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Orphan - a poem on lost childhood and agony of life

This poem Orphan is about a boy who is abandoned by his mother. Orphan is all about an innocent child who lost his childhood. He is unable to get education and good habits as he grew up. As time passes, he takes up stealing for his daily livelihood. One fine day he is caught by the police and imprisoned. The Society mocks at him.

Orphan Childhood Agony

When a baby is born, he/she does not know what a parent means and what life means. Slowly touch and senses gives confidence to the baby about who is his/her own and who is not. Unfortunately the poem's child has a single mother and explains his childhood agony. This poem is about orphans who lose their family, education and future, about what orphan has to struggle for everyday to survive and nothing gets out of it. Not many people pay attention to orphans and those who do so do not think of them as their own. All an orphan seeks for is love and care which he/she finds missing in his/her life. Children of a very young age who are orphans deserve that love so that they can think of bright future. Hope you realize the suffering of orphans through this poem.

Orphan - Lost Childhood and Agony of Life

He was an Orphan born in the dustbin,
denied of his parents love for which he yearned.
The society labelled him as an
Illegitimate child of an unwed mother.
His childhood was spend by picking up rags.
He was very rough and tough in nature.
He used to throw stones and abuse,
when other children used to go to school.
He worn torn clothes picked from dustbin.
As he grew up he had no education.
He began to steal for his daily bread.
......One day he was caught and put behind bars.
The people mocked at him and called him,
as an illegitimate child of an unwed mother.

Orphan Life Struggle Agony

In the above poem, the poet describes the orphan's struggles in his life at every step, as time passes by. You come to know how the orphan suffers and get directed to criminal activities. The poet details the Orphan's life of struggle for survival. Growing up of orphan from childhood, teenage to adulthood is painful. Only a few orphan kids get good parents who adopt them. And such parents give good education to an orphan. Rest of the orphans thinks no one cares for them and so they start to think not to care for anyone. The orphan then only lives for another orphan who becomes his friend and considers him all his family. Poem concludes with naturally happening incident in Orphan's life.

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