Animation career opportunities in India

Animations is the art of moving the images, adding sound and effects to them and making them look alive. This is one of the fantastic examples of modern technology. Through this article we will try to understand the scope and the career opportunities of Animation in India

Animation is created in 2D or 3D form and it is used for many purposes, mainly for entertainment of the people. It is used to make simple animation effects to top computer games. The expanding demand of animation in any field has given a huge importance to this art. The career in animation is highly demanded in market by advertising agencies, web designers, film industries and etc.

What is Animation and how to get trained in Animation?

Often animation is connected directly with the cartoons. Making cartoons is just drawing few characters in funny way to create comedy sense, whereas animation brings life to these characters by using many computer techniques. The field of animation is very vast and a good career scope is available in this field. Obtaining graduation degree in animation or completing diploma is the best way to start with the career in animation. In India graduation degree in animation is available with few institutions only but diploma course in animation is available in many reputed institutes.

Bachelor's degree in animation along with Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts can be the best combination to enter the field of animation. Diploma in animation is available with the choice of six months course and one and the half year course. You can complete your diploma after completing your 10+2 with minimum marks of 45%. Along with the degree or diploma it is necessary for you to have keen interest in the course. The animator should be blessed with high imagination power and interest in drawing. The person who is very good in drawing and sketching can be expert in animation. Also you need to have very good revelation skill to imagine the movements of the objects. You need to have a thorough knowledge about the color combination. Also you must have good communication skill as animation is a team work.

What can be the course cost?

The cost for the course depends upon the institution you select for the course. The starting price for the course can be around 50,000 and it can reach up to 2, 00,000 rupees, but many institutions also give the opportunity of scholarship for brilliant students. Many scholarship programs are offered by the institutions to support and promote the students to make their career in animation. Creativity tests and interviews are arranged for this purpose.

Scope for animation in India

Animation courses are available everywhere now. Enroll with a reputed institution to get a thorough knowledge about animation course. After completing the course and obtaining a Bachelor's degree in animation you can get an opportunity to work with advertising agencies, web designing companies, video makers and editors, game developing companies and also in film industry. Film industry needs an animator to create special effects in the films by using 2D and 3D animation techniques. During your course period you can get training from your trainers and during your job, you can get professional training from your seniors and experienced professionals. Getting training is not sufficient to work as an animator hence you need to take a practical training for getting perfection. Working with the company and getting practical assignments can help you to get confidence and doing your job easily. Through animation you can also express your feelings and views in an impressive ways. It develops the creativity of your mind and makes your vision sharp towards everything. A true animator can use his imagination and his intelligence along with the computer techniques to create a fantastic animation.

Future career in animation

An animation is inseparable part of entertainment industry. The animators who have successfully obtained the degree in 2D and 3D animation can get best job opportunities easily. Film and television industry in India is rapidly developing and the use of special effect is in high demand. The both industries are in need of well trained and well experienced animators to create amazing special effects to impress the viewers. Along with the television shows and movies, advertising agencies also need expert animators to create eye-catching commercials. In modern age, most of the advertisements are the results of animation techniques. 2D and 3D animation techniques are used in the commercials to get desired effects. Earlier advertisements were flashed only on the televisions but now they are spreading over the web. With the help of internet lots of information, pictures and videos are shared all over the world. The web page animation plays a very important role to attract the viewers throughout the world. After completing the course following job fields are available for you. You can work as an animator, a background artist, layout artist, scanner operator, special effect artist, key frame animator, image editor, 2D animator, 3D animator etc. many more fields are also available in this arena.

Payment range for animators

Career in animation gives satisfactory payment package depending upon the industry you join. Those who are new and inexperienced in this field get the chance to work as junior animator and the payment offered to them is around 10,000 to 15,000 per month. When they get proper guidance and experience, they are offered the salary package from 30,000 to 40,000 per month. If you have joined a reputed industry with unique projects then you can get the salary package of 50,000 to 60,000 per month also. So after completing the course, prepare yourself by purchasing a computer with advance graphic card and proper development tools. With the help of the computer create your portfolio which can represent your work and your skill. This is very essential to get better job opportunity. Search for job opportunities and apply for many companies so that you can get a chance to select a better opportunity among them.

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