6 Tips to Reduce Office Stress

Stress can be a silent killer. It can cause physical and emotional distress that can lead to medical conditions. How do you cope with office related stress? Here are six tips that can help you remain stress-free at work.

Stress is a killer. Especially, in the hot summers when the air-conditioning is either too hot or too cold. Stress can not only reduce productivity but can also cause strokes. A 2015 poll by the American Psychological Association found that 60 percent of those who responded to the poll were stressed out by work.

Signs that you are stressed out

  • You are losing interest in work
  • You are irritable, anxious or depressed
  • You are having trouble sleeping
  • You suffer from migraine or unexplained headaches
  • Your blood pressure reading are unfavourable
  • You are losing your sex drive
  • You have taken to smoking and drinking alcohol to cope

These are signs you need to do something about the stress that is slowly and silently destroying you.

Work-related stresses are natural. You cannot control everything at work. But you do not always have to be powerless. It is possible to take small steps in various ways to protect yourself from the killer stress. Small changes for better task management and organizing your workday will bring down your stress levels and bring you some peace of mind.

Tips for Task Management to Reduce Office Stress

Break up projects into smaller steps

If you are working on a large project that is too overwhelming, you should break the job down into smaller tasks. The smaller tasks will be easier to manage rather than taking on the entire project all at once.

Rank your tasks by priority

To avoid being stuck with stress over high priority jobs hours or minutes before deadline, it is best to prioritize your tasks by taking on the high priority work first. Even if it is a task that you have not been looking forward to do, do not procrastinate. It can only lead to prolonging your bad day.

Delegate the work

Do not try to do everything on your own. If you have a strong compulsion to control every step of the task, you will only be accumulating unnecessary stress. Instead, hand out some of the steps of a task to someone else, and in the time you save, move around and away from your cubicle a little to refresh yourself and maybe get a nice cup of tea to relax yourself.

Keep your office equipment regularly serviced and updated

The last thing you want in the middle of printing a critical piece of document is to have the printer malfunction. Keep your printers, copiers and all other regular-use hardware and equipment fully serviced with their software updated.

Use collaborative tools

There are plenty of collaboration tools that you can use today to make the task of sharing documents and files with other team members easier. You no longer have to print or email copies, menial tasks that can be quite frustrating when there are many files and documents to be shared. Instead, create a space online – using Google Drive or Dropbox and similar tools – so that teams can access and edit files and documents in one place, and even share them with other teams without hassle.

Try to resist being a perfectionist

When you try to be a perfectionist, you set goals for yourself that are unrealistic. In other words, you set yourself up to not meet your own expectations. Try to do your best, and learn to be happy with it.

Follow the tips above to reduce office stress and find other little ways of working around a tough workday. You will probably find yourself thinking more positive and sleeping better! The end result will be a more relaxed and productive you.

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Author: sushma mewundi27 Jul 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Nice article on tips to reduce office stress. It is always better to take small breaks between work to have some relaxation to mind. Working continuously will put a person to stress, so take a break and walk for five minutes or talk to colleagues.
Keeping work desk clean is another important thing to be stress free in office. When desk is clean, you get everything in handy and you don't have to take time to search for an important file or something.

Author: Partha K.10 Aug 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A very useful article from the author in the present stressful office environment. Stress makes our daily work heavy and causes loss of quality. The author has given some very useful suggestions to reduce stress. I am adding some more, which I use in office and I have got relief by using the methods:-
(a) Enjoy calm and soothing music at very low volume whenever you are stressed. The music may be instrumental or non-instrumental.
(b) Ensure day-light in your room. If ensuring day-light is not possible, ensure adequate light on your work-table to reduce stress on your eyes.
(c) Take occasional short leave and visit calm and cool places to rejuvenate yourself.
(d) Strategically speaking, have good relation with your sub-ordinates (at least some of them), so that you can depend on them during crisis or while working on a project in a time-bound manner.

I recommend the present article for all office-going people. This would help reducing stress from their office-life.

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