How to do mushroom farming at home in India

Mushroom is a tasty option preferred by many vegetarians. Mushrooms are consumed for their nutritional values and in some cases they are consumed for medicinal purposes. In recent days, mushroom cultivation is becoming popular in India. Here are some tips and instructions to start a new business of mushroom farming at your home.

Mushrooms are considered to be very healthy food option as they are very low in calories and fats and they provide very high amount of fiber and potassium to our body. Mushroom farming is the demanding business as it doesn't require any big place or field. Mushroom farming can be done at home with some easy precautions. Mushroom growing kits are available in the market with the help of which, tasty mushrooms can be grown inside the house easily. You just need to select a suitable area of your home to start mushroom farming. Here is the detailed information on how to do mushroom farming at home in India.

Choose a mushroom type

Many varieties of mushrooms can be cultivated in the mushroom farming. You need to select what exactly you want to grow and work accordingly. Generally the people prefer to grow Shiitake Mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms and white button mushrooms etc in home. When you are in your learning stage of mushroom farming, growing button mushroom is the advisable option for you. The spores or seeds are easily available in the market or with the dealer. You can order them online or you can also produce your own spawns by using sterile culture but it can be expensive initially. Spores are just the seeds for the cultivation and spawns are as good as seedlings. When you are thinking about mushroom farming at home, using spawns will be easier than spores.

Selecting the medium or base

When you have chosen the type of mushroom you are going to cultivate at home, it is necessary to think about the growing medium for the same. Different kinds of mushrooms need different kinds of mediums to grow. Shitake mushrooms need hardwoods or hardwood sawdust to grow properly, oyster mushrooms can grow well on straw and white button mushrooms require compost manure for proper growth. Choose the farming base based on your mushroom for cultivation.

Perfect place for mushroom farming

Once you are prepared with the selected the mushroom type and the required growing medium you can start the farming procedure step by step. You need to arrange for a place for mushroom cultivation. Mushrooms need dark, cool and soggy place to grow. Mushroom farming is not possible in the bright sunlight or in garden. If possible the basement of your house or any dark room which have suitable atmosphere for mushroom growth can be used. If such room is not available then you can think about a cabinet or cupboard to be used for this purpose. Any place which can provide darkness and humidity is best for mushroom growth.

The basic preparations

You need a pan to put the growing base or medium in it. Place it in the temperature of around 21 degree Celsius. You can also use heating pads to raise the temperate. Now spread the spawn on the growing base. You have to wait for nearly 20 to 21 days for the spawn to get rooted. You can see the spawn rooting as it spreads into growing medium properly.

Growth and harvest stage

Once the rooting procedure starts, you need to reduce the temperature of that area up to 13 - 16 degree, as it is considered as the best temperature for mushroom growth. Now it's time to cover the spawn with the one inch layer of potting soil. Cover the entire pan along with the soil with a damp cloth. The cloth should remain wet all the time; hence you have to spray water as it gets dry. Also sprinkle some water on the soil if it gets dry. After a month you can see small mushrooms are appearing on the base. You can harvest the mushroom once its cap is completely opened and the stem is separated from it.

How to grow button mushroom at home

Button mushrooms are considered as the best species to grow at home, you can easily cultivate them in a plastic bag which can be kept anywhere. It is observed that many mushroom farmers use straw or wood chips for farming. Use the straws which can be cut into very small pieces. If you are using straws then cut them into small pieces, and wet them. Put the straw in boiling water and boil them for nearly 20 to 25 minutes. Remove them from the water and spread them on clean base to cool down. After cooling make a two-three inch layer of straw in plastic bag and spread spawn on the top. In this way arrange the layers till the bag is nearly filled. Tie up the bag from top and make some holes to the bags. You need to keep this plastic bag in such place where natural light will not reach to spoil the production. Keep it in dark room or shelf where it will get suitable atmosphere. C

heck your bags in very deem light only. Very soon you will find small pinhead mushrooms near the holes of the plastic bag. Now it's time to take special precautions for your mushrooms. During the day time be sure that your plastic bag is in cool and humid place and during the night time it can get a natural light outside. After few days cut off the plastic bag and let the proper growth of mushroom take place. Wait till the mushrooms are fully grown and their caps are uncurled. Twist and pick your mushrooms out from their stems and enjoy harvesting them.

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