How to sell pre-owned clothes and accessories and make money with Spoyl

Sell and buy pre-owned clothing and accessories in a hassle-free and fully protected Spoyl marketplace. Download the Spoyl app and gain access to the closets of fashionistas across India. Enjoy pickup by Spoyl concierge if you don't have the time for listings.

Would you believe if I tell you there is a place where you can sell clothes and accessories that you no longer use? Perhaps not. The fact is that such a place does exist. Whats more, it is reliable and hassle free. You can get rid of all that stuff that is sitting in your cupboard and earn some money off it. Read on and surprise yourself!

A revolutionary new service for Indians called Spoyl, offered by a Silicon Valley-returnee, is making it easy to get rid of clothes that you no longer want and make space for new clothes. We all have a few items of clothing or accessories in our closets that are new or nearly-new and may never be worn. Maybe you bought them on a whim and never quite figured out how to wear them. Or maybe they do not fit well, and you do not know what to do with them. These items can take up space and make you feel guilty every time you look at them.

Spoyl lets you sell pre-worn items (as long as they are in a good condition) through their Android and iPhone apps. With the app, you can list clothes and accessories on the Spoyl marketplace and then forget about them. When someone likes the item and chooses to own it, you make money.

If you are a buyer, you will have access to the closets of fashionistas across India. You may find items that are not available on online shopping sites. You can also purchase fantastic trendy items without having to pay full price, like you would if you were to buy them new. It is a win-win situation, any which way you look at it.

How to use Spoyl

You can download the Spoyl app by entering your mobile number at the Spoyl website, and you will be sent a download link. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, you can begin to list the items you want to sell or begin looking for good bargains. You will be surprised, (and pleasantly at that) at the variety of shoes, clothes, handbags, sunglasses, jewellery etcetera that you can pick up at the click of a button, from the comfort of your home.

Listing items on Spoyl

Listing items on Spoyl is quite simple. All you have to do is take a few good quality pictures of the item you want to sell, add a short and specific description of the same and upload to your Spoyl closet, along with the asking price. The description can include the size and fabric/material of the item. You may also mention the brand and how long you have owned the item. This gives prospective buyers an idea of how old the item is. Mentioning the original price, though not mandatory, can be a good thing. Buyers can have an estimate of how much they can save on the product. It is nice to mention whether the colour is as seen in the image or there is a slight variation of hue in the actual item and the image.

Advantages of buying items at Spoyl

The advantages of such a service is that you can save anywhere between 30% and 70% of the list price by buying pre-worn. If you are a buyer, you want to make sure that you get what you pay for. Spoyl offers 100% buyer protection with an online chat, easy returns and the option to pay with cash on delivery. The unsold items are donated to charity.

Spoyl's Concierge Service for busy customers

If you do not have the time to list your items on the Spoyl marketplace, you can still enjoy the services with the help of Spoyl's "Concierge Service". With this service, you can schedule a pick-up of the items that you want to sell, and wait for a representative to turn up at your door.

Spoyl goes an extra mile to make sure that your items are sanitized and dry-cleaned before they are put up for sale. They will curate the items and only list the best condition and quality items for sale. You can track the listings, edit with new pictures or text content anytime. Navigate to the "Your Listings" tab in the app to do so. It is that simple

After each sale, the service deposits the sale income into your bank account – which you would have provided during the registration process. You will be charged a 25% to 30% fee on the listing price for the concierge service. This fee is only charged after a sale has been made. The fee goes towards shipping and other logistics activities that are involved. It is possible that you change your mind about selling an item after it has been listed on Spoyl. In that case, you can always make it "unavailable for sale".

Become a Spoyl Campus Ambassador

You stand to benefit even if you have nothing to sell. Become a Spoyl Campus Ambassador and be a part of the Spoyl team. As a SPOYLR you will enjoy certain privileges.
  • You will represent Spoyl on your campus
  • Have an opportunity to intern with the company
  • A lucky few can also find employment at Spoyl
  • Hone skills, such as marketing
  • Earn goodies and get rewarded with certificates

As a SPOYLR you will need to spread word about this awesome site and get more fashinoistas to join. You will be a part of and help in organizing any events that Spoyl initiates. Over all it will be a great learning experience for you. Giving you the opportunity to meet new people and get recognized on campus.
To sign up for the service, you can contact Spoyl through the contact form that you will find on their website.

You will be pleased to know that Spoyl does its bit for society, by donating to charity any item that does not sell. So, what are you waiting for? Become a part of Spoyl today.

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