A guide to successful weight loss and healthy diet chart

Knowing fat/obese level is an important matter for an obesity person in these days; but how to calculate the body fat, BMI and obese level? What are the helpful instruments and methods to calculate it? Simultaneously, what are the processes of extracting excess thick fat from body without any operation or surgery? Know some secrets of fat loss programs and techniques here.

What is weight and how it is calculated

Many people don't know what actually the weight is. When a person goes for weight loss program to gym, yoga centre or any nutrition club, s/he just wants to lose weight as s/he is overweight as per her/his height. The people don't know how much they're overweighed or lessened. When they check their weight in weigh machine and found that they're over 70 or 80kgs, they became conscious about their weight and starts thinking about that. Some people, those who're acquainted about their fat due to laziness, tiredness and pains due to overweight, they take serious steps immediately. So, what is weight, and how to calculate it properly? Let us know here.

Weight is amalgamation of a body's muscle, bone, water and fat.

(Muscle should be developed; excess waste water must be removed; excess fat must be removed, and bone will be same or increase as per the age/height.)

Many people have a doubt when their weight not lessens after 2-3 months of regular exercise and taking good nutritional foods. The reason is, they always focus on their overall weight; not particular weight of these four substances. They need to calculate each portion's weight; like weight of muscle, bone, water substance and fat. Then only the actual weight can be calculated.

Suppose a person is doing regular exercises but not taking adequate food. His result is fantastic; losses 8 kg in one month; but while checking weight, it comes to know that he loses muscle also. It means he is not healthy. Muscle shouldn't loss, it must develop; for which he has to take good nutritious diet regularly.

Suppose a person complaining about not losing of weight even after serious exercise and diet. After checking it comes to know that his fat count decreased, water also decreased but at the same time muscle increased vigorously. Due to which he was confused about his weight loss.

When you go for weight loss program, at first the waste water from your body will reduce. It is because; our body has 70% water. First of all, the water starts decreasing during exercise, then slim fat and then thick fat starts burning. So, it is a lengthy process for an average fat loss treatment. Meanwhile, the person needs to develop muscle power with intake of required protein per day.

Want to lose weight or fat

Many people say as they want to lose weight. The verdict is completely wrong, as weight is combination of four matters; so they need to loss only fat and excess water from their body, not bones and muscles.

How to lose fat without any operation or surgery

There are many techniques of fat loss in India without going for any operation or surgery. Some of the basic methods are regular exercise at gym or home, doing Yoga with proper advice/tutor and trough proper weight loss nutritional food supplements. If you don't have any knowledge of nutritional supplements, then visit nearest Herbalife Nutrition Club for adequate knowledge on health/obesity, body fat analysis and diet chart. Nutrition clubs are the places where one can get information on general health, wellness and complete nutrition information. There are more than 1,000 Herbalife' nutrition clubs in India.

Diet chart for fat loss and muscle gain

  1. Morning: Take 4 glasses of water i.e. take a gap of 5 minute for each 250ml and 30 minute of physical activity like exercise, yoga, and aerobics. Add Herbalife Afresh energy drink.

  2. Breakfast: Take Nutritional shake mix as suggested by the wellness coach.

  3. Morning to Afternoon: Take 2ltr of water (8 glasses of water i.e. take gap of 15 minutes for each glass)

  4. Lunch: Fibre Fruit,2 Pulka (roti), 1 cup of rice with 2 cups of vegetable curry.

  5. Afternoon to Evening: Drink at least 2ltr of water (8 glasses of water i.e. take gap of 15 minutes for each glass)

  6. Evening: Healthy Snacks like fruit or suggested by wellness coach.

  7. Evening to Night: Drink at least 1ltr of water (i.e. 4 glasses of water in 15 min gap)

  8. Night: Take Nutritional Shake or diet as suggested by wellness coach.

Note: Don't drink water within 30 minutes after or before every meal
Avoid: Banana, Mango, Sapota, Grapes, Egg-yolk, Mutton, Prawn, Fry curries, Curd, and all junk foods.

Some common terms in body fat analysis chart

BMI (Body Mass Index)

BMI is a calculation of body fat as per the height and weight of a person. The normal value of BMI of an Indian is =20. However, there is systematic classification of BMI to indicate obese level.
BMI = 18.5 is Underweight
BMI 18.5 to 23 is Normal
BMI 25-30 is Obese Level 1
BMI 31-35 is Obese Level 2
BMI 36-40 is Obese Level 3
BMI More than 40 is Obese Level 4
BMI is calculated as:

Fat and Fat Mass

FAT: Ideal Fat value for Indians is 20.
FAT MASS: (Weight x Fat) / 100

Visceral Fat

Normal visceral fat rating should be 2-8%. It is surrounded in the abdominal cavity or stomach area which is very risky for heart also.

Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous fat lye under the skin, which is the fatty acids or adipose tissues with blood vessels.

Muscle Mass

Muscle mass is the volume of muscular tissue which always refers to the skeletal muscle that directly contributes to strength and power of a human body.

Minimum muscle mass count for men should be 33-36 and for women 30-33. To develop muscle mass a person need to take sufficient protein, i.e. in grams as per the body weight (ex. Suppose a person is 74 kg, then he requires 74gms of protein daily)

Trunk Fat

It is the whole combination of fat value at belly, lower stomach, side belly, etc. The normal value should be 15.

To measure visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, muscle mass, trunk fat, etc, you need to purchase a 'body composition monitor' or 'body fat analyzer' which costs within Rs. 2000/-. You can go for 'Karada Scanner' present in all Herbalife's Nutrition Centres in India.

Waste Water

Waste water in a body is calculated as = Target Weight – Body Fat Mass
Target weight is a person's ideal weight as per his height; and Body Fat Mass is (weight x fat)/100.

  • Don't promote weight gain program to diabetes person.

  • Don't promote weight loss program to pregnant women.

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Author: Venkiteswaran26 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Excess weight is a modern day menace in health. The standard of living has increased much and people use a lot of aids and support to avoid efforts and hard work. People are getting and consuming good foods. People eat more fatty and junk foods that supply high amount of calories. Against this, people do not work hard physically, but resort to sedentary life styles.This leads to a situation of fat accumulation and overweight and obesity.

However doctors and health authorities are always warning against being overweight. Being overweight can cause many health issues, some even leading to fatalities. So, now, due to the conscious spread of awareness many people try to reduce weight. It has become a fad also for some.

However weight reduction is not easy as per one's wish. It needs conscious efforts after a well charted plan. Diet plans form one important factor in weight reduction. One should stop overeating and resort to required eating for one's life style. This along with some physical exercise can help reduction in weight to the desired level, if properly planned and thoughtfully and practically implemented. Sometimes it may need more time also.

Author: K Mohan24 Jun 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Very good attempt from the author to give a nice tutorial on how to reduce weight by having healthy diet. Though every one is the health conscious and does want to maintain good health at all cost, but moving in the society we are always vulnerable to others eating habit and their influence on us. For example during lunch at the office, many of us have the habit of sharing dishes with one another. Though our dish may be having items for a health conscious person, others may not follow the diet restrictions and thus their spicy food do attract and tempt us to taste some. So the damage is done even though the household has taken enough precautions to keep away us from the outside food or the food offered by others. So we must control our taste buds and then only we can do the justice of keeping good health.

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