Top 2 electrolyte supplements and sports drinks in India

Electrolyte sports drinks like Gatorade and Unived's series of drinks act as hydrating agents for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They help to replenish the mineral salts that the body loses during exercise, and prevents dehydration, fatigue and other electrolyte imbalance problems.

Staying hydrated during and after working out is essential for good performance and health. There is a range of workout supplements in the Indian market that promises to replenish not only water lost during exercise, but also the essential electrolytes and trace minerals that are lost through sweating. Here is a look at some of the most popular of these, and how effective they have been in battling dehydration and boosting your performance during fitness routines.

Popular Electrolytes and Sports Drinks


This popular American range of sports drinks is manufactured by PepsiCo and offers quite a few variants to the consumer. The original Gatorade that you will find in the iconic contoured man-shaped bottles is based on oral rehydration therapy. It is something like Electral (ORS), but less concentrated and is marketed as a sports supplement, whereas an oral rehydration solution is marketed for use during illness.

Gatorade comes in three flavors in India – lemon, orange and blue bolt. The ingredients include water, salt, dextrose, mineral salts, acidity regulator and flavoring. For every 100 ml of these 500 ml bottles, you get 24kcal of energy. A great selling point is that Gatorade claims to contain less than half of the sugar that most energy drinks contain; you will find Gatorade does not leave that sugary taste in the mouth, which is a plus if you do not like your sports drinks too sweet. Gatorade is also available in the form of a Sports Powder Mix. The mix is available in small portable sachets that you can carry with you when you are at the gym or engaged in activities outdoors.

As a sports drink, the original Gatorade may be refreshing and definitely offers an energy boost, but as for essential salt content, it falls behind due to the lack of information on the different salts it contains.

Another Gatorade product is the Thirst Quencher, which is a flavored powder that is 100% vegetarian. It comes in 521 gram jars, and claims to provide 80 calories of energy per 12 fluid ounce serving (equivalent to approximately 354 ml of the mixed drink). The same volume of the instant drink gives you 150 mg of sodium and 45 mg of potassium.

Unived RRUNN

Unived is a Mumbai-based company of health drinks. It offers the RRUNN series of products for electrolyte replacement before, during and after workouts. The products offered are 100% vegan, and contain no dairy and zero caffeine. The company offers two types of products – jars of electrolyte mix and boxes of sachets. Each is available in pre-workout, post-workout and during-workout formulations. The sachets provide portability when you are on the move, but when you work out at the home gym, the jars may be more economical.

The "Pre" sports RRUNN sports drink is an intelligent concoction made by combining low-glycemic and high-glycemic carbohydrates, giving you an energy boost when consumed 15 minutes before an exercise routine. This drink, acting as "fuel", also offers a slow release of energy throughout your workout, resulting in an improved level of performance and endurance. The product provides 160 kcal of energy per 42g serving

The "During" sports RRUNN sports drink offers complete electrolyte replenishment during workouts, when consumed every 20-30 minutes. It contains the necessary electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride along with carbohydrates, amino acids and an osmolyte to help athletes maintain electrolyte balance during strenuous exercise or sports activities. The 6-8% carbohydrate content is for optimal fluid intake and keeps the body hydrated. The L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine amino acids aid fluid uptake, reduce fatigue and help with protein synthesis. The osmolyte Betaine helps to increase endurance and protect cells against stress. It also contains Maltodextrin, sugar and flavoring.

The "Post" sports RRUNN sports drink helps you replenish electrolytes lost, and relaxes fatigued muscles. It should ideally be consumed within 45 minutes following a rigorous workout to prevent sore or cramped muscles and to aid 100% body recovery. It gives you 4:1 carbs to protein ratio for restoring muscle glycogen, amino acids for recovery and Vitamin C antioxidant for relief from muscle soreness.

Overall, hydration drinks have the following aims:
  • To help users workout for longer periods
  • To provide boosts of energy
  • To prevent dehydration and alleviate fatigue
  • To ease stress on muscles during and after strenuous exercise
  • To reduce headaches that are associated with electrolyte imbalances
  • To help athletes reach their performance goals faster
  • To enable faster absorption of electrolyte

When it comes to sports drinks, it is best to go with one that does not contain large quantities of sugar, so as to avoid unnecessary weight gain that will counter your rigorous workouts. Ideally, look for sports drinks and mixes that are portable, healthy, taste good, and do not cost an arm and a leg.

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