Review of - My seven years at ISC and still continuing

This article is all about my experience and gratitude towards the website. This article will encourage others to contribute heartily towards the knowledge-sharing goal of this website. Read the article to know more about ISC and its learning and earning aspects.

After completing my M. Tech in 2009 in July, I used to surf the internet every day to gain extra knowledge and to share what my own. I still remember - I landed at IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) accidentally by Google search. I started browsing the website to know more about the website and its work. 'Learn to Earn and Earn to Learn' is the motto of the site and I too thought to do the same. I first viewed the Help topics and rules-regulations. After that, I started sharing my knowledge and I have been feeling great when I post anything on this site and waiting for the cash credit and points in my account. This feeling is amazing. Whenever I post an article, I everyday look at the status of that article/resource whether it is approved or not.

Now let me give the brief overview of the site from my perspective.

Goal of the site: The main idea behind this site is knowledge sharing and giving a chance to those who want to earn good pocket money while doing fruitful internet activities.

Trust: Many fraud internet sites are available online which just cheat the people but one cannot compare IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) with anyone else. The site gives genuine money once you are eligible for payment. The payments are transferred regularly to your account mentioned in the payment invoice filled by you during the payment process.

Money making opportunity: The site also gives lifetime opportunity to get your Google AdSense account approved with the fruitful efforts of site admins and editors. To be eligible to apply for Google AdSense, the member has to fulfill the minimum criteria set by ISC. I have my approved Google AdSense with the direct or indirect help of ISC. Now I am earning enough pocket money via this avenue run by this site.

English improvement: Before joining this website, I was poor in English but as I started participating in the forum and writing articles, my English got improved day by day with the due support of editors and other members.

Latest updates: This website also gives you current updates on news and events via forum discussion or from article writing.

Motivation: Members are motivated to write for a topic via article contents and fruitful competition is set between them. This improves the quality of submissions of members.

Problem solving: Members can even share their views and ideas via forum discussions. Ask Experts provides an opportunity to ask any type of question which members can answer. One can get the different views on each question and get satisfactory answers.

Education: IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) provides an excellent platform for admission and exam related help. Both the sections get more traffic due to helpful content. The jobs section also gives members the chance to apply for the current vacancies in various companies or universities.

Currently Managing editor, Vandana Madam has posted me a letter marking my 7 years at ISC. I was very surprised to know that editors are also taking care of members by posting postcard/letter when members achieve something.

I am still writing for ISC and feeling very good from inside when I submit something. I still wait for my every post to be approved. I have been writing for ISC since 2009 and will continue to write for ISC. Till date I have earned around Rs. 95,000 from Google AdSense and Rs. 4000 from cash credits payment from ISC. I am very happy to be a part of this website and lucky to be a member of it!

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Author: Kailash Kumar10 Sep 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

The author has drawn a candid picture of his seven years journey with ISC. His earning of Rs. 95,000 through google AdSense appears impressive compared to earning of Rs. 4,000 through ISC cash credits. I think by virtue of his experience the author is in a position to share his insights with the ISC members about how to increase AdSense revenue i.e. what type of contents have a potential to draw more AdSense revenue in simple words instead of using technical jargon like SEO etc.

Author: K Mohan10 Sep 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Yes Paresh has been my long term friend on this site and he has been sharing regularly some good articles and also has wonderful interaction in the forum. I am also going to complete my seven years next month and feel very elated that having association with this site got me immense confidence in writing, conversing and also be bold to face any situation in life. And what is more important that I had created a niche for myself to raise more useful threads and also respond to most of the threads to the satisfaction of authors. It is indeed a right platform for those who have the zeal and interest to share their wonderful contents and Paresh Gujarati has excelled himself in this regard. We both of us joined this site for a probable trial, but the way things got interest in us and we have totally addicted along with other senior members of this great site. And during this course of time many awards and rewards also came on our way and that tempted to be with this site for ever. And what I gauge from the success of members like Paresh that being own is better than emulating others.

Author: Swagatika Pattanaik13 Sep 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Good to know that our members are here since last 7 years. I am a new member and I have spent only three months here. Within these three months I learned a lot from this site. I started from forum section and got habituated there as I found lot many discussions of my interest, starting from general topics, politics, finance etc.
Then I got some continuous awards like star of the week, thread of the week, forum wizard award etc. Those awards brings me good cash credit and also I got paid from this site two times in the last two months. Although the amount is small, but that gave me lot of inspiration, as I was not working hard here, just spending some of my spare time for discussing.
Then I applied for AdSense account, but it did not bring me any amount worth as I have not yet written articles here, which is the most earning source from google AdSense.
Rather than earning, I learn good things from members like K Mohan, Kailash kumar, Naresh Behera etc, who are active in the forum section.

Author: K Mohan16 Sep 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Swagatika thanks for taking inspiration from my postings and contributions and that was always spontaneous from my side since 7 years. One thing is sure that even you have the capability and zeal to continue for long with us and cast a spell on those new comers who would be visiting and becoming members in future. The greatest secret for senior's success here is the unrelenting contributions, being regular to the site and also raising useful and apt responses to the members issues and thus gaining confidence of fellow members in long term.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha16 Sep 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

The author has taken pain in highlighting the true picture of ISC and has detailed the essential features making its survival in this competitive age. The greatness of this platform lies in the regular contributions of the prominent authors in different forums making the entire sections interesting and readable to acquire knowledge in different fields. The primary area of this channel is to share knowledge regardless of the dimensions. Once a member is habituated in gluing over the responses made by different distinguished members, there are considerable chances of the newbies to get hooked with this channel.
My journey towards has been quite interesting, though I could not make significant contributions in terms of article writings due to my over indulgence in other activities but the encouraging trend of the existing members cannot be denied.
The author has given a detailed description how he could earn substantially with Google AdSense and I would appreciate if he could dwell upon it. Sharing the experience of the respectful members makes the site most eventful.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao12 Jan 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

I am in agreement with all the points mentioned by the author in his article about his experience on his journey on ISC. I first logged in to this site in the year 2009 but I could not continue my journey due to some of my pressures at work. Again I started to be active from the end of 2016. My fully active year on this site is 2017. For me also every post is the first post only. I eagerly wait for the approval and in between, I will see the site once whether my post is rejected. I am lucky that I am getting good support from all the editors and other members. I learned a lot on this site and I get some improvement in my English also and Grammarly is also very useful now. Overall my experience is also very fruitful so far and I look forward to much more fruitful and knowledgeable journey for all on this site.

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