The menace of Rape in Indian societies, its' causes and solutions to save the victims and societies

The threat and the incidents of rape in Indian societies are alarming. Women and girls safety is in danger. Every day hundreds of rape is committed by the rapists. . Government has brought strict law after Nirbhaya case but still the incidents are not under control and increasing year on year. Now the time has come to act the masses to solve this problem. My effort is in this direction will be proved path breaking guidance to the girls and ladies.


Let us first understand the meaning of rape. Rape can be defined as a forceful action to raise the modesty of a woman or a girl. Legally speaking if a person is indulging in an intercourse even with the consultation of the minor girl below 18 years of age that will be amounted as rape. Forcing a girl or woman against her will to do a sexual favour is also rape. As you all aware the heinous rape crime of Nirbhaya in Dec 2012. This incident shocked the nation and huge demonstrations were held in Delhi. Government has brought strict law after Nirbhaya case but still the incidents are increasing. The rapist do not have any fear of death and the number of cases is increasing day by day. I would like to present some rape data here. The data are below according to the national crime record bureau.Please visit crime in India 2015- statistics 2015-table 5.3 last table.

YEAR---- No. of Rape

2010 -- -- 22172
2011 ---- 24206
2012 ---- 24927
2013 ---- 33707
2014 ---- 36735
2015 ----- 34651

Source: Courtesy National Crime Record Bureau.

The definition of rape and IPC provisions in"The criminal law amendment act-2013"

The rape has been committed, will be considered in the following conditions:--

  1. Against the woman or girl's will

  2. without her consent

  3. With her consent when consent has been obtained by fear of death.

  4. With her consent when man knows that he is not her husband but she believes herself lawfully married.

  5. with her consent when giving such consent by unsoundness of mind or intoxication.

  6. with or without her consent when she is below 18 years of age

  7. When she is unable to communicate her consen

Exception-A medical procedure will not be rape, the sexual act by husband with his wife above 15 years of age will not be rape.

Indian Penal code provisions regarding rape

"The criminal law amendment act-2013" (
Section- 375-- Rape.
Section- 376-- Punishment for rape.
Section -376-A-- Intercourse by husband with his wife during separation.
Section -376-B-- Intercourse by public servant with woman is his custody.
Section- 376-C-- Intercourse by superintendent of jail, remand home in-charge.
Section- 376-D-- Intercourse by any member of the management or staff of a hospital
Section- 376-E -repeat offences

Section -166-A Public servant disobeying direction under law
Section -166-B Non treatment of victim by hospital
Section- 326-A Acid attack
Section- 326-B -Attempt to Acid attack
Section- 354-A -Sexual harassment of the nature of unwelcome physical contact and advances or demand or request for sexual favours, showing pornography.
Section -354-B- Assault or sue of criminal force to women
Section- 354-C -Voyeurism
Section- 354-D Stalking- Imprisonment up to 3 years with fine for 1st conviction.

The main causes of rapes in India

  1. The behaviour and the character of children are formed during early childhood and school days. The environment of their home and neighbourhood plays a big role in character formation. So the people of society should behave to girls and women with respect and decency. What the children see in the society they follow that. So the parents and society should play a role model to the children.

  2. Cinema rape scene and vulgarity.

  3. TV news channels showing rape scene and rape related new 24x7 for example Asharam case. These give bad impact on children, students, men.

  4. Psychological problems in rapists

  5. Politicians protect the rapist for his gain.

  6. Police behaviour with victim is not cooperative, FIR is not registered easily.

  7. Judicial delays in the rape cases, bail, then acquittal from the court due to lack of proof and hostile witness

  8. Procedure of appeal in the higher court-If the accused get sentence or any punishment from the lower court. They appeal to high court, then Supreme Court and finally to President. It takes 20 years to send the culprits into jail and hanged

  9. Live in relationship and boy friend culture often results in rape.

  10. Passing through the lonely places during night alone gives the chance to rapists.

  11. Drugsparty, hukka parlour, drinks and dance party results in rape because the rapist find better occasion to intoxicate the women/girl. Once she becomes unconscious rapist does his intended work easily.

Suggestions to eradicate/ minimise the incidents of rape cases

  1. We should teach good moral values to our children.

  2. Moral education should be taught in every school/colleges.

  3. Children should be given vegetarian and saatvik food.

  4. Every student should be pledged for celibacy up to the age of 25/ marriage

  5. Women should be given self defence training. There is few form of self defence. How women and girls should protect themselves in the time of crisis. They should carry pepper spray, small knife, and smart phone to take the photos of culprits and to call emergency numbers of his family members, police, and ambulance for rendering help.

