Landscape Management Tips for Your Lawn

These tips to manage your lawn and the do's and don'ts that professionals know about will help you keep your lawn rich, green and well-maintained throughout the year. Follow the correct watering, fertilization and mulching techniques for better landscape management on your property.

In the world of residential and commercial landscaping experts have different opinions on whether it is the seed or the sod that needs the bulk of your resources. Some designers believe that taking care of the sod or earth is more rewarding as it becomes full and rich with a little tending. Others say seed as it is cost effective and inexpensive and yields the same results. The fact remains that lawns and landscapes need large-scale maintenance and there are things that can go wrong. Here are some landscape management tips to maintain your lawn in the Indian summer.

Landscape management tips: Dos and Don'ts

Do not cut the grass too low

Root growth is directly proportional to lawn height, so 2 ½ inches (which is the short turf that many people desire) may not be the healthiest height for your lawn grass. Cutting the grass too low is one of the biggest mistakes that landscapers make when they are carrying out lawn maintenance activities. Every variety of grass also has its own requirements. To make sure that you are following the right maintenance techniques for your lawn, it is advisable that you take a clump of grass to a nearby nursery to find out the variety of the grass and what feeds and maintenance it needs.

Do not over-irrigate

If you live in a dry and warm part of the country, it is very important to water regularly. But at the same time, over-irrigation is a common problem with many landscapers. Many plants only need enough water for establishing themselves. Installing more drip irrigation than you need, can actually be wasteful.

Do not water in the evening if possible

This can increase the chances of your lawn developing diseases as the grass soaks water through the night. The best times to water your lawn is early in the morning and in the afternoon.

Do not over-fertilize

Over-fertilizing and over-watering can lead to excessive lawn moss, which can be counterproductive.

Do check irrigation systems

Irrigation systems should be turned back on and thoroughly checked for broken lines at the start of summer or spring. Subsequently, in June, July and August when irrigation is most needed, the systems should be managed, the coverage should be checked and any percentage adjustments to be made for the season should be done.

Do follow fertilization cycles

However, these are only guidelines. Like many professional landscapers do, it is best to pay attention to more biological signs to decide when it is time to apply fertilizers. Some companies apply a quick release first fertilizer to green the lawn right away a few days before the growing season. This is also measure against weeds emerging from dormancy in colder parts of India. Apply three or four times a year for best results. Allow a gap of two months between applications.

Do mulch, but not too much

Mulching should be done after the application of weed killer. Mulching helps to create a trim-looking landscape. But at the same time the mulch depth should not be more than 3 inches throughout the plantings. If there already is some mulch, you may only need to top-dress one or two inches each growing season.

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