Dos and Don'ts when mobile phone falls in water

There may be a time when your phone falls in water and stops working. You might not have an optional phone with you and you might wonder what can be done at the moment. Read this article which tells Do's and Don'ts when your phone falls in water.

Most of the times you would have heard someone saying his phone fell in water and it has stopped functioning. You might have also faced that situation. Since we are so much addicted to mobile phones, when it falls in water we cannot imagine the fact that we won't be able to use it for few days and we try all possible ways to dry it up but we end up worsening the damage. So don't panic when you drop you phone in water. Just follow few steps mentioned below and your mobile will start functioning normally.

Steps to be followed when your phone slips into water

  1. Usually when Mobile phone falls in water, it turns off immediately. If in case the phone is not turned off, turn it off immediately.
  2. Once you turn off the mobile, remove all the protective case, panel, battery. Also remove SIM card and micro SD card from their slots.
  3. With the help of a tissue paper or a cloth, dab and dry your phone. Do not wipe off the water as it might spread and water might get accumulated in the openings of the phone.
  4. You can use vacuum cleaner to suck the water but you have to be very careful while using Vacuum cleaner.
  5. Place your phone in the area where there is enough sunlight so that the water gets dried up. But the water might not dry up completely in small openings.
  6. It is said that rice is a very good absorber of water or any liquid. So you can bury your phone in uncooked rice for 2 days and let it absorb the water completely. Your phone might appear dry and might work, but do not turn it on and start using it. Till it is dried up completely, you can use a spare phone.
  7. After 2 days, remove the phone from uncooked rice, insert battery, SIM and switch on the phone. If the phone doesn't turn on, charge your phone and then turn on the mobile.
  8. If your phone is switched on and if it is functioning normally then you are good to go with it. But keep a keen eye on phone to see if it behaves abnormally in next few days. Make a call and check if you can hear properly. If it is a touch screen, it should perform the way it should.
  9. If your phone is still not switched on, then it could be a problem with the battery. Replace the battery and check.

Things you should avoid

  1. Do not try to turn on the phone immediately after it falls in water.
  2. Do not tap, bang or shake the phone as water might reach internal parts of the phone.
  3. Do not blow on to the phone as the water might flow to other parts.
  4. Do not press keys and buttons of the phone.
  5. Do not heat the phone in order to dry it up fast.
  6. Do not try to dry your mobile using a hair dryer. Hair dryer will push the water deep inside the phone.

Now you know the steps that should be taken and the steps that should be avoided to prevent your phone from further water damage. So if this situation occurs to you, stay calm and try your luck. If still you find damage to your phone, you can go to the vendor.

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Author: K Mohan20 Jul 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

This is a good article which gives lots of insight and tips to protect our mobile phones and how to make it function even if it had fallen in the water and retrieved. Once I had been to Srisailam and while returning through the forest on the bike, there was sudden heavy rain and we did not have any chance to stop or stand for any shelter. There were so many monkeys waiting for snatching anything they get from the stranded devotees and hence it is advised not to stop in the forest area. So that resulted in total damage to my cell phone which was kept on the shirt pocket and thus it stopped functioning. But I took it light and returned back to Hyderabad. After coming I just removed outer cover, sim and battery and made it dry for two hours. Then I fixed the battery and switched on. The phone started working normally.

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