry after washing it. To avoid this dryness, use of good moisturizer is advisable. It not only makes your skin soft but also can maintain makeup for longer period. Avoid using excessive moisturizer as it can make you look oily. Give dots of the moisturizer on face and spread it evenly on the face by using fingers.


Using foundation is the basic step before you start doing your makeup. It helps you to give a smooth base and makes your face look smooth and scar free. You can apply the foundation using fingertips. Use a brush to spread it evenly all over the face by giving back and forth strokes on forehead and chin. While using brush on the cheeks, stroke it downwards towards the jaw bone.


After foundation, use a concealer to hide unwanted scars, dark circles and marks from your face. Not using concealer in a proper way can cause unusual patches on your skin. It is necessary to blend it properly and smoothly. Take very little amount of moisturizer on your makeup brush and then take the concealer on the brush. Apply it under your eyes or on the other areas and blend it with brush. Use your middle finger to spread it under your eyes. Make your finger little warm to blend it evenly and give smooth look. The use of concealer gives glowing effect on your skin.

Powder and bronzer

After the foundation and concealer, now it's time to use powder. Use a brush to apply powder evenly on your face. Use the brush in circular direction to absorb it into the skin and natural fairness and freshness can be seen. Bronzer should be used on the face when you are going for evening party or celebrations. It is not much effective in daylight. Apply bronzer on face only with large and feathery brush for the perfect effect. Twirl the brush in bronzer and tap it lightly to remove extra powder from it. Now start applying it from your cheeks by moving the brush in up and down motion. Repeat the process on other side. After cheeks apply it on forehead, chin and neck too.


You need to select a proper color for blush which goes perfect with your skin. Selecting an improper color may look awkward and unnatural. Use a fluffy and opaque brush to apply blush on your cheeks. Don't forget to smile when you are applying blush on the circles of your cheeks.

Eye makeup

When your face is ready with the entire above mentioned make up products, be ready for eye makeup. Initially use shadow brush to apply eye shadow on the entire lid. You can also apply it with fingers. Now apply little darker shadow on the eyelids. Avoid getting it on your cheeks. Now apply the eyeliner with the help of angled brush. You can also use powder liner by adding little water in it. Once it is dry, apply mascara to give deep looks to your eyes. Take the mascara on the stick, remove the extra product with the help of a tissue and then use it twisting on your lashes by brushing it upwards.


Few ladies have naturally beautiful eyebrows and they don't need to take much effort to make them look attractive. Many ladies have thin and light eyebrows, which look dull and can spoil the beauty of your eyes. Beautifully shaped and colored eyebrows can add to the beauty of your eyes and make you the centre of attraction in the party. Avoid coloring the eyebrows with the colors which look artificial. Use the semi dark eyebrow liners to color eyebrows. Use it by applying small strokes of the liner or pencil.

Lips makeup

You are all set with your face and eyes, at the end you need to make your lips to look attractive. Use a good quality lipstick and lip gloss for lips makeup. Select the color which suits your complexion. Touch the lipstick lightly on your lower lip and rub on your lips slowly to get a beautiful light shade of the lip color. Apply gloss to give a shine and natural looks to your lip color. Select the color which suits to your party dress too. Apply good quality moisturizer on lips before apply lipstick to maintain the lip color for longer period.

Hair style

Beautiful hair style is very important for a party makeup. Messy and rumpled hair style can spoil your entire look completely. Find your hair texture and type whether it is curly or straight or wavy then choose your hairstyle that suits your hair type. Select a hairdo suitable for your body structure and dress. Use hair spray to keep your hair style perfect.

Now you are all set for the party. Your confidence and a beautiful smile can surely make you impressive in the party!

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Author: sushma mewundi22 Jul 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Very nice make up tips for a party is given by the author. But one should ensure to remove the makeup before going to bed. Make up should not be kept on for longer times. So remove makeup with the help of cotton. Dip cotton in some baby oil, wipe it on face and then wash your face thoroughly. This will protect the skin from damage.

Author: K Mohan23 Jul 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Well the author gave the article heading as simple tips to have quick make up for the party but the list of items seems to be long. Most of the Indian women are familiar with the home made make-up items which not only bring radiance in the face but also brightens up others as the looks would be arresting. There is noting like basin paste. The channa dal paste is the best to bring in much glow to the face. Like wise just take the aloe vera plant leaf and smear the same all over and see a new radiance flashing your face. You can also try the gulab jal or the rose water to cleanse the face to bring in more radiance and attraction. All these are home made and no chemical is used. That brings natural looks to retain and contain.

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