Does God really exist?

The question that walks through almost each and every individual's mind on this earth at least once in a lifetime. The question probably no one has answered clearly in the human history and the question which excites almost everyone, does god exist?

Just take a walk around in your colony on an off day or simply ask everyone in your college or office if god exists or not. Most of the people will tell you that yes he does exist and a few might say no he don't. If you go ahead and ask them "How can you prove it?" they will come up with many answers like "No one can prove it, it's not possible" or "It's just a faith in our creator". Some people might tell you that god is a positive entity that takes care of everything in the universe and then there are some people who will tell you that it is mentioned in ancient texts that god exists and a few will relate the existence of god with history and come up with profs like the bridge that Ram built or remains of ancient cities. But no one can come up with a logical answer to prove his existence. Now the other ones who believe that there is no god, cannot prove it either. The most possible answer you will get from an atheist is "There is no scientific proof of god and most of the old beliefs are now debunked". But is this the proof that god doesn't exist? Those beliefs are debunked means those beliefs don't exist. What if we got god all wrong?

So what are the profs that god exists? Or what are the Profs that he doesn't? Let's look at these points and then conclude.

The explanation of god is different for different people as I mentioned earlier in this post. There are different gods of each community. So the question is why? Why doesn't everyone have a single god? The most logical answer is superstitions and different belief system. Yes, most of the gods are result of superstitions and some kinds of belief which differs from each other. The things that had ability to scare people, dominate, and protect them or people who had extraordinary abilities became their god. Their belief (more on belief later in the article) that cured them protected them and healed them, became their god. For example, Fire is considered god among Hindus because it had ability to destroy not just a house but sometimes entire village. Sun represents fire and it is considered as god. Shiva was called a destroyer, is a god.

But if all those gods are myths, then it's not the end of this debate. There are so many questions unanswered in mainstream Science about universe. Look at our earth. It has a perfect shape and size to sustain human life. It has perfect mixture of gases. If earth was even a touch closer or far from sun, life would not have been possible here. It properly rotates around sun and spins to offer us just enough heat as well as cold. So doesn't it look like an extraordinary bit of engineering? According to scientists, the universe is a result of an event called 'Big bang'. But can anyone answer who or what caused big bang? The answer is still not there. Scientists probably have only millionth part of 1% information about universe.

With advancement in technology, more people are turning into disbelievers. They don't believe in god or any higher power. The things that earlier was said to be done by god, science has proved otherwise and have clear explanation for them. There are thousands of supernatural phenomena that today have a natural explanation. From rising and setting of sun to thunderstorms, everything can be explained scientifically. These things have changed people over time and they concluded that there is no god. So what the fact is? If all those phenomena are proved to be scientific, then where is god? The answer is, we were taught wrong way about god. Yes there exists a higher power which created everything but we are taught in only two ways. The first one is religious way which told us the cow, the sun etc are god and the other way is scientific way where we were taught that there is no god. Most of the human being has a seriously poor habit of not asking themselves a question. They just believe in the things they believe is true. For example a kid was taught religious books and was told that god exists and the cow is god. He accepted it without any questions. He never thought about why cow is god? How cow is god? Same goes other way. A kid was taught several books about science and he was told that there is no god and he starts believing in it. Why? Just because it is written somewhere it is true? Why can't one bother about finding the truth?

So instead of being a religious saint or an atheist scientist, let's be what you are and start looking for answers if you are curious enough. The earth, the mars, the sun, the solar system, the galaxy and all those stars are the part of universe. The universe we don't know much about. But this universe provides us everything we need to sustain life. The religious books were all not imaginary. They were scientific ways of living. The saints, who prayed, believe it or not, were kind of scientists. They meditated and during many such meditations (Or call it Yagya, pooja, tapasya or whatever you want) they tried to access their subconscious mind. They traced so much knowledge from universe through their stints at meditation which is mentioned in ancient texts. The Vedas are being researched at NASA and the knowledge in them, are being found correct. The planets which were found in last 400 years by scientists were mentioned in Vedas which were written way back. Newton discovered gravity only as late as 300 years but it is already mentioned in Vedas that there is a force which finds all the planets together. All these knowledge is present in Vedas but people called it religious books instead of scientific ones.

As mentioned earlier that all the gods are result of superstitions and beliefs, lets elaborate a bit on that point. Suppose you are a follower of lord Krishna, most probably you go to his statue everyday in the morning, pray and leave for office. You have it in tour subconscious mind that he will help you. You are asked to do a very difficult job and you have belief that you can do it and lord Krishna will help. You successfully accomplish the task and you gain confidence. It's you who finished the task but you believe that it was lord Krishna who helped you. Now somehow one day you miss the prayer and go to office. You suddenly realize that you forgot to pray. Now since the last task you performed and you did so well after the prayer, this fear will haunt you for entire day that you didn't prayed today and lord Krishna must be angry. Half of your mind is diverted towards fear and that leads to a catastrophic day at work. Your productivity goes down. But you were less productive at work just because half of your concentration was not there. You were scared that lord will punish you. So now who is the god? The belief or Lord Krishna? The answer is your belief. But most of the people never pay attention to these things. The human brain is such a complex machine that no scientist has been able to explain it fully. In medical science, there is a way of treatment called placebo effect. In this method the patient is given random pills which have nothing to do with the disease. The patients are told that this is extra advanced medicine and it works. Believe it or not, it works. Placebo has treated deadliest diseases. That is the power of belief.

So what can we conclude from this? Does god exists or not? My answer will be yes, god exists. But the god you see in textbooks, temples, maszids and church, the god you see in TV, the god that you have been told about till today, is not god. God is energy. A positive energy that helps and motivates us to be positive. An energy that makes us good human, that voice in your head which asks you to help a person in need is god. The voice in your ears that tells you that you can complete toughest of tasks is god.

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Author: K Mohan23 Sep 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Does God exists? This is the question asked by every one from his inner voice. But for those who have gone through the problems and ordeals, God was surely visible when some one comes to their rescue and gives some solace of living with life. God wont come to us physically and start giving boons or helping us. He sends right persons at the right place to mitigate the problems and that is the reason being so, when you attend the needy person they bless you from the heart as you have saved them from the near disaster in life. So human beings reaching out in time to help others is nothing but God-sent.

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