How to be - A father's letter to his son

Jagdeep opened his old rack to weed out the old papers and books. He found a letter written by his father when he was doing his Master's degree in University. The beautiful handwriting with beautiful quotes made him to think and recollect the past...

The backdrop of the theme

Some words are golden when the time passes by. But the same words give poor taste at the time of utterance. We feel they are the reflective rays of some orthodox people. When we gain experience with age, we will give credit and value to the advice. Same thing happened to Jagdeep, who is now in his early forties, enjoying a comfortable position in the society. Son of a school teacher, Jagdeep used to hear a daily routine from his father - how to be and how not to be. Enforcing discipline was at its peak and he had no option except to pretend that he was hearing politely. Good academic performance made him to manage to leave for higher studies and this time the daily routine of words translated into weekly letters. Friends used to comment that the letters are equality to the book written by Jawahar Nehru - the Discovery of India. Poor chap, simply used to smile .

Time won't stop. Jagdeep settled well in life and his son is doing his Engineering in one of the premier institution of India. Thanks to the advancement of science and technology and people have forgotten writing letters as everyone now-a days always stays connected via mobile. If they are at work, a SMS would serve the purpose. The busy schedule never made him to speak to his son as his father used to be nor his son could spare some moments for his parents.

One fine holiday, Jagdeep opened his old rack to weed out the old papers and books. He found a letter written by his father when he was doing his Master's degree in University. The beautiful handwriting with beautiful quotes (which were bitter at that time) made him to think and recollect the past. He simply smiled once again, not for the letter, but his inability to guide his son so effectively as his father did.

Content of the letter written by his father

Dear Jagdeep,

Hope you are doing well. We are also fine here. Your mother sometimes is complaining of severe headache and knee pain. I will find some time to see a specialist to check her problem.
I think you are studying well and preparing for the competitive examinations simultaneously. Don't sleep late to cover the syllabus and try to keep your study time with utmost discipline. During your last visit, I wanted to share some of my views with you. Of course, it is my responsibility to caution you as a father and if I fail to do so, none would guide you. I have learnt it from my experience. Don't keep this letter aside and spare few minutes to read and take more time to understand. The words of elders are like a packet of 'curd rice' which would protect from hunger at any time.

The following are some valuable words which you have keep it in your mind always:
  1. Keep up your word. Don't expect the same from others. Be polite and accommodative to others but don't expect the same from others. If you fail to understand this simple logic, you would be inviting problems at your own cost.

  2. There are so many instances that many people who got established well in life and became rich without a quality education. It doesn't mean that you need not work hard and acquire a degree to become rich and great. Whatever knowledge you acquired during your course of study would be the investment and weapons for your success in life. When you are lost, it would not be difficult to regain your lost glory. But don't forget the state of affairs you were facing when you were lost.

  3. There is no short cut way to attain success. You have to work hard. See my weakness of purchasing lottery tickets but I never got prize money. This is the fact of the life.

  4. Don't think that I am going to be dependent on you during my old age as I have my own plans and strategy after retirement. At the same time I can't afford you to render my helping hand if you won't get settled in life. I can help you out till certain age. It is you to decide whether to have a luxury life or a simple life, own a car or travel in a bus and all depends on your efforts and dedication to achieve a goal. It may be harsh to read these words but I am trying to make you understand how important it would be to get settled in life.

  5. You are now at your age of adolescence and every one of us passed that stage in life. So it is quite natural that you may be attracted to someone or vice versa calling it with a beautiful name 'Love'. It may be an emotional bonding; we don't know when it rises and when it sets off. Everyone may not be a winner of love and sometimes the person whom you loved most may not be yours and don't get depressed. Time alone can heal the things and just you can understand the same things when you observe your surroundings. Love - its success or a failure, it should not influence your future.

  6. Life is very short. If you waste even a single day, forget not that you won't be getting back the day you lost.

  7. Don't get upset when people are not comfortable with you. Don't develop a sense of hatred towards them. Nobody feels responsible about your welfare except me and your mother. It is not their headache. If someone is good to you, be4 thankful to him. Don't believe anyone blindly. There are many people who like use and friendly with vested interests. That friendship may not last long. So, be choosy of your friends.

  8. Luck, bad times and fame are not permanent. Just they revolve around us and change with time and situation. Be aware of it.

Take care of your health. Our best wishes to your friends.
Yours lovingly,

Finally what happened

Jagdeep closed the Inland letter and kept it again in his old rack. He decided to show the letter to his during his next visit so that he can understand what is life and how it could be. He welcomed his own idea as it would help him to induce indirectly what he wanted to narrate his son. Himanshu, his wizkid one day came back to spend some days with his parents. Jagdeep showed him his grandpa's letter written to him few years back. Himanshu had gone through it and Jagdeep was carefully watching his face reading and body language. The young lad very simply smiled and said to his Mom, "Thank god, my father is not as orthodox as my grandpa".

Now, Jagdeep understood - 'The earth is round'!

Article by Jagdish Patro
Jagdish Patro is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to ISC and other websites. Fond of reading books, novels and spends his leisure time by listening to music. He did his B.Sc in Applied Chemistry and his M.Sc in Resource Development Technology. He edited and published an in-house monthly journal by name ‘Srujana’ during 2009-2011 which was totally a private circulation.

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Author: Kailash Kumar31 Aug 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A father's letter to his son has such a significance and importance in the life of an individual, which perhaps no other communication can have. Many fathers feel like communicating many things to their sons but feel hesitant to say everything orally when facing each other. The letters, on the other hand, can be written after due deliberation and pondering over the subject matters in detail.
The son biologically inherits genes of the father and carries the lineage forward. The father being mortal wishes to continue to live through his son after his own demise and therefore tries to give the best possible advice based on his own life experiences in the form of a letter. Therefore theoretically, such letters are like genetic codes reduced in the form of a letter penned by the father.
In most of the letters to sons, the fathers lay emphasis on faith, values, education, work ethics, love, responsibility, friendship and being real. I myself had written a letter to my son when he was studying in the first year of engineering though the same was in the form of a powerpoint presentation. The core message was to not to be afraid of failures as the same stir the soul and nucleates the process of learning and starving for excellence. With the God's grace, he was able to make it to the Harvard University.

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