  6. If travelling by auto/ taxi, take the photo of vehicle number plate and the driver before sitting into the taxi/ auto and send it to your friend or family member. It will create the fear into the mind of rapist and he will not do such act.

  7. Do not over believe the friends and relatives. More than fifty percent of the rape incidents are committed by those people.

  8. Be careful while in some dance and drink party. People may intoxicate you to make you unconscious and then take the advantage of situation.

  9. A study group should be formed to investigate the reasons behind the rape case. There is a need for research in this field. Universities and institutions should come forward to do research on this topic. After the report, government should take action on the suggestions given by scholars and team.

  10. There should be separate courts for the trial of rape cases and crime against women to deliver speedy justice. You know the proverb' Justice delayed means justice denied.
  11. '
  12. There should not be any right to appeal in the higher court against the decision of lower court because it delays the justice/ decision. Hence rapist roams freely and again does the same thing.

  13. .There is a need of police reform and there should be online FIR registration system. There should be centralised portal to give complain online at state level. The FIR copy should go to three levels. One to police station under which jurisdiction rape/ crime has happened second copy (cc) to district superintendent of police third cc to DGP. It will eliminate delay in filing an FIR and taking action.

  14. Govt. should institute an award at village/ town/ city level. Such village/ town/ city should be awarded with a citation and cash award where no incident has happened during one year.

  15. There should be strict guidelines on the reporting's of rape matters. Defaulting TV Channels should be banned.

  16. Block all the porn internet sites in India.

  17. Impartial and strict censor board to cut the rape scene and vulgarity from films.

  18. Verification of character and police record for all the employees in the schools/ colleges and private firms.

  19. .The central women commission and the state women commissions contact details should be in public domain and they should help the victim as and when required.

  20. There should be proper provision of compensation and rehabilitation for rape victims.

  21. Women should have the right to shoot the rapist in self defence and they should not be tried for that.

Article by NK SHARMA
I am Mechanical engineer with MBA and M Phil degree. I have a passion for reading and writing. I enjoy in sharing knowledge with people.

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Author: K Mohan10 Sep 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

I appreciate the author for pitching a bold and relevant article which has all the details and even solutions to this big crime being committed on women. There are short backs in our society which leads to such happenings often. A girl or women should not venture out alone during night time and if at all need arises, she must accompany with other friend or relative. What i feel that no body dare to commit a crime when two or more people move in unison. Likewise each girl must be trained at the home by the parents that in the eventuality of such happening on her, how should she get protected and come out of the situation. Parents especially mother must teach the girl on how to get protection from such behavior from the male. And as far as possible the girls must wear closed dress as that would not only protect her but also gives a dignified looks. Most of the rape cases reported and on arrest it was told that revealing dress was the cause of that act.

Author: Partha K.14 Sep 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

An excellent article from Mr. Sharma. He has statistically established the facts that the menace of rape has been increasing over the years. Besides this, in traditional societies like India, many of such incidents go unreported because of social stigma. I feel that the incidents of rape take place when eve-teasing, voyeurism, etc go unchecked. Watching pornography is another reason for increasing incidents of rape.

Now the next part is how to deal with this menace. I think that pervert eve-teasers, voyeurs and porno-watchers may be counselled psychologically at the first stage. Second step which is required is little bit of thrashing. The police can occasionally round up the romeos moving around the girls' schools and colleges all over the country. All girls must learn at least some self-defence techniques. The girls and ladies who return late from office must carry pepper-powder and a sharp & small knife with them which provide preliminary protection in emergencies. The helpline number of Police should be remembered by them. The working ladies or students must avoid asking or taking lift. Even if they are late,they must wait for public vehicles. These small but practical steps would help a lot to reduce this blot to a large extent.

Finally the judiciary must also seriously consider to modify the trial procedure in rape cases. In-camera trial should be considered for rape cases. The society should also change the attitude towards rape survivors. Instead of the rape survivors and their families, the rapists and their families should be socially ostracized.

Author: Mjaay19 Aug 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

This is a good article presented which has all statistics mentioning the rape cases in different states ,laws governing it and the ways how we can deal with it.
It is rightly said that Rape is an activity by which the family of the victim is totally broken and people look down on them. This is the reason why many of the residents of villages don’t even complain.
This line of though should not be there .I would request all the friends reading this that speak up for any bad activity which takes place against your will be it rape, dowry or any other .Rise up and disclose it to the elders and the administration so that some punishment is given to the people spoiling the ethics of the society and making it insecure for woman to live.

